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Purdy: Five things I think about the U.S. team

Jacqueline Purdy | September, 27 2007

The U.S. was expected to sweep all before it but failed miserably in the semifinals. Jacqueline Purdy with her thoughts on the U.S. loss to Brazil.

Hays: Ryan gambles on Scurry against Brazil

September, 26 2007

By opting for Briana Scurry against Brazil, Greg Ryan has made the biggest gamble of his coaching career, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: Lilly still contributing despite lack of goals

September, 26 2007

The goals have yet to flow as expected for Kristine Lilly in this World Cup, but the U.S. isn't concerned, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: Cristiane overshadowed by Marta but not forgotten

September, 25 2007

Brazil's "other" striker, Cristiane, is a dangerous force in her own right, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: U.S. vs. Brazil preview

September, 24 2007

Brazil is lauded for its flair, but the U.S. is prepared for a physical matchup (Thursday 8 a.m. ET, ESPN2), writes Graham Hays.

Canales: Women's World Cup semifinal preview

Andrea Canales | September, 24 2007

The Women's World Cup semifinal matchups are set. Bet on the U.S. and Germany to emerge, writes Andrea Canales.

Hays: U.S. vs. England recap

September, 22 2007

The insertion of midfielder Leslie Obsorne into the starting lineup was the key to the U.S. win against England, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: Gulbrandsen back with a vengeance for Norway

September, 22 2007

After taking time out to have her baby, Norway's Solveig Gulbrandsen is back to her best, writes Graham Hays.

Hays: Smith gives England a cutting edge

September, 21 2007

England's success depends on the play of Kelly Smith. So far, she's lived up to expectations, writes Graham Hays.

Canales: Women's World Cup quarterfinal preview

Andrea Canales | September, 20 2007

The Women's World Cup has reached the quarterfinal stage with some appetizing matchups to watch, writes Andrea Canales.

51 articles returned.