Stade d'Angondje, Gabon

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(8) 0 - 0 (7)



    Agony and ecstasy for Ivory Coast and Zambia...


    8-7 on penalties! What a dramatic, romantic victory for the underdogs!

  • 120'

    Zambia score through Sunzu! They win the penalty shoot-out and the 2012 African Cup of Nations!!

  • 120'

    That's a terrible penalty, hits it well wide of the right post!

  • 120'

    Gervinho now for Ivory Coast, it's still 7-7...

  • 120'

    Kalaba's hit it over! Agony for Zambia!

  • 120'

    This penalty to win it for Zambia...

  • 120'

    Shocking from penalty, but good save from Mweene! Far too big a run up from Toure and he hit it just to the left of the 'keeper

  • 120'

    It's Kolo Toure to take...

  • 120'

    Nicely taken again, 7-7!

  • 120'

    Lungu for Zambia...

  • 120'

    Konan scores for Ivory Coast! 7-6

  • 120'

    Sinkala scores for Zambia! An outstanding penalty, couldn't possibly have been further into the top right corner

  • 120'

    It's another very good penalty, straight into the top left

  • 120'

    Tiene to take for Ivory Coast...

  • 120'

    Good penalty from Mweene, very calmly done. It's 5-5, and sudden death

  • 120'

    It's Mweene, the goalkeeper, to take

  • 120'

    Good penalty from Drogba, it's 5-4 (and well recovered from his earlier miss)

  • 120'

    Drogba to take the fifth...

  • 120'

    Good penalty, towards the top left! Good composure, it's 4-4

  • 120'

    Katongo to take for Zambia...

  • 120'

    4-3 to Ivory Coast, Max Gradel scoring...

  • 120'

    It's a good penalty, hits the ball left with Barry diving right. 3-3

  • 120'

    Chansa to take Zambia's third....

  • 120'

    Bamba scores! 3-2 to Ivory Coast! Harsh on Zambia, that

  • 120'

    But the referee orders a retake of the penalty, because the 'keeper left the penalty spot

  • 120'

    Good save by Mweene!

  • 120'

    Bamba steps up for Ivory Coast's third...

  • 120'

    Mulenga scores his for Zambia, 2-2!

  • 120'

    It's another good penalty, this time into the top left, 2-1!

  • 120'

    Wifred steps up for Ivory Coast's second....

  • 120'

    Katongo scores his penalty, he went bottom right! 1-1

  • 120'

    It's a good penalty. Towards the top right corner. Mweene went bottom left. 1-0 Ivory Coast

  • 120'

    Penalties are beginning now, Tiote will take Ivory Coast's first penalty...

  • 120'

    Extra-time's over; penalties will be played...

  • 118'

    Minutes now until a penalty shoot-out...

  • 115'

    Good effort from Kalaba, but it's essentially over hit. Bit too high and wide

  • 114'

    Throw in now for Zambia after Toure's clearance

  • 114'

    Good catch again from Mweene to catch Drogba's flick on.

  • 113'

    It's wasted though after the cross curls in, and then out into the side netting. Zambia goal-kick

  • 112'

    Gradel's cross headed clear by Chansa. Another corner for Ivory Coast

  • 111'

    Superb save from Mweene! Coming out to meet Gervinho with the forward through on goal. He was offside but Mweene wasn't to know that; very brave by him again

  • 110'

    Gradel crosses again but no one's there to meet it. He's had a big impact since coming on

  • 109'

    A penalty shoot-out looms closer...

  • 107'

    Well collected again by Mweene, who's been very calm. He'd been criticised for being vulnerable under high balls before today but he's been very convincing tonight

  • 106'

    Good there from Gradel again, but his cross is blocked. Corner for Ivory Coast

  • 105'

    Half-time in extra-time, and it's still 0-0

  • 105'

    Straight at the wall. Waste of a free-kick.

  • 105'

    Decent chance here, and most likely the last of the half...

  • 105'

    Zambia free-kick from shooting range after Tiote's foul on Katonga

  • 104'

    Well defended there by Zambia, with Mweene coming out to collect Gradel's cross. Relaxed play, lots of composure there from Zambia

  • 103'

    Ivory Coast goal-kick

  • 102'

    Sinkala, who's had a good game, fires wide there!

  • 100'

    Little happening so far, no goal threats of which to speak. The ball's currently being played around predictably with no risks being taken

  • 96'

    Drogba went down there looking for another penalty but it was never on, the referee knew it wasn't a foul

  • 94'

    So close there for Zambia, they've hit the post! Good effort by Katongo

  • 93'

    Good goalkeeping there by Mweene, again! He's having a good game this evening

  • 92'

    Especially given the pitch, there could be a mistake in either side, while both teams are likely to tire substantially as the game goes on

  • 91'

    Extra-time begins...

  • 90'

    End of normal time: Zambia 0-0 Ivory Coast

  • 90'

    The winger hurt himself in the process that was probably the last chance of normal time. Brave goalkeeping, that.

  • 90'

    Well defended from Mweene, saving from Gervinho's cross after the corner

  • 90'

    Mayuka was about to volley in what very possibly could have been the winning goal but Toure timed his challenge perfectly to prevent any shot

  • 90'

    Close there from Mayuka! Superb defending from Toure and an equally good pass by Chansa in the build-up there

  • 90'

    Good defending from Toure there, with Mayuka attacking

  • 90'

    Ivory Coast again have the ball in defence. There'll be four minutes of added time

  • 89'

    So close there for Gradel! Closest yet for either side! The winger did very well to find space in the penalty area but dragged his shot just wide

  • 88'

    Yaya Toure off, Wilfred on

  • 87'

    Chansa fouls Gradel. Ivory Coast free-kick...

  • 86'

    Gradel's corner punched clear by Mweene!

  • 85'

    They've a corner, now...

  • 85'

    Yaya Toure's shot cleared! Ivory Coast are enjoying are decent period of possession here

  • 83'

    Each side has had seven shots off target tonight; another sign of where it is they're going wrong

  • 82'

    Zambia fire wide! Ivory Coast goal-kick

  • 81'

    Sinkala mishits his long pass after the ball bobbled just before he connected with it. Drogba also complained about the penalty spot after his penalty miss, and though that's no surprise from him, the pitch has appeared suspect tonight

  • 81'

    This is where both teams have been lacking tonight - in the final third

  • 80'

    Good play by Mayuka as he breaks, but his final ball is poor and Ivory Coast recover the ball

  • 79'

    But it comes to nothing and Zambia have a goal-kick

  • 79'

    Corner for Ivory Coast after Tiene's cross is blocked

  • 79'

    Again, Ivory Coast have the superior quality but Zambia are well organised could easily score on the counter

  • 78'

    Difficult to predict how this game will end, with both sides clearly capable of winning

  • 77'

    Konan Ya won the header but he couldn't direct it goalwards. Decent cross but Drogba was also waiting and it's come to nothing

  • 77'

    Drogba fouled by Lungu. Ivory Coast free-kick

  • 76'

    Ya wins a throw-in for Ivory Coast with his first attack

  • 75'

    Zokora off, Konan Ya on

  • 75'

    Mulenga off, Katongo on

  • 74'

    Both sides making some substitutions...

  • 73'

    Zambia really need to be more composed here if they're to make something of this. They seem to struggle when entering Ivory Coast's half

  • 72'

    What relief for Zambia. Ivory Coast are attacking here again, however...

  • 71'

    It seems Drogba has bottled it again in another big final!

  • 70'

    That's an awful penalty! He's hit it well over the bar; shocking from Drogba!

  • 70'

    Drogba to take the penalty...

  • 69'

    Penalty to Ivory Coast! Idiotic challenge by Chansa on Gerviho, pushing the winger in the penalty area - what was he thinking?

  • 68'

    Better there from Ivory Coast, with Max Gradel dribbling into the penalty area before the ball was cleared. More urgency now in the game

  • 66'

    Bamba booked

  • 65'

    Free-kick to Ivory Coast after Bamba fouls Mayuka. No real danger so it was a silly foul, and the defender's protests have earned him a yellow card

  • 64'

    Kalou off, Max Gradel on

  • 63'

    The Newcastle midfielder was booked for the foul on Kalaba

  • 63'

    Tiote booked

  • 63'

    Ivory Coast now countering

  • 62'

    Nice play from Mayuka, but his cross is deflected out for a corner...

  • 61'

    But Sinkala's penalised for the foul after Tiote's header fails to clear. Free-kick to Ivory Coast

  • 61'

    Kalaba to take the corner...

  • 60'

    Closer from Zambia, it's another corner after Tiene heads clear

  • 59'

    Corner to Zambia!

  • 59'

    Chansa breaks and crosses but K Toure blocks well. Ivory Coast back with the ball again

  • 58'

    But Kalaba crosses too close to Barry and the 'keeper collects without any real threat

  • 57'

    Free-kick now to Zambia. Another crossing opportunity for them

  • 56'

    Poor again from Gervinho, failing to control the ball and conceding a throw-in

  • 55'

    But it comes to nothing. Zambia goal-kick

  • 54'

    Free-kick to Ivory Coast for the foul on Bamba, and a crossing opportunity

  • 54'

    Ivory Coast now exchanging the ball in defence

  • 53'

    Poor start to the second-half here, with both teams looking flat, particularly when compared to the first-half

  • 51'

    Throw-in to Ivory Coast in their own half

  • 50'

    Gosso fouls Nyambe. Free-kick to Zambia

  • 49'

    Better there from Gervinho,crossing for Drogba but the striker fails to control and gifts Zambia a goal-kick

  • 48'

    Poor from Gervinho; the wideman was in a crossing opportunity but did so poorly, ambitiously trying to cross behind the defender instead of cutting back to do so. Zambia goal-kick

  • 47'

    A clash of heads early on as already stopped play, with Drogba currently down

  • 46'

    Zambia kick-off for the second-half...


    Half-time: Ivory Coast 0-0 Zambia

  • 45'

    But it's a Zambia free-kick because of a foul by Bamba

  • 45'

    Ivory Coast corner...

  • 45'

    Perhaps there's something wrong with the pitch, as he's the third to do something similar this evening

  • 45'

    Gosso kicks the air instead of the ball and falls over his feet...

  • 45'

    Two minutes of stoppage time to be played...

  • 43'

    He seems to be recovering, but play's still yet to re-start

  • 42'

    Gosso's now down injured...

  • 41'

    Good catch again from Mweene. He's yet to be truly tested but remains alert and has been decisive and commanding so far

  • 41'

    Some good end-to-end football being played here...

  • 40'

    Katongo shoots wide for Zambia. Decent chance again

  • 39'

    Good goalkeeping there from Mweene, catching the deep cross and making sure Drogba can't collect the loose ball and doing so on the very edge of the penalty area

  • 39'

    Comes to nothing! Another wasted chance

  • 39'

    Zambia corner...

  • 38'

    Wasted chance by Gervinho as the Arsenal man fails to connect with the ball properly when in a good shooting position...

  • 37'

    Well defended from Kolo Toure, heading Zambia's cross away and clearing the danger

  • 35'

    An obvious concern for Zambia, however, will be the fact that Ivory Coast obviously have superior players, and also a physically bigger side. That could prove crucial as the game progresses, particularly if they don't score

  • 35'

    Very much an even game, so far

  • 34'

    Ivory Coast throw-in after Zambia's cross into the penalty box comes to nothing

  • 33'

    Zambia now with the ball at the back...

  • 32'

    Zambia have a throw-in after Zokora's uncertain clearance.

  • 30'

    That was their best chance of the game and it's gone to waste, Toure was well set-up there by Drogba. Should of been a goal.

  • 30'

    Yaya Toure fires just wide!

  • 29'

    Gervinho tackled by Sinkala. Ivory Coast throw-in

  • 28'

    Zambia are certainly proving more dangerous in the final third, even if they're not having as much possession as they'd perhaps like

  • 27'

    Wasteful from Chansa, firing well over the bar! Decent chance that, for Zambia

  • 27'

    Kalaba shoots but there's not enough power on his effort, and Barry saves comfortably

  • 25'

    But Zambia defend well and clear comfortably

  • 25'

    And it's another corner...

  • 25'

    But it also comes to nothing - Kalou should have done better. Corner to Ivory Coast

  • 24'

    Kalaba then wastes the corner, and Ivory Coast counter...

  • 23'

    Decent effort from Kalaba, but it's deflected wide for a corner

  • 23'

    Gosso's foul led to the decision. Shooting range for Zambia

  • 22'

    Free-kick to Zambia

  • 21'

    Ivory Coast with the ball in defence again. They're not particularly fluid in possession because Zambia are holding their shape and defending well, but Ivory Coast are certainly dominating possession

  • 20'

    Good effort from Tiene, curling his shot on target but it was ultimately a comfortable save from Mweene

  • 19'

    It's another free-kick for Ivory Coast for Lungu's foul on Drogba. This one's closer in and gives them a genuine scoring chance.

  • 18'

    Nice play there from Ivory Cast, but Lungu defended well to intercept Yaya Toure's through-ball to Gervinho

  • 16'

    The free-kick comes to nothing. Ivory Coast with the ball back in defence again

  • 16'

    Foul by Sinkala on Drogba. Free-kick, from long shooting distance, for to Ivory Coast

  • 15'

    Ivory Coast now patiently keeping the ball at the back

  • 13'

    Close for Zambia! Mayuka's header looped over the bar but it wasn't well defended from Ivory Coast who could now be behind.

  • 12'

    Musonda off, Mulenga on

  • 11'

    He's coming off injured, and he's in tears. Even Drogba - and I say "even" because he's an Ivory Coast player, that's not a judgement on his character - consoles the left-back. Sad to see him so upset but it's heart-warming to see the others console him

  • 11'

    Musonda still looks in some pain. He may have to come on.

  • 9'

    Mayuka, who's been Zambia's best player throughout this tournament, sends a cross into Ivory Coast's penalty box but it's headed clear

  • 8'

    Nice football there from Zambia, stringing together several passes in midfield before the final ball was intercepted. Nice idea, though

  • 8'

    Ivory Coast clear...

  • 7'

    Zambia throw-in deep into Ivory Coast's half

  • 6'

    The 34-year-old Musonda is still down in some pain following the tackle on Gervinho.

  • 5'

    It's a bright start to the game, and promises more than much of the other football that has been played today

  • 4'

    Well defended by Zambia, Ivory Coast were looking to play Gervinho in but Musonda tackled well.

  • 3'

    Ivory Coast are now on the attack but Gervinho's cross is overhit. Zambia throw-in

  • 2'

    Good save, Sinkala struck the ball very well there but Barry dived to save. Could have been a dream start for Zambia

  • 2'

    Bright start by Zambia, they've won an early corner

  • 1'

    It's an emotional occasion for Zambia but Ivory Coast remain the favourites

  • 1'

    Ivory Coast kick-off...


    A minute's silence has been observed by the players, and the game is about to kick-off...


    Both teams currently appear relaxed...


    Zambia, conversely, have no big name players but are on the verge of a dramatic victory so are also likely to be confident.


    Ivory Coast are obviously the big favourite's for tonight's game, with Drogba, Kalou, Gervinho, Zokora, Tiote and the Toure brothers all proven at high levels (and most set to return to the Premier League, where they've been missed by their clubs).


    Join us from 7.30pm for live minute-by-minute commentary on this evening's African Cup of Nations final