Take on our experts

Premier Showdown - May 4-6

May 6, 2013

Dale Johnson seems to be finding some form, but it's all too late in the day and it is already certain that his reign is over. An easy win for him last weekend, which means there was no change at the top.

So just a point and a half between Tommy Smyth and our team of challengers, the Rest of the World. Who is joining us this weekend? It's Taylor Bostic from the United States.

He tells Showdown: "My name is Taylor, and I am a 16-year-old student from Richmond, Virginia. I get a lot of crap for being a Wigan fan, especially from my school friends, but I can say I'm proud to support them. I really don't want to see them go down, and I'm hoping they can pull out another miracle to stay up."

Game on!

For each round of matches we invite someone to represent the Rest of the World and take on Press Pass' Tommy Smyth and ESPN journalist Dale Johnson in our predictions game.

Points are then awarded as follows:
• Three points for a correct result and scoreline
• One point for a correct result

After the weekend's scores are in and the Showdown result has been worked out, the winning pundit receives three points for their season's total. Should the challenger win, the total is added to the Rest of the World tally. In the case of a draw, the points are shared.

So a draw at the Stadium of Light gives Taylor the points in a low-scoring round. And it's the Rest of the Wolrld who creep to the top of the table with just two rounds left to go!

Table after Round 36
Rest of the World: 40.5
Tommy: 39
Dale: 28.5

Best week's total of season: 13, Tommy Smyth

Final table 2011-12
Dale: 44
Rest of the World: 41
Tommy: 29

Best week's total of season: 13, Dale Johnson

Previous winners:

2010-11: Tommy Smyth, 46.5
2009-10: Dale Johnson, 53
2008-09: Dale Johnson, 48
2007-08: Dale Johnson, 61
2006-07: Rest of the World 47.5
2005-06: Rest of the World 45
2004-05: Dale Johnson 50.5