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Duerden: Asian success at U-20 World Cup

John Duerden | July, 7 2013

After success from Asian nations at the Under-20 World Cup, John Duerden delves into the continent's inferiority complex.

The Prodigies: What happened to the Under-20 Golden Ball winners?

Mark Lomas | July, 6 2013

Mark Lomas examines whether winning the

Under-20 World Cup Golden Ball

is a help or hindrance to a player's career.

Brassell: Under-20 stars ready to dazzle

Andy Brassell | June, 20 2013

Andy Brassell takes a look at the youngsters competing at the Under-20 World Cup who are set to star with their clubs next season.

Petruzalek: Credibility cloud hangs over Under-20 World Cup

Bruce Petruzalek | October, 18 2009

Bruce Petruzalek explains why the FIFA Under 20 World Cup is in danger of losing all credibility.

Petruzalek: The next Kings of Egypt

Bruce Petruzalek | September, 23 2009

Bruce Petruzalek identifies the likely stars of the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Egypt.

McIntyre: U.S. U-20 vs. Austria recap

Doug McIntyre | July, 15 2007

With a semifinal berth on the line, the U.S. U-20s chose a bad time to play below par against Austria, writes Doug McIntyre.

McIntyre: U.S. U-20 vs. Austria preview

Doug McIntyre | July, 13 2007

Despite a spate of injuries, the U.S. U-20s are ready for Austria, writes Doug McIntyre.

McIntyre: U.S. U-20 vs. Uruguay recap

Doug McIntyre | July, 12 2007

It wasn't pretty against Uruguay, but the U.S. U-20s showed heart by overturning a late deficit, writes Doug McIntyre.

McIntyre: U.S. U-20 vs. Uruguay preview

Doug McIntyre | July, 10 2007

The U.S. U-20s will need to be careful not to overlook a Uruguay team that is more dangerous than its third-place qualification would indicate, writes Doug McIntyre.

McIntyre: U.S. U-20 vs. Brazil recap

Doug McIntyre | July, 7 2007

The U.S. announced its claim as a serious contender to the U-20 throne by disposing of Brazil, writes Doug McIntyre.

18 articles returned.