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Anticipation the key - Collina

UEFA's chief refereeing officer has said that anticipation is a key attribute for officials at Euro 2012.

ESPN staff
Pierluigi Collina was one of the world's top refs© Getty Images

Pierluigi Collina, UEFA's chief refereeing officer, has said that anticipation is a key attribute for officials at Euro 2012.

Collina, who refereed the 2002 World Cup final, said that being able to predict what would happen a second in advance was the difference between good and great officials.

“The referee must absolutely know what can happen, that is the difference,” he said. “The referee should know before what can happen. He has to predict, he has to be aware of what can happen maybe one second later. This is the best way to be ready to take a decision.

"If you are surprised by something, you are very probably wrong. If you know that something can happen, [if] you are ready, it's very probable that you will be right. So this is the main difference."

He went on say there was no such thing as lower-key match during such a high-profile event. “Everything is important, everything can be decisive. There is no match without any important interest. Everything can mean a lot, not only for the teams but also for the referees. So [the referees] are very motivated and determined [to give] the best performance possible."

Each of the 31 games at Euro 2012 will be handled by a team of seven match officials - the referee, two assistant referees and a fourth official being supported by two additional assistant referees as well as a reserve assistant referee.


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