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Premier Showdown - Oct 6-7

October 7, 2012

Three correct results for Neil Thompson on Saturday in the last round which meant he surged to victory for the Rest of the World with two games to spare and he recorded the top score of the season so far.

So it's the ROTW and Tommy Smyth blazing a trail, and there's much work to do for the current champion, Dale Johnson.

Taking up the challenge this weekend is Tan Liang Bin who comes from Singapore.

Tan tells us: "I'm 19 and currently a tertiary student. I support Real Madrid since the time when they are known as the Galacticos and the player I like the most would be Raul. However, the first player that caught my eye was Edgar Davids at the 2002 world cup, due to his distinctive goggles and pitbull style."

Game on!

For each round of matches we invite someone to represent the Rest of the World and take on Press Pass' Tommy Smyth and ESPN journalist Dale Johnson in our predictions game.

Points are then awarded as follows:
• Three points for a correct result and scoreline
• One point for a correct result

After the weekend's scores are in and the Showdown result has been worked out, the winning pundit receives three points for their season's total. Should the challenger win, the total is added to the Rest of the World tally. In the case of a draw, the points are shared.

Plenty of correct results around this weekend but the key was getting the score bang on, and Tommy takes the round by a point as he got two of the games bang on. The correct score at Spurs v Villa was crucial.

Table after Round Seven
Tommy: 10.5
Rest of the World: 7.5
Dale: 3

Best week's total of season: 11, Neil Thomson

Final table 2011-12
Dale: 44
Rest of the World: 41
Tommy: 29

Best week's total of season: 13, Dale Johnson