UEFA Champions League

March 8, 2005



4 - 2


UEFA Champions League

19:45 +00:00, March 8, 2005

Stamford Bridge, England

Referee: P Collina

2nd Leg: 5 - 4 (Agg)

  • 90'

    Chelsea through, Barca out, Mourinho jubilant, Rijkaard silenced

  • 90'

    Ronaldinho is getting involved in a fracas on the sideline, it's not clear what's gone on - not that the Blues fans will care

  • 90'

    Jose Mourinho dances across the pitch and embraces his players - a superb victory and a place in the last eight

  • 90'

    A night of European drama few will forget for some time. The game had everything - but it's Chelsea who advance

  • 90'

    It's all over! Chelsea have done it!

  • 90'

    Thirty seconds left now, Chelsea fingernails almost gone

  • 90'

    The Chelsea fans can't look as Deco strikes it and strikes it well wide

  • 90'

    Danger - Free-kick to Barca 20 yards out and Deco will really fancy this. One minute left - now or never

  • 90'

    A minute gone and still Barca come forward

  • 90'

    Chelsea have three against two - Lampard does the sensible thing and keeps it in the corner. There's no thought to give up possession cheaply

  • 90'

    Into stoppage time, just three minutes to be added

  • 90'

    Chelsea just looking to hoof clear now - no thoughts on looking to break for a fifth

  • 90'

    Real tenstion at Stamford Bridge - Xavi rushes his shot and it's behind for a goal-kick. Cech will take his time

  • 89'

    It's desperate stuff now - Chelsea defend as though their life depends on it as Barca probe around their box

  • 88'

    Another foul as Tiago fells Deco - but it's in the Barca half

  • 87'

    Cech punches behind for the corner, Xavi takes and Terry wins a foul off Gerard for a push in the box

  • 86'

    Cole brings down Deco in the centre circle, Barca opt to take short and build

  • 86'

    And there's a final throw of the dice for Barca as Maxi Lopes comes on for Andres Iniesta

  • 85'

    Another defensive change for Chelsea as Robert Huth replaces Damien Duff

  • 85'

    Chelsea wina free-kick - Johnson gets a yellow card for wasting time on the kick

  • 84'

    Ludovic Guily comes on for Juliano Belletti - and attacking move as Barcelona pray for a third

  • 84'

    Deco's free-kick only finds the grateful gloves of Cech

  • 84'

    Kezman slides in from behind on Belletti. Yellow card for the striker and he'll miss Chelsea's next European game be it this month - or in September

  • 83'

    Deco loses out to Lampard, bu the England midfielder plays a tired pass to Kezman and it's back with Barca

  • 82'

    Possession play from Barcelona in the Chelsea half again, they need to find a break here

  • 81'

    Chelsea break, Cole takes it down the right and has time to cross - both men go to the near post, the ball goes far, Barcelona on the attack

  • 81'

    A poor pass by Johnson gives possession back to Barcelona and he then fouls the Brazilian Ronaldinho. Free-kick just outside the box on the left. Deco takes, poor, Lampard clears

  • 80'

    It's going to be backs to the wall stuff now as Barcelona search for the goal that would send them through

  • 79'

    Chelsea make a change to try and block out the match, Eidur Gudjohnsen replaced by Cardoso Tiago

  • 78'

    Chelsea back in front, Terry's header perfectly directed into the opposite corner. Barca wanted a foul on Valdes by Carvalho but it didn't arrive. Advantage Chelsea

  • 77'


  • 76'

    Corner to Chelsea. It's Duff over on the left, he sends an outswinger to the near post and there's Terry...

  • 75'

    It comes back off the post, Johnson can't get his foot on the ball and Eto'o has a simple tap-in - but someone he sidefoots over the bar from eight yards out with the open goal at his mercy

  • 74'

    Iniesta on a good run down, he cuts into the box for the shot - Cech again gets his finger tips to it to push the ball onto the inside of his left-hand post

  • 73'

    Cole tries to dink a ball through the middle, he's on a different wave length to Kezman and Valdes is there to claim

  • 72'

    The atmosphere is building again, the Chelsea fans looking to urge their players onto that vital fourth goal

  • 71'

    ...Gudjohnsen is unmarked at the back stick, but the ball just wouldn't come down quick enough and by the time it did players were across to block the shot

  • 70'

    Gerard fells Cole, can Chelsea build up a head of steam now? Lampard lumps it into the box and it comes to Kezman, who stands it up to the back post...

  • 69'

    Fre-kick to Chelsea around 30 yards from goal. Lampard stands over it looking for options and he takes a ten yard run up and thumps it, but he thumps it a couple of yards wide of the post

  • 68'

    Xavi is booked for diving by Collina after trying to win a foul from Carvalho. The cheers go up from the Chelsea faithful - "cheat, cheat, cheat"

  • 67'

    Gudjohnsen is late on Sylvinho and that's a clear foul from the Icelandic forward

  • 66'

    Eto'o plays a blind pass to Belletti on the right-wing - he's not there and Chelsea get the throw

  • 65'

    Deco takes the free-kick with Puyol making the run - Cech gets one of his long arms to the ball to push it away to safety

  • 64'

    Johnson brings Eto'o down on the left flank with a despairing lunge - he's lucky to escape without a card

  • 63'

    Kezman pounces on the loose ball - the offside flag is up (not that Kezman hit the target, of course)

  • 62'

    Up the other end now and Cole again receives possession on the edge of the box, jinks to his right and shoots - forcing Valdes to beat the effort away

  • 61'

    Deco takes the corner from the left, Puyol is left unmarked for a free diving header eight yards out but again Cech makes an outstanding save to keep the ball out

  • 60'

    Eto'o breaks into the box with purpose and pace - Carvalho makes a stunning tackle to win the ball but it's still a corner

  • 59'

    Lampard floats the kick into the area from the centre circle - Terry goes for it but it's over his head and out for a goal-kick

  • 59'

    Cole is caught by Gerard and a chorus of ironic cheers go up from the home fans - free-kick

  • 58'

    Belletti comes forward now and, like Lampard, is allowed space to shoot as Cole goes AWOL. Cech gets down brilliantly to claw it away low down to his right - great save

  • 58'

    Duff takes from the right and it finds Lampard six yards out, he gets his head to it but there's no pace on the ball and Valdes can claim

  • 57'

    Chelsea win possession and break, Lampard comes forward in space and is allowed to shoot - it takes a deflection for a corner

  • 56'

    Gudjohnsen catches Oleguer and the defender goes down like he's been shot - strangely he's okay to continue and the free-kick is taken short

  • 55'

    Chelsea canot get out of their own half, this is ominous

  • 54'

    Barcelona are very much in control again now, Chelsea really struggling once more

  • 53'

    Barcelona love to have the ball and tease the opposition with their possession before looking to pounce, and Chelsea are susceptible

  • 52'

    Chelsea make a change as Paulo Ferreira makes way for Glen Johnson

  • 51'

    While Chelsea look to attack Barcelona continue to look threatening in the other half. Chelsea will have to be careful

  • 50'

    Chelsea have three in the clear from Gudjohnsen's fine pass, the flag stays down but Valdes comes out to hoof clear

  • 49'

    Gallas breaks forward and slips in Kezman on the left. Belletti slips but Gerard makes the challenge and Barca clear their lines

  • 48'

    Chelsea start the half well, much more energy in their play and they'll have to stop dropping back as seep as they did the first 45

  • 47'

    A change for Barcelona at the break, with Sylvinho on for Gio Van Bronckhorst - who struggled against Joe Cole

  • 46'

    Chelsea get us started in the second period. Another five goals? Gudjohnsen and Kezman complete the formalities

  • 45'

    It was a pulsating half and Barcelona have the edge in the tie. Time for a cuppa before another frenetic 45 minutes

  • 45'

    The half-time whistle goes - and bizarrely Ronaldinho and Ferreira swap shirts!

  • 45'

    Deco tries a speculative effort from 25 yards which is still rising when it goes over the bar

  • 45'

    Into stoppage time now, surely there can be no more chances?

  • 45'

    It comes back to Duff off the post, but it's a reflex action from the Irishman to get a foot to it - and Valdes saves by sitting on the ball. So close to a fourth for the home side

  • 45'

    Now Chelsea break, Cole cuts inside on the edge of the box and sees a curling effort crash back off the post.

  • 44'

    A superb ball from Ronaldinho finds Eto'o, he controls it will and unleashes a first time effort which dips inches over the bar

  • 43'

    Gudjohnsen goes down after being caught acciently by an elbow in a challenge with Deco, he'll be okay

  • 43'

    Cole is slipped through the middle but he always looked hesitant and the move breaks down as Oleguer wins the ball

  • 42'

    Chelsea try to break down the right, Cole's shoulder charge on Van Bronckhorst is judged a foul

  • 41'

    Chelsea are desperate for half-time now. They've been boxed into their own half ever since Ronaldinho's penalty

  • 40'

    What a finish fromt he Brazilian. He seemed to have no options for the shot, but managed to curl it, dink it, shape it and with pace too. Cech never moved, Barca have the edge once more

  • 39'


  • 39'

    Ronaldinho has a little bit of space on the edge of the D but Carvalho has him covered. Ron stll sees a gaps and picks the shot...

  • 38'

    Deco takes the corner, Lampard clears at the near post

  • 37'

    Another free-kick for Barca around 25 yards out after Eto'o's run was blocked off. This time Deco hits it with pace and Cech has to dive full stretch to push it over the bar

  • 36'

    It's all gone it bit boring now. Barcelona are knocking it about and Chelsea look frightened

  • 35'

    Deco and Belletti are on a different wave length as the Portuguese international plays a pass down the right. Goal-kick for Cech

  • 34'

    Ronaldinho shows a flash of his skill to try and deceive the Chelsea players, but three descend upon him to thwart the move

  • 33'

    Chelsea are dropping further and further back. Barcelona very much on top

  • 32'

    Makelele wins the ball from Xavi, but unfairly, free-kick

  • 31'

    Chelsea seem happy to allow Barcelona to stroke the ball around the centre of the park, looking for the opportunity to hit on the break

  • 30'

    No extra-time now, of course, it will be decided in the 90 minutes. Barcelona must score again to edge ahead on the away goals rule

  • 29'

    Van Bronckhorst enters the book for a trip on Cole

  • 28'

    Cech guessed right, got a hand to it but the power of the penalty beat him. 3-1. Now it gets interesting

  • 27'


  • 26'

    Penalty to Barcelona! Ferreira is penalised for handball inside the area - yellow card. It's Ronaldinho...

  • 25'

    Barcelona have enjoyed the lion's share of the possession but cannot defend against the pace and trickery of Duff and Cole. But this game is far from dead yet

  • 24'

    Barca win two corners in quick succession, the second finds Ronaldinho 12 yards out for a free header - which goes inches wide of Cech's left-hand post. What a match.

  • 23'

    It comes back into the area and Eto'o unleashes a good effort which Cech tips over the bar

  • 22'

    Deco does well and tries to find Ronaldinho in the penalty area, Gallas reads the danger expertly to clear his lines

  • 21'

    The Chelsea fans are enjoying this, Frank Rijkaard looks like a little boy lost on the touchline. Is there any answer from the Spanish side?

  • 20'

    It's three, and Chelsea are in dreamland here. Barcelona are all over the place at the back. Duff slid the ball under Valdes as he looked to close down the angle. Great finish, amazing scenes

  • 19'


  • 19'

    Chelsea are rampant now. This is irresistible stuff. Kezman spots the run of Duff, Barca are wide open and Duff is clean through...

  • 18'

    The deflection off Oleguer had the goalkeeper sprawling, and when the ball squirmed free there was Lampard to slam it into an empty net

  • 17'


  • 16'

    Great play for Joe Cole, he's giving Van Bronckhorst a torrid time. Cole cuts inside and tries his luck, it's deflected and wrong-footed Valdes can only get a desperate hand to the ball...

  • 15'

    Iniesta goes down aroudn 30 yards out, in a central position - this is dangerous. Deco and Ronaldinho stand over the ball. Deco shapes to shoot and instead chips it into the box - which no Barca player reads and Cech collects

  • 14'

    Now Duff gets away down the left and cuts it back across the box - but behind the line of blue shirts. Chelsea in confident mood now

  • 13'

    ...Lampard swivels on the spot and somehow hooks it over from five yards out. He should have hit the target, he should have scored

  • 12'

    Cole does well up against Van Bronckhorst and wins a corner on the right. Duff takes, Gudjohnsen flicks on at the near post and Terry helps it goalwards...

  • 11'

    Iniesta goes off for some treatment after being caught by Makelele, but he's okay to come back on and continue

  • 10'

    It was a great ball for Kezman, right out of the top drawer and perfectly into the path of the Icelandic forward

  • 9'

    Gudjohnsen, on the penalty spot, cuts back across Gerard before lifting a neat finish over the top of the onrushing Valdes. 1-0 Chelsea!

  • 8'


  • 8'

    Chelsea break with pace, Kezman is slipped in down the right flank and bursts forward, picking out Gudjohnsen with a superb square pass...

  • 7'

    Makelele brings down Deco 35 yards out, a dangerous position. It's swung wide left to Van Branckhorst but his header into the box is poor

  • 6'

    Barcelona are growing in confidence now, keeping the ball expertly and not allowing Chelsea the opportunity to build momentum

  • 5'

    Belletti does well down the right and forces Ferreira into a hurried clearance after Terry could get his head to the cross

  • 4'

    Good possession for Barca, but Ronaldinho's ball into the area is poor and Gallas heads away

  • 3'

    It's a promising start from Chelsea as they look to stamp their authority on the game in the opening moments

  • 2'

    Free-kick to Chelsea, Deco felling Ferreira down the right flank. Lampard floats a high one into the box - Terry and Kezman both impede Valdes and the whistle goes again

  • 1'

    Lampard shows the intentions early doors with a firm but fair challenge on Iniesta

  • 1'

    Deco and Eto'o take the kick-off. Game on!


    Referee Pierluigi Collina spins the coin, and we're just about ready


    The atmoshere is starting hot up. Mourinho and Rijkaard shake hands but opt against eye contact. No love lost there.


    Barcelona, without the injured Rafael Marquez, replace the defender with Oleguer in their back four. But there is still no place in Frank Rijkaard's starting line-up for first-leg hero Maxi Lopez. The striker once again has to settle for a place on the bench, along with Ludovic Giuly. French playmaker Giuly has not fully recovered from a back injury and Andres Iniesta replaces him in the team.


    Chelsea's changes are enforced because first-choice frontman Didier Drogba is suspended following his red card in the first leg. Chelsea revert to a 4-4-2 formation instead of their preferred 4-3-3 line-up with Joe Cole and Damien Duff providing the width on the right and left flanks respectively.


    Stamford Bridge is gearing up for the crunch Champions League clash. Jose Mourinho hands a starting role to Mateja Kezman. Kezman, who has scored in his last two games, is joined in attack by Icelandic forward Eidur Gudjohnsen.