Take on our experts

Premier Showdown - Dec 1-3

December 6, 2012

Two correct scorelines for Tommy Smyth in midweek edged him in front of Dale Johnson - and took him back to the top of the table.

Our team of readers, the Rest of the World, may find themselves cut adrift right now but as we've already seen that can turn around in just a couple of matches.

Helping us to open the first door on our advent calendar on Saturday is John Riksman.

John says: "Hi Tommy and Dale. I'm a 21-year-old student from Helsinki, Finland studying Business Administration. I've been watching my fella Rest of the Worlders horrified and now it's time to get us back on winning track!

"I'm a Reds fan and this time it's not just a better performance than the opponents but it's also three points. Other sure winners are Man Utd and Norwich. Chelsea's defence will hold with Rafa's zonal marking yet again but what happens in attack?"

Game on!

For each round of matches we invite someone to represent the Rest of the World and take on Press Pass' Tommy Smyth and ESPN journalist Dale Johnson in our predictions game.

Points are then awarded as follows:
• Three points for a correct result and scoreline
• One point for a correct result

After the weekend's scores are in and the Showdown result has been worked out, the winning pundit receives three points for their season's total. Should the challenger win, the total is added to the Rest of the World tally. In the case of a draw, the points are shared.

John takes the points for the ROTW just as he vowed to do - and it's ever so tight once again!

Table after Round 15
Tommy: 16.5
Dale: 15
Rest of the World: 13.5

Best week's total of season: 11, Neil Thomson, Tommy Smyth

Final table 2011-12
Dale: 44
Rest of the World: 41
Tommy: 29

Best week's total of season: 13, Dale Johnson