UEFA Champions League

September 14, 2005



2 - 1

FC Thun

Group B

18:45 +00:00, September 14, 2005

Highbury, England

  • 90'

    Great credit to FC Thun, they came here reading about a spanking and showed that organisation and belief can sometimes be a match for the big pros

  • 90'

    It was the dead onj 91 minutes that Bergkamp found the winner, they didn't really deserve it but the game is all about goals, of course

  • 90'

    And that's it! Arsenal take the three points!

  • 90'

    It's hard to see how he actually managed to win the ball, but he did and Arsenal can now celebrate a lucky, lucky escape

  • 90'

    Amazing scenes! The Arsenal legend Bergkamp won the ball on the penalty spot and kept his calm to slide a shot past the onrushing Jakupovic

  • 90'


  • 90'

    A hopeful ball is lumped into the box towards Bergkamp. The Dutch master controls the ball and somehow wins it from Milicevic...

  • 90'

    Into stoppage time now with the referee adding on three minutes

  • 90'

    It comes back to Campbell 15 yards out but his shot is, unsurprisingly, high, wide and hansom

  • 89'

    Corner to Arsenal, it's worked to Pires and his powerful drive is hacked away by Orman from in front of his goalkeeper

  • 88'

    ...the ball drifts inches wide of Jakupovic's left-hand post, so close

  • 88'

    Bergkamp finally takes the free-kick and lofts it to the far post. Toure comes in with a run and wins the header...

  • 87'

    A final change for Thun as Mauro Lustrinelli is off and on comes Omar Pape Faye

  • 86'

    Cole is pulled back by Ferreira just outside the box and gets a yellow card for his troubles

  • 85'

    Gilberto is off the field for treatment to join Orman in the head-bandage club. It's just like a little party for the Mr Bump Appreciation Society

  • 84'

    Lustrinelli tries a shot from 25 yards out - it was a ambitious effort and miles wide

  • 83'

    Gilberto clashes with Gonçalves and goes down holding his head. The Arsenal man is bleeding from above his eys - Gonçalves definitely threw back an arm and should at least have got his second yellow of the game, if not a straight red

  • 82'

    Hleb bursts forward but holds onto the ball for too long and is robbed

  • 81'

    Have Arsenal run out of steam? Unless the fresh legs can add something new you cannot see them scoring again tonight

  • 80'

    Arsenal will make a double change now, Jose Antonio Reyes and Freddie Ljungberg make way for Aliaksandr Hleb and Quincy Owusu-Abeyie

  • 79'

    Another snap shot, this time from Bernardi, which is again straight at Almunia

  • 78'

    Leandro produces a powerful snap shot from the left flank - straight at Almunia but it could easily have surprised the goalkeeper

  • 77'

    Ferreira does very well down the right and tries to pick out Leandro in the box - Campbell is there highest to head to safety

  • 76'

    Gelson is felled by Gilberto. It's a free-kick and they'll milk the time wasting now

  • 75'

    It's all Arsenal now, Thun happy to hold out for the point with the extra man

  • 74'

    Corner to Arsenal again, they're cranking up the pressure, but this one is taken short and the Gunners never really have it under control

  • 73'

    A change for Arsenal now and this is an attacking one as Dennis Bergkamp comes on for Francesc Fabregas

  • 72'

    Another change for Thun, captain Andreas Gerber is replaced by Leandro Vieira - a defensive switch

  • 71'

    Ljungberg needs a bit of treatment after crashing into the Thun keeper after winning the ball, but he's fine to carry on

  • 70'

    ...it rolls inches wide of the left-hand post. So close to a second goal for the Gunners but the wait goes on

  • 69'

    Fabregas picks up the loose ball and lifts it back over the top. Ljungberg is being played onside and he's through! He beats the goalkeeper to the ball....

  • 68'

    Lungberg forces a mistake and wins a corner. It's from the right - where the goal came from. Again Reyes runs over to deliver, this time Thun manage to scramble it away

  • 67'

    Now Pires takes control in the box, his options are limited and he goes down in a heap just inside the box. It's a disgusting dive and he should be booked for that... but it looks like he won't be

  • 66'

    Cole looks to run at the defence, a slip allows him to cut inside across the edge of the box but sees his right-footed shot blocked

  • 65'

    Thun look to be growing in confidence now, Arsenal are going to have to pull something out of the bag to take the points tonight

  • 64'

    Lauren is late on goalscorer Ferreira, it's a free-kick but no card this time

  • 63'

    Now Gilberto is down with a back injury. He landed badly in a challenge with Gelson but he's also fine to carry on

  • 62'

    The ball is played back to Jakupovic, the pass lacks pace and Reyes closes down the keeper - the clearance crashes of the Arsenal player and rolls behind for a goal-kick. That could have gone anywhere

  • 61'

    Reyes needs treatment for the second time in the match for the head injury, but he's fine to continue

  • 60'

    Gonçalves and Reyes clash in the box, the Spaniard is down and again the fans call for a penalty - no whistle and in fairness it looked to be an accidental clash of heads

  • 59'

    Lustrinelli again shows his ability to hold up the ball, and feeds in Gerber - good block from Cole

  • 58'

    Cole gets forward and finds Ljungerb on the edge of the box. He looks to have controled the ball with his hand, there's no whistle and he fires wide of the post

  • 57'

    This was not in the script. When Arsenal got the opener many would have predicted a glut - even with ten men. Now Thun can sniff an upset

  • 57'

    More good play from Thun. Orman's cross takes a deflection and finds Bernardi on the penalty spot - head up, way over, wasteful

  • 57'

    First change of the night for FC Thun. It will be Adriano Pimenta is replaced by Gelson Rodrigues Souza

  • 56'

    Campbell goes down in the box from the resulting kick. The fans and players want a penalty but this referee is having none of it

  • 55'

    Gonçalves is booked for a foul on Ljungberg

  • 54'

    The lead didn't last long for the Gunners! It's not clear if Ferreira meant the shot or just to find a white shirt, but his hooked it into the top corner for Almunia's left post - incredible goal and it's level pegging again

  • 53'


  • 53'

    A long ball is floated into the area. Ferreira manages to control and has his back to control. He hooks it back over his head into the danger area...

  • 52'

    The Brazilian midfieler sent the header back into the opposite corner of the net after Jakupovic was left in no-mans land. Orman failed to win the header and the rest, as they say, is history

  • 51'


  • 50'

    Corner to Arsenal on the right. Reyes floats it to the back post, Gilberto wins the header...

  • 49'

    Reyes tries to find Fabregas' run into the box, Hodzic heads clear

  • 48'

    Thun start the second half well and only good chasing from Toure prevents the Swiss side from winning a corner

  • 47'

    Orman is out sporting a big head bandage with clear signs of bleeding - he got quite a knock but it wasn't intentional from Van Persie

  • 46'

    FC Thun get the second period started

  • 45'

    Stunning end to the half after a thoroughly uninspriing display for the Gunners. It should only get harder with ten men - but Arsenal are masters of the art

  • 45'

    And there goes the half-time whistle...

  • 45'

    It was a high boot from the Dutchmand and he caught Orman full in the face, but he was clearly following the ball and there was no malice. Wenger gets another shocker from a referee - Arsenal's 60th dismissal in his tenure - and his side are down to 10

  • 45'

    Blimey! It's a red card! Referee Grzegorz Gilewski from Poland has sent off the Arsenal forward. It's an amazing decision!

  • 45'

    A high ball is played up to Van Persie, he looks to control the ball with Orman looking to head clear. Van Persie catches him with a high boot and it's a free-kick

  • 44'

    No, no... Ljungberg went in too hard on Jakupovic and the goal has been chalked off. Lucky escape for the young goalkeeper there

  • 44'

    ...Jakupovic dives on top of the ball, Ljunberg goes in and it's over the line!

  • 44'

    ...Reyes' shot has power - and Jakupovic makes a real mess of it. The ball goes through his legs and is rolling towards the line...

  • 43'

    Thun lose the ball and Arsenal get the chance for a trademark break. Reyes receives the ball on the left and bursts forward for the shot...

  • 42'

    Great lay-off from Van Persie gives Fabregas space for a shot on the edge of the D. Jakupovic has to scamper across his goal but the ball drifts just wide

  • 41'

    Incredibly Reyes is back - clearly the physio has told him to stop being such a girl

  • 40'

    Reyes edges of the pitch but looks to be signalling that it's game over for him. Bergkamp will be on his way soon

  • 39'

    Reyes turns in the corner of the box, trying to trick Orman. He slips on the turf and goes down clutching his groin - it looks bad and terrible news for the Gunners with Henry out for weeks

  • 38'

    Corner to Arsenal after Hodzic headed behind Van Persie's left wing cross. Pires looks to play it to the edge of the box but Lustrinelli brilliantly gets back to intercept and once again it's a waste

  • 37'

    Arsene Wenger will have to turn to Plan B soon. Ah, he doesn't have one.... Oh well...

  • 36'

    I'm now remembering why I normally pass up the chance of commentating on Arsenal in favour of any other match possible. They are so dull in Europe

  • 35'

    Reyes drifts it in from the right and picks out Toure at the back stick - poor header, never troubling the goal

  • 34'

    Ljungerg - yes he is on the pitch - sells Goncalves a dummy and cuts inside in the box only for his attempted cross to hit the first man. Corner

  • 33'

    Fabregas gifts the ball to Milicevic, he breaks forward with the ball and feeds Adriano - the shot comes in low and from distance and Almunia has to stretch to keep it out

  • 32'

    In case you were wondering, they are still playing at Highbury. Well, I say 'playing' but it's turned into a poor excuse for a football match

  • 31'

    Another point about Champions League matches. Why do some clubs have to blank out the first few rows of the stands but other don't? Always puzzled me that one...

  • 30'

    Reyes breaks well down teh left and looks for Van Persie on the edge of the six yard box - good defending from Bernardi to make the block

  • 29'

    Thun enjoying a good spell right now - have they weathered the storm? Have Arsenal been too complacent?

  • 28'

    Ferreira does well to win a corner off Lauren. Adriano jogs across to take this, it goes all the way through to Gerber but his power drive is blocked

  • 27'

    Have you ever noticed how big the advertising boards are at Champions League games? We're not blind, you know.

  • 26'

    We're getting to that finger tapping point. Nothing's really happening...

  • 25'

    Cole floats it over the top for Van Persie, the Dutchman is offside and the frustration continues

  • 24'

    Good work from Reyes forces Goncalves to put it behind for a corner. Reyes delivers from the right but a fine header from Bernardi clears the danger

  • 23'

    It's getting a little restless in the crowd now, they expected to see a flurry of goals tonight - how they miss Henry?

  • 22'

    Lots of possession for the Gunners still, but they are really struggle to work it into the box. Six shots so far, just one from inside the area.

  • 21'

    Gilberto tries his luck from 25 yards, but it's a daisycutter and simple for Jakupovic

  • 20'

    Bernardi produces a fine show of theatrics, rolling around on the floor, after being caught by Pires. Definite foul, but you'd think he's been shot. Oh, he's okay to continue!

  • 19'

    Reyes finds acres of space in the centre of the park and tries a long-range effort. It's too hot for Jakupovic, he spills it but recovers to give away a corner to Van Persie, which comes to nothing

  • 18'

    Why are commentators so patronising to small teams? Shocking performance...

  • 17'

    Orman loses out to Reyes and he shows superb skill to jink past another challenge and feed in Fabregas. He in turn finds Van Persie and, despite a good turn to flumux the defenders, cannot pick out a 'redcurrant' shirt

  • 16'

    Thun get a rare break and win a corner. Adriano takes but it's a poor ball and easy for Van Persie to hook to safety

  • 15'

    The corner comes in for the right but Campbell can only nod it behind for a goal-kick

  • 14'

    Van Persie has his shirt pulled and it's a free kick, around 30 yards out in a central position. Pires taps it to Toure for the blast - the swerve almost does for Jakupovic but he manages to tip it over

  • 13'

    Arsenal are camped in the Thun box without having any real penetration. It's going to be a long, hard match for the Switzerland runners-up

  • 12'

    All the danger is coming down the left - as you will have noticed if you're reading carefully

  • 11'

    Pires and Fabregas link up well on the left until a superb challenge from Gerber wins it off the Frenchman

  • 10'

    Reyes loses out in the tackle and Adriano comes away with it on the break. Lustrinelli shapes well and looks to latch onto the through ball but Almunia times his rush perfectly to slide and claim the ball ahead of the striker - dangerous for the Gunners

  • 9'

    Pires finds Reyes down the left wing with a fine threaded ball. Hodzic slides in late and brings down the Spaniard - resulting in a caution

  • 9'

    Reyes is felled on the flank, enabling Pires to float a free-kick into the box. It's a great ball but Toure fails to connect and the ball runs out of play

  • 8'

    Van Persie gets the break of the ball inside the D, his shot lacks any real venom and it's an easy fist for Jakupovic

  • 7'

    Bernardi tugs back Pires, free-kick to the home side in their own half

  • 6'

    Pires twists and turns outside the box on the left and bamboozles Orman. A drop of the shoulder produces the space for the shot, which curls just wide of the keeper's left-hand post

  • 5'

    Arsenal lose possession in their own half, it breaks to Lustrinelli who looks to beat Toure - only for the Ivory Coast international to haul him down. A booking for the Arsenal and a free-kick to Thun

  • 4'

    It's been a plucky start from the Swiss outfit

  • 3'

    No doubt the TV commentators will be using words like 'plucky' and 'little' and end up being as patronising to teams like Thun as they always are

  • 2'

    Pires wins a corner in the first minute. It's taken short to Reyes and cut back to the onrushing Campbell who sees his shot blocked on the edge of the box

  • 1'

    Van Persie and Reyes get the game started


    Thun? Keep you eyes on Mauro Lustrinelli


    Dennis Bergkamp and Alexander Hleb drop to the bench as Robin van Persie and Cesc Fabregas start following the 2-1 defeat at Middlesbrough.


    Sol Campbell makes his first start of the season to captain Arsenal. The England defender has been out since the end of the last campaign because of a calf injury. Striker Thierry Henry is out with a groin injury while Manuel Almunia takes the place of the suspended Jens Lehmann in goal.


    It's a real David against Goliath story at Highbury tonight with FC Thun the unfancied side doing their level best to sneak a few slings and a bag full of shots through Heathrow this afternoon. Join us at 7.45 to see if they managed it.