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Off The Ball: Zlatan breaks rib in Onyewu brawl

Dominic Raynor | November, 12 2011

This week in Off the Ball, Zlatan Ibrahimovic breaks his ribs in a "life and death" brawl with Oguchi Onyewu.

Raynor: Testicles, hot dogs and the Golden Tapir

Dominic Raynor | October, 8 2010

This week in Off The Ball, a hot dog train, a golden tapir and swift kick to the testicles.

Raynor: Veteran players turn to acting

Dominic Raynor | October, 1 2010

This week in Off The Ball, Blanco stars alongside Riquelme and things get worse for Rooney.

Raynor: Balotelli's regrets, Bywater's 'erotic' art

Dominic Raynor | September, 24 2010

This week in Off The Ball, Balotelli's three regrets and Stephen Bywater's 'erotic' art.

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