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Purdy: Recapping the Brazil-U.S. rivalry

Jacqueline Purdy | August, 19 2008

The U.S. women and Brazil have developed a fierce rivalry. Jacqueline Purdy traces the history of the matchup.

Hays: U.S. women no longer the team to beat

October, 1 2007

After another World Cup disappointment, it's clear that the days of the U.S. women's national team being the team to beat are over, writes Graham Hays.

Purdy: Women's World Cup tournarment wrap

Jacqueline Purdy | October, 1 2007

The 2007 Women's World Cup had a little bit of everything. Worthy winners, superstar play and a soap opera drama. Jacqueline Purdy has the tournament wrap.

Canales: Solo made the scapegoat

Andrea Canales | September, 30 2007

Hope Solo's outburst has deflected the blame from the real culprit for the U.S. team's failure, coach Greg Ryan, writes Andrea Canales.

Jackson: Solo left standing alone

Melanie Jackson | September, 29 2007

Hope Solo's plight in China at the World Cup shouldn't have become a solo act. Her teammates should have stuck by her long before her on-camera rant, writes Melanie Jackson.

Canales: Third place isn't the charm

Andrea Canales | September, 29 2007

The third-place game against Norway is largely just a chance for the U.S. to salvage some pride, writes Andrea Canales.

Canales: Women's World Cup final preview

Andrea Canales | September, 28 2007

The flair of Brazil, the ruthless efficiency of the Germans. The World Cup final (Sunday 8 a.m. ET, ESPN2) promises to be a classic, writes Andrea Canales.

Hays: U.S. vs. Brazil recap

Graham Hays | September, 27 2007

Greg Ryan's decision to change goalkeepers overshadowed one simple fact. Brazil are a far better team than the U.S., writes Graham Hays.

Hays: Solo's future with the U.S. team undetermined

September, 27 2007

After some pointed postgame criticism of Greg Ryan, Hope Solo's future with the U.S. team is unclear, writes Graham Hays.

Rae's Say: U.S. overtaken and Messi's magic

September, 27 2007

Derek Rae on the U.S. women's defeat to Brazil and Barcelona's young Argentine magician Lionel Messi.

51 articles returned.