UEFA Champions League

November 2, 2005



1 - 0

Manchester United

Group D

19:45 +00:00, November 2, 2005

Stade Grimonprez-Jooris, France

  • 90'

    It was awful from United. Hesitant in defence, sloppy in midfield and static up front. Troubled times indeed

  • 90'

    It was Lille's first goal in the Champions League this season - and only their second ever victory in the competition. They certainly deserved the three points

  • 90'

    And that's it, the final whistle goes. With Villarreal winning at Benfica, United drop out of the two qualification places

  • 90'

    Gygax thinks he has the chance to run the ball into the corner - he's offside and United get it back

  • 90'

    The Lille fans start to make some noise at last, cheering every tackle

  • 90'

    Two minutes for United to find a very, very unlikely equaliser

  • 90'

    Chalme wins the ball from Rooney - and the Lille man stays down as though Rooney has stamped on his leg. Disgraceful and, quite simply, cheating

  • 90'

    Another change for United - a bit too late now surely - as Guiseppe Rossi replaces Cristiano Ronaldo

  • 89'

    Rooney shows his infamous frustration, kicking the ball away and entering the book

  • 88'

    Lille pick up another free-kick, well inside the United 35-yards out. The first shot is blocked and Tafforeau fires the rebound into outer space

  • 87'

    United look a beaten team now - but they've looked like that for most of the game

  • 86'

    United again lose the ball in attack, Cabaye able to break. Predictably he goes for the shot from distance and puts it over

  • 85'

    A final change for Lille as Peter Odemwingie is on for Matt Moussilou

  • 84'

    ...Park's shot is dragged wide, but the ref should have brought the game back for the free-kick, with the South Korean pulled off balance. Great pass from Van Nistelrooy

  • 84'

    Van Nistelrooy slips Park through the centre, he's been tugged and pulled but still gets the shot in...

  • 83'

    ...and like the rest of this forgettable game for United, Rooney's shot is sliced and flies off towards the corner flag.

  • 82'

    Rooney finally get the ball on the edge of the box, he cuts back inside and it's a perfect Rooney moment...

  • 81'

    Rooney gets past Tavlaridis, tries to stay on his feet then crumples when the ball runs away - the ref's not impressed but neither is Rooney

  • 80'

    Silvestre goes into the book for arguing with Chalme, strange decision

  • 79'

    Silvestre is penalised for going in too hard on Debuchy, free-kick. Lille happy to take their time

  • 78'

    Another change for Lille - Daniel Gygax comes on for Geoffrey Dernis

  • 77'

    Van Nistelrooy wants a penalty from a strong challenge by Schmitz - he won't get that

  • 76'

    Rooney's done almost nothing in this game, the midfield has been weak and uninventive and, again, the defence culpable

  • 75'

    A change for Lille as goalscorer Milenko Acimovic leaves to huge applause. He's replaced by 19-year-old Yohan Cabaye

  • 74'

    Rooney tries to find Ronaldo on the right - it's a regulation pass 10-15 yards and Rooney gets it completely wrong - well underhit. Shocking

  • 73'

    Ferdinand does well to flick the ball away just as Moussilou looks ready to head on goal - some good work at last

  • 72'

    United are looking to try and find an equaliser, but their passing is poor and they continue to needlessly give the ball away

  • 71'

    ...Moussilou, completely unmarked six yards out, somehow heads over. It was a simple chance and woeful, woeful marking from United. Will Lille be made to pay?

  • 70'

    Bodmer is allowed to come forward with barely a challenge, Debuchy get down the right and is able to produce a fine cross into the centre for Moussilou...

  • 69'

    Tafforeau is shown a yellow card for a late tackle on Park

  • 68'

    Park shows his influence immediately, winning a corner on the right. Rooney takes, Sylva grasps from the air

  • 67'

    Tavlaridis again goes in hard, this time on Smith, there's a clash of heads and the Lille man needs treatment. It was a clattering challenge and if he hadn't already been booked he may well have been for that

  • 66'

    The much-expected backlash from the defeat at Boro hasn't materialise - in fact Sylva has barely has anything to do

  • 65'

    United make their first change of the night as Park Ji-Sung comes on in place of Kieran Richardson

  • 64'

    ...Tafforeau skews his sidefooted shot well wide when free in the box - he should have done better and so should Ronaldo

  • 63'

    Bodmer's shot from distance is wild, but it takes a deflection and Lille have the corner. Acimovic takes, Ronaldo falls asleep at the back stick leaving Tafforeau completely unmarked...

  • 62'

    The United fans pipe up with chants of 'Keane-o'. How they miss him now and how they will miss him in years to come

  • 61'

    Moussilou tries a bit of trickery, fools Ferdinand but not Brown

  • 60'

    Richardson crosses from the left, it's a very poor effort and the player's attempts to mask the ineptitude by asking for a corner from a deflection fall on deaf ears

  • 59'

    Ronaldo and Van Nistelrooy seemed to get in a tangle when trying to meet Rooney's cross - resulting in neither really getting any meaningful contact. Still, United were unlucky

  • 58'

    ...he doesn't get the header right, it comes off his raised knee, hits the bar, comes straight down onto the chest of Dernis on the line and it's hacked away. You don't get much closer

  • 57'

    All of a sudden United win a corner on the left. Rooney gover over to take and deliver into the centre of goal - Ronaldo goes up for it...

  • 56'

    United are in real trouble here, Sir Alex must change things because only one team is going to score right now - and it's not the Premiership side

  • 55'

    Acimovic tries to find Moussilou in the box, Brown has to be alive to the danger

  • 54'

    Tavlaridis enters the book for leading with his arm in a challenge with Van Nistelrooy

  • 53'

    The corner comes in from the left, Moussilou is penalised for a foul on Van der Sar

  • 52'

    Tafforeau shoots, producing a fantastic, curling, powerful effort to the top left-hand corner - somehow Van der Sar produces a fingertip save to send it over the bar. Fantastic save from the Dutch keeper

  • 51'

    Smith is again penalised for a foul on Acimovic, this time in a dangerous position around 20 yards out just to the right of centre. Chance for a shot - will it go over?

  • 50'

    Tafforeau wins the ball and brings it out from his own half. He sells Smith a good dummy - certainly not something which would have fooled Roy Keane

  • 49'

    Dernis takes from the right flank, just outside the box. This time Smith does the right thing and stoops low to head away the curling delivery at the near post

  • 48'

    It's Lille who start the second half on the front foot - Silvestre needlessly gives the ball away to put United into trouble until Smith is forced to bring down Acimovic just outside the box to stop the move

  • 47'

    No doubt Sir Alex will have delivered a bit of 'hairdryer' treatment during the break - but does it have the desired affect anymore?

  • 46'

    Both teams appear to be unchanged as we get started in the second period

  • 45'

    Benfica v Villarreal is goalless, which aids United slightly, but surely Sir Alex Ferguson's men will have to launch some kind of comeback.

  • 45'

    It's been a shocker of a half, with very little in the way of goalmouth action - lots of long range shots but not much else

  • 45'

    And that's half-time

  • 45'

    Acimovic goes down with a knee injury following a fair tackle from Smith. It looks a little painful for the former Spurs man

  • 45'

    One minute will be added on

  • 44'

    United have a free-kick on the right which Richardson can swing left-footed into the penalty area. It's cleared with ease - it wasn't even in the air by the time it reached the box

  • 43'

    Van Nistelrooy is again caught late, this time by Makoun - who is booked for his troubles

  • 42'

    Sir Alex will be desperate to get United into the changing rooms. In fact, he may just be desperate

  • 41'

    United have failed to get the ball into the Lille half - serious improvement is required

  • 40'

    Tafforeau takes credit for the intelligent pass, but there must be questions about the concentration from Smith, as well as Rooney earlier in the move

  • 39'

    Who said there would not be a goal in this game? It's the best thing we could have hoped for, because United will now have to come out and attack with their Champions League position under threat

  • 38'

    Acimovic's first touch took him into the box, cutting through two United defenders and Smith looks on from behind chasing the midfielder's shadow. Acimovic then fired a good finish into the top right-hand corner of the net and Lille lead

  • 37'


  • 36'

    ...but Moussilou leaves the pass to run through to Acimovic - Smith has fallen asleep and Acimovic can scamper into the area...

  • 35'

    Tafforeau breaks forward, the United defence steps back and allows him the time to weigh up the options, he slides in Moussilou...

  • 34'

    Dernis again shoots from distance and again it's way over. You have to think that the law of averages dictates one of these must be on target soon

  • 33'

    Acimovic intelligently works a one-two down the left but, inexplicably, fires in a cross first time when he had the space to burst forward. Spurs fans will remember his skill well as the ball flies over everyone's head

  • 32'

    Fletcher crosses from the right, Sylva makes a real hash of trying to claim but luckily for the Lille keeper the ball goes away from the white shirts

  • 31'

    Van Nistelrooy is clattered by Tavlaridis - the skipper looks a little shaken but he'll be fine to carry on

  • 30'

    Tafforeau crosses from the left, Silvestre misses the headed clearance allowing Debuchy to get a diving header in - well wide

  • 29'

    The atmosphere is dead here - not surprising given Lille are essentially playing on neutral turf with their own ground not up to standard

  • 28'

    Lille have offered very little and it's hard to see where their quality lies. Could be in for a goalless affair here

  • 27'

    Van Nistelrooy is felled in the D, but the loose ball runs to Rooney and the ref allows the advantage - who fires a couple of yards over

  • 26'

    Van Nistelrooy just broke down the right flank in what could have been a dangerous move - there was not ONE other United player in the opposition half... Fletcher eventually made up ground and received the pass and he promptly lost the ball

  • 25'

    Ronaldo finds Silvestre on the overlap, his low cross is as poor as it is weak. Lille had six bodies back anyway with only Van Nistelrooy in the box - no danger

  • 24'

    Ferdinand does well (!) to make the sliding challenge as Moussilou chases in the box

  • 23'

    Debuchy wins space on the right flank and suddenly Lille look threatening, until he falls over and scuffs his cut-back to Moussilou

  • 22'

    Henry puts Arsenal on the verge of the round of 16 with a goal against Sparta Prague. It has to be more interesting than this

  • 21'

    Now Richardson is a little late on former Arsenal defender Tavlaridis, another free-kick. Stop-start.

  • 20'

    Debuchy is pulled back for a trip on Silvestre - free-kick.

  • 19'

    Both goalkeepers must but wondering if they'll have anything to do tonight. In fact, so am I.

  • 18'

    O'Shea finds space for the cross on the right - it comes off a defender for a United corner. Rooney takes, it fails to beat the first man and Richardson fires the loose ball so far over it cleared the goal twice

  • 17'

    Moussilou almost gets space in the box - good tackle from O'Shea to thwart the forward

  • 16'

    Sir Alex is looking glum on the sidelines - who can blame him with this 'entertainment'?

  • 15'

    This is such a vast pitch, plenty of space to move with the ball. It's just a pitty no-one can pass it

  • 14'

    United try to work the throw, it's played to O'Shea to plant a cross into the box - which is sliced behind for a goal-kick

  • 13'

    It's hardly a classic - Richardson wakes us all up with a good tackle and purposeful run into the corner for a throw.

  • 12'

    Now Bodmer tries his luck from distance, yet again the ball boys have work to do

  • 11'

    Ronaldo goes down like a sack of the proverbial - never a foul but the ref gives it

  • 10'

    United enjoying some possession in the Llille half without really threatening

  • 9'

    Moussilou find a bit of space on the edge of the box and thrashes a wild shot well over the bar

  • 8'

    Now Silvestre trips Debuchy, another free-kick

  • 7'

    Bodmer, he of the Giggs injury, muscles Ronaldo off the ball and that's a free-kick

  • 6'

    Interesting point fact fans - this is the first time the United XI has not had one of 'Fergie's Fledglings' in it. Beckham, the Nevilles, Giggs etc. The worm has turned.

  • 5'

    Dernis is allowed to come forward in the centre and try his luck from 25 yards - the shot is always rising over the bar

  • 4'

    Richardson does well to find Van Nistelrooy in the D, he switches the play to Ronaldo on the right. Ronaldo cuts inside but shoots weakly at Sylva

  • 3'

    Moussilou almost gets on the end of a cross - Brown does well to hack to safety

  • 2'

    Good start from Lille, Silvestre looking a little troubled in the early exchanges

  • 1'

    United get the game underway in Paris


    Castigated with such forced by their own captain Roy Keane that the interview had to be pulled off the MUTV schedule, United step out with something to prove and a reshaped team which includes Wes Brown in defence and Kieran Richardson in midfield.


    A difficult week for Manchester United extended to their journey to the Stade de France from central Paris this evening. Massive traffic queues meant the Red Devils did not arrive at the stadium until 70 minutes before the start of their crucial Champions League encounter with Lille.