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Hesse: Giving football a voice

Uli Hesse | March, 2 2013

A silent screening prompts Uli Hesse to delve into the history of commentators and football broadcasting.

Hesse: A Pröpper impact

Uli Hesse | February, 23 2013

Uli Hesse on the goalscoring feats of the relatively unknown Günter Pröpper in Germany in the 60s and 70s.

Hesse: Football - bloody hell

Uli Hesse | February, 16 2013

With masks in the spotlight in Germany, Uli Hesse examines football's bloody history of head wounds.

Hesse: The sweet taste of failure

Uli Hesse | February, 8 2013

Uli Hesse on the 'Nutella Curse' in German football, which finally looks to have been broken.

Hesse: Brunswick - remember the name

Uli Hesse | January, 19 2013

Uli Hesse explains why the potential return of Brunswick to the Bundesliga is a noteworthy event.

Hesse: Exploring the great indoors

Uli Hesse | January, 19 2013

Uli Hesse reflects on the absence of indoor football tournaments during Germany's winter break.

Hesse: The winter break debate

Uli Hesse | December, 15 2012

Uli Hesse addresses the issue of winter breaks in German football - relevant or redundant?

Hesse: Fighting for your right to party

Uli Hesse | December, 8 2012

Uli Hesse reflects on the history of fan power in Germany as silent protests continue across the country.

Hesse: Monumental discoveries

Uli Hesse | December, 1 2012

Uli Hesse goes on the hunt for monuments and statues across Germany, with some interesting results.

Hesse: The kids aren't all right

Uli Hesse | November, 24 2012

Uli Hesse tells of his experiences and concerns regarding the youth set-up in Germany.

75 articles returned.