UEFA Champions League

May 14, 2003



3 - 1

Real Madrid

UEFA Champions League

18:45 +00:00, May 14, 2003

Delle Alpi, Italy

2nd Leg: 4 - 3 (Agg)

  • 95'

    That's it! The Delle Apli rejoices as referee Meier blows the whistle that ends Real Madrid's reign in Europe. Juve deservedly 3-1 winners, 4-3 overall...

  • 95'

    Helguera thumps forward. Raul loses his marker but slides his far-post header agonisingly wide. He buries his head in the turf...

  • 94'

    Juve keep it in the corner before McManaman brings it away. Raul chips over the top for Ronaldo but Montero steps up and it's offside

  • 93'

    Another lung-bursting run from Zambrotta, now operating on the left. Corner kick off Salgado

  • 92'

    ... and break upfield. Zambrotta whacks at goal. Low but wide

  • 91'

    Pessotto hooks clear. Camoranesi gives it away and Figo bears down. Cross from the right but Juve can scramble it away...

  • 91'

    Conte on for Davids... Real throwing everything forward but Helguera creeps offside

  • 90'

    Five minutes to be added! Real need one goal to go through

  • 89'

    Real break - Zidane gets the ball over the top and finishes brilliantly left-footed, across Buffon. 3-1 now

  • 88'

    Del Piero holds on looking for the 'Hollywood' goal, with Camoranesi overlapping. Guti steps in

  • 87'

    Tudor in strongly to rob Ronaldo after Zidane found space on the left

  • 86'

    Figo beats Davids to a 50-50 ball. Typical of his evening he gets booked for some reason

  • 85'

    ... as if to prove it he flicks a sharp header at goal. But Buffon takes comfortably

  • 85'

    Thuram back to head away as Salgado crosses after good work from McManaman and Raul (yes, he's still on the pitch)

  • 83'

    Davids cuts in from the left to shoot. Salgado blocks before Del Piero is caught offside

  • 82'

    Nedved has a bite at McManaman as the Englishman dribbles away... but it's a yellow card for the Czech, who will now miss the final

  • 81'

    Great last-ditch intervention from Thuram as Ronaldo pulls the trigger. Then Buffon is up to collect the follow-up cross from Figo

  • 80'

    Freekick to Juve wide on the left... Del Piero curls it in but too close to Casillas

  • 78'

    Casillas makes two excellent saves from Del Piero - first from a bullet header, then the recovery block as Juve pile on the pressure

  • 77'

    Thuram tricks his way past Zidane out wide. Real recover it though, but Davids gets back to interrupt as McManaman bears down

  • 76'

    McManaman replaces Cambiasso and Camoranesi comes on for Trezeguet. Del Bosque desperate, Lippi reinforcing

  • 75'

    Guti heads the ball away. Real break and Zidane cuts in from the right to hit left-footed. Slicing wide under pressure from Montero, who shouldn't be on the pitch really...

  • 74'

    Real losing the plot as Hierro crashes in on Trezeguet. Yellow card

  • 73'

    Zambrotta hits over the top for Nedved to chase. The Czech is clean through to smash right-footed past Casillas for the third. 3-0 Juve

  • 72'

    Guti heads clear as Del Piero crosses from deep

  • 71'

    Salgado has a crack at goal - left-footed and very wayward though. Gary Neville would have proud of that effort

  • 70'

    Helguera steps in brilliantly to intercept as Trezeguet looks to release Del Piero, clean through but for that intervention

  • 70'

    Hierro heads away. Juve press on but Nedved is offside down the left

  • 69'

    Respite for the Italians as Del Piero comes down under Helguera's challenge

  • 68'

    Up comes Helguera with a full-blooded header. Buffon beaten but the ball flashes just wide

  • 67'

    Poor, hesitant penalty - too close to a keeper of that class. Real press on, winning a corner on the right

  • 67'

    No second yellow for Montero... Figo steps up to take - saved by Buffon low to his right!

  • 66'

    Cambiasso wriggles free to release Ronaldo in the box.... Montero in with the sliding challenge. Penalty Real!

  • 65'

    Roberto Carlos gets behind Zambrotta for the first time, but fails to control Zidane's ball with his chest. Goalkick Juve

  • 64'

    ...Pessotto heads away and Juve can eventually bring it away

  • 64'

    Tacchinardi yellow-carded as Cambiasso is brought down. Montero clears behind as Ronaldo looks to latch onto Figo's ball...

  • 63'

    Trezeguet just offside as Del Piero slides into win the ball from Helguera. He would have been clean through there

  • 62'

    ... which drops loose for Zidane but teh French master can't quite control and Juve can clear

  • 61'

    Figo hits beyond everyone, but Real build again - Ronaldo winning a corner on the right

  • 59'

    On comes veteran Pessotto for Birindelli... Meanwhile Buffon spills a routine ball and Real have a corner

  • 58'

    Montero yellow carded as Raul is brought down. Salgado is closed down and falls on the ball as if fouled - nothing given though, except a card for the Real defender after his display of fury at referee Meier

  • 56'

    But Juve have a corner on the left. Nedved takes, Casillas flaps at thin air but Trezeguet can't quite reach it at the far post. Luck for the keeper

  • 56'

    Juve shift the freekick to the right but Hierro is up to head away

  • 55'

    Del Piero drops deep to collect but falls under Salgado's challenge

  • 54'

    Figo goes in hard from behind on Davids. Juve freekick, worked to Nedved for a smash at goal - always rising high and wide though

  • 53'

    ... immediately he creeps offside as Zidane prods the ball through. That was a let-off for Juve

  • 52'

    Here comes Ron... Flavio makes way as the Brazilian superstar heads onto the pitch

  • 52'

    Tudor hooks clear after Montero gets a foot into to block Carlos's whipped ball in from the left

  • 51'

    Casillas takes as Zambrotta crosses after taking the ball off Carlos - not for the first time

  • 49'

    Davids turns Salgado inside out in the box but the defender does well to recover to concede the corner... Nedved takes and Helguera is first to it. Juve play it back

  • 48'

    Real looking more business-like, probing left and right before Cambiasso rushes into taking a rank shot. Waste of possession

  • 48'

    Carlos hooks away after Nedved's snapshot is blocked

  • 47'

    Typically, Davids interrupts before Del Piero hacks away... Now Figo crosses but Buffon can collect

  • 46'

    Cambiasso almost finds Raul in the box, but just behind the striker... Real can win a corner on the right though

  • 46'

    Ronaldo warming up, but no changes as Real restart...

  • 45'

    And a great half for Juve, who've turned this tie on its head. 2-0 at the break, 3-2 to the Italians overall. Real, battered throughout, will need a goal to take this into extra time

  • 45'

    Zambrotta in strongly to win the ball from Figo. Huge cheers as Juve play it around. Del Piero and Davids add the tricks and Zambrotta smashes right-footed. Just wide, but great football

  • 45'

    Tumult in Turin as the home fans rejoice their team's 3-2 aggregate lead. Three minutes of stoppage time to be added

  • 44'

    Real stunned into action... corner on the right, which comes back to Zidane to fire low at goal. Great stop from Buffon

  • 43'

    Juve still look offside as the ball comes back forward. But Del Piero doesn't mind as he cuts inside Salgado to hit the second goal! 2-0 Juve!

  • 42'

    Del Piero swings at goal - deflected but Zambrotta is offside as he collects...

  • 41'

    Davids tries to release Trezeguet, but just beyond the striker... Real break but Zidane's through ball finds Raul just offside. A rueful smile from the Champions League record goalscorer...

  • 40'

    Guti loses out to Thuram again but then tries to recover possession, only to hack Zambrotta down wide out. No yellow card though

  • 38'

    Zambrotta trips Roberto Carlos as the tackles start to bite. Real look to build but Guti, to the delight of the home fans, hits a pass intended for Figo straight out of play

  • 36'

    That was a great chance. Now it's handbags as Guti goes down clutching his mouth after a minor brush from Thuram's hand. Temperature rising

  • 35'

    Casillas fumbles Trezeguet's shot from the edge of the box. The striker recovers to take the ball to the byeline but Real can scramble it away. Just

  • 34'

    Guti brings down Nedved. Juve work the freekick to Del Piero, but his deflected strike loops safely into Cambiasso's hands

  • 33'

    Thuram scuffs badly after Trezeguet mis-hits with a spectacular volley. Real break and Zidane audaciously tries to lob Buffon from 45 yards. Onto the roof of the net, but the keeper was back

  • 32'

    Trezeguet just wrong-footed by a neat chip through

  • 31'

    Figo hits high over the bar. Ambitious from the wide angle - it had to be very good from there. It wasn't

  • 30'

    Guti hesitates after Flavio's excellent pass down the inside right, but Montero crashes in and Real have a freekick

  • 29'

    Real clawing their way back into this... but Juve still look the hungrier side

  • 28'

    Roberto Carlos looks for Raul. A flick at the edge of the box - but too strong for Figo, arriving at the far post

  • 27'

    Buffon collects Figo's cross as Real push forward without making any genuine openings

  • 25'

    Montero steps in to clear as Cambiasso and Roberto Carlos probe the left. Better from Real

  • 25'

    Hierro hacks away as Trezeguet heads a Tacchinardi ball across the box

  • 24'

    Del Piero weighs it up but the white wall does its job and Real clear

  • 23'

    Yellow card for Flavio as Davids, a star man so far, is brought down with a studs-up challange 23 yards out

  • 22'

    Figo hacks at goal - deflected and suddenly Guti has a gilt-edged one-on-one from 12 yards. But it's panic stations and Buffon can make a comfortable save...

  • 21'

    Birindelli does enough to rob Figo after quick passing between the Portugal star and Zidane. Buffon clears

  • 20'

    Buffon collects as Raul chases a long ball forward

  • 19'

    ...which Zidane takes. Off the wall for a corner which Thuram heads away powerfully. Flavio has another strike from range, but again well wide

  • 18'

    Tudor panics as Zidane picks up the ball centrally, 30 yards out. Needless freekick...

  • 18'

    Casillas collects as Nedved tries to dink the ball over Salgado

  • 16'

    Raul crosses from the left of the Juve box, but Buffon takes easily with Guti standing deep

  • 15'

    ...headed clear but Juve press again, Davids lofting one into the box, but Casillas takes comfortably

  • 15'

    Nedved again thereatens and Hierro has to concede a corner as Trezeguet lurks

  • 14'

    After another ambitious swing from range, Flavio is sent tumbling. Real work the freekick left but Thuram breaks...

  • 13'

    That scoreline will do for the Italians - and the Delle Alpi knows it

  • 12'

    Nedved crosses from the right... Del Piero nods back at the far post and Trezeguet beats Cambiasso to hook in the opener. 1-0 Juve!!

  • 11'

    Brief respite as the holders win a throw of their own down the left. Flavio swings a volley, but it's well wide

  • 10'

    Del Piero hooks over the bar after Roberto Carlos gifts possession to Zambrotta and Nedved. Good chance - Real are under pressure here

  • 8'

    Carlos blocks Zambrotta's cross. Hierro heads the throw away and Juve are forced back

  • 8'

    Juve build again, Nedved cuts in from the left to hit right-footed. Low but wide

  • 7'

    Del Piero drives forward down the Juve left, bringing a foul by Salgado, who blocks the freekick from Nedved

  • 6'

    Fast-paced opening. Zidance is closed down in the Juve box before the Serie A champs break. Zambrotta fouled - but Nedved's freekick from the right is headed clear

  • 5'

    Thuram crosses after Trezeguet and Del Piero threaten. Up comes Casillas to collect

  • 4'

    ...but distance is no hindrance to Roberto Carlos. A left-foot hammer, a la 1997, but just wide of Buffon's left post

  • 3'

    Raul drops deep to collect - no surprise to see Tudor crunch in to test those aching belly muscles. Then Davids flies in on Guti. Real freekick 40 yards out

  • 2'

    Figo probes down the right. No way through and Cambiasso loses out in midfield. Juve break quickly but Nedved can't reach the ball over the top

  • 1'

    Early break from Nedved. The chip through to Trezeguet, free in the box, but narrowly offside as he swings to volley

  • 1'

    And Juve kick off


    A friendly pat on the shoulder from Marcello Lippi to former Juve favourite Zidane as referee Urs Meier leads the teams out in Turin...


    Montero, Tacchinardi and Davids return from suspension for Juve, although Ferrara and Iuliano are banned tonight.


    Raul returns for the holders after his appendix operation, but Ronaldo is relegated to the bench following a calf injury in the first leg. Esteban Cambiasso returns to the starting lineup with Makelele out...


    Juve need to come from behind to beat Real Madrid and reach the Champions League final. Real take a 2-1 lead to the Stadio Delle Alpi, join us from 19.45 BST for live commentary.