UEFA Champions League

May 13, 2003



1 - 1

AC Milan

UEFA Champions League

18:45 +00:00, May 13, 2003

San Siro, Italy

2nd Leg: 1 - 1 (Agg)
AC Milan win on Away Goals Rule

  • 93'

    AC Milan advance to the final thanks to Shevchenko's away goal. Martins pulled a goal back, but Inter will be left to rue a disappointing first 45 minutes

  • 93'

    And there goes the final whistle

  • 92'

    Now it's a corner. Toldo comes up for the set piece, and rather like the script of the match the cross only finds the fist of Abbiati

  • 92'

    Zanetti is held back by Brocchi, Inter desperately searching for a goal

  • 91'

    Shevchenko tries to hold the ball in the corner and it shouldered to the ground by Cannavaro

  • 90'

    Just two minutes to be added on

  • 90'

    A final change for Milan as Cristian Brocchi comes on for Andrea Pirlo

  • 89'

    ...Abbiati has to push the shot around the post, so close to a second for Inter

  • 88'

    ...Abbiati just gets enough on the ball to thwart Kallon. Corner. It's delivered in but comes back out to the left. This time Cordoba wins the header...

  • 88'

    Emre feeds in Kallon, he gets a bit of luck and the ball runs for him off Kaladze. A great chance for Kallon...

  • 87'

    As it stands, the game is 1-1 on aggregate - but Milan will go through courtesy of Shevchenko's away goal

  • 87'

    ...Emre's shot is wild and way over the crossbar

  • 86'

    Kaladze gets a yellow card for a foul on Dalmat on the right flank. Dalmat floats the ball in himself, it pings around in the box and falls to Emre in the D...

  • 85'

    Martins fires past the onrushing Abbiati to bring Inter back into the game - a goal out of nowhere, but now they must find another

  • 84'


  • 83'

    Maldini is left floundering, he dawdles on the ball and Martins nips in front and gets a toe to the ball...

  • 82'

    ...Serginho's shot drifts just wide of Toldo' left-hand post - but the keeper always had it covered

  • 81'

    Shevchenko is knocked over by Materazzi on the edge of the box - it's a strong challenge from the former Everton man. The free-kick's on the edge of the box. Serginho...

  • 80'

    Filippo Inzaghi is replaced by Sergio Serginho in Milan's second change

  • 79'

    Gattuso gets an accidental boot in the face from Conceicao, but it's a free-kick

  • 78'

    Seedorf's cross into the box can't find Inzaghi and Toldo picks up the loose ball

  • 77'

    Corner to Inter once again. And, just for a change, it's straight to Abbiati but this time he makes the catch

  • 76'

    Inzaghi goes down clutching his leg after the challenge by Cannavaro. Cannavaro didn't even touch him!

  • 75'

    Inter's move finally breaks down as Kallon balloons a shot over the bar

  • 74'

    The corner comes in, and again Abbiati punches behind. The third produces a similar result with the keeper palming over his own bar

  • 73'

    ...again Conceicao can only Abbiati, but the keeper's poor punch goes behind for a corner

  • 72'

    Gattuso bundles Conceicao to the ground on the left flank. Another free-kick in a dangerous area for Inter. Conceicao delivers himself...

  • 71'

    The final change for Inter as, surprisingly, Mohamed Kallon comes on for Hernan Crespo

  • 70'

    Nesta does well to beat Martins to the ball, but seems to take a knock in making the challenge. He'll be fine to carry on

  • 69'

    Pirlo plays in the corner, Crespo's clearing header is poor but Gattuso's shot on the stretch is even worse

  • 68'

    Space opened up for a shot from Pirlo, he opted to find Inzaghi in the box but Milan have to settle for the corner

  • 67'

    Abbiati is able to hang from the crossbar and allow the effort from Emre to pass over his head

  • 66'

    Maldini is penalised for handball as Martins tried to nip past. Again a free-kick to Inter, around 30-yards out in a central position

  • 65'

    Milan replace Manuel Rui Costa with Massimo Ambrosini

  • 64'

    ...Conceicao tries to place the ball into the corner but, with a crowded penalty area making the job harder, shoots well wide of Abbiati's left-hand post

  • 63'

    Emre rifles a shot towards goal and Abbiati fails to deal with it properly, only palming the ball out to Conceicao on the penalty spot...

  • 62'

    Zanetti turns brilliant and it tripped on the edge of the box by Seedorf. That'll be a free-kick on the right edge of the area

  • 61'

    Shevchenko has time on the edge of the box, he looks up and tries to bend the ball into the top corner but fires just wide

  • 61'

    Inter have seven players in the area, but the corner only finds the fists of Abbiati who clears

  • 60'

    Conceicao finds Martins down the left, and the Nigerian forward sees his cross deflect off Costacurta for the corner

  • 59'

    Inter getting on top now. They must score twice to advance to the final

  • 58'

    ...just as Materazzi strikes the shot his standing foot gives way, he end up on his backside and the ball squirts out wide for a goal-kick

  • 57'

    It's just to the left of goal about five yards outside the box. It's going to be Materazzi...

  • 56'

    Emre feeds a ball into Conceicao just outside the box, and the Inter player is pushed over by Costacurta. Free-kick

  • 55'

    Zanetti again striker into the hands of Abbiati from the edge of the box

  • 54'

    Martins gets away from his marker to burst to the edge of the box. He has Crespo in support... before tripping over his own feet and ending up in a heap on the floor

  • 53'

    Zanetti is allowed to comes forward unchallenged, but he can only fire into the arms of Abbiati from the edge of the box

  • 52'

    Materazzi seems to get a boot in Shevchenko's back. Shevchenko goes down clutching his face - obviously learning from team-mate Rivaldo

  • 51'

    A better start from Inter Milan - they have to go on the offensive

  • 50'

    Shevchenko lifts the ball across the face of goal for Inzaghi, but it's just too high for the Italian striker

  • 49'

    Gattuso goes down in the box looking for the penalty. It was clearly a dive, and maybe he could have got a second yellow there

  • 48'

    Seedorf is tripped by Cannavaro, free-kick to Milan

  • 47'

    A double change for Inter at the break as Stephane Dalmat and Obafemi Martins come on for Luigi Di Biagio and Alvaro Recoba

  • 46'

    The second half begins

  • 49'

    Milan may look to shut up shop and stifle the play - they certainly have one foot in the Champions League final

  • 49'

    That injury time goal from Shevchenko means Inter must come out and score twice in the second half - surely they have to play better than in the first 45?

  • 49'

    And the half-time whistle blows

  • 48'

    There's handbags between Recoba and Costacurta, and the referee again has to calm things down

  • 47'

    Shevchenko brilliantly lifts the ball over the top of Toldo on the stretch and into the roof of the net. Finally, a goal!

  • 46'


  • 46'

    Seedorf plays a good ball in to Shevchenko just inside the box. He gets a bit of luck in getting past Cordoba, and Shevchenko only has Toldo to beat...

  • 46'

    Two minutes to be added on

  • 45'

    Rui Costa tries to find the top corner with a curler, but only finds the gloves of Toldo

  • 44'

    Rui Costa fires a hopeful effort over the bar from 20 yards - a rare shot in a dull game

  • 43'

    Conceicao, back on the pitch with a patched up thight, crosses from the right and Abbiati punches to safety

  • 42'

    Pirlo is the next to transgress, bringing down Emre, but no card this time

  • 41'

    French referee Veissiere has words with the two skippers to try and calm things down

  • 40'

    Now Zanetti goes to ground after Rui Costa's tackle from behind - and yet again the yellow card comes out

  • 39'

    The yellow card comes out, and it looks lke Di Biagio who's been booked - if that's correct he misses the final

  • 38'

    Crespo holds the ball up on th right flank, but Conceicao can't control when the pass is played inside

  • 37'

    Gattuso also enters the book for a word out of place to the referee

  • 36'

    Inzaghi chases a ball which is claimed by Toldo. Cordoba is angry at the Milan striker for something - and he persuades the referee it is deserving of a yellow card. Didn't seem to be much there

  • 35'

    Costacurta again delivers into the box, but can only fnid the gloves of Toldo

  • 34'

    Costacurta gets in a cross from the right and it's a good one for Inzaghi - then the striker slips at the vital moment and can't control the ball

  • 33'

    Still no sign of a goal, surely one goal is likely to settle this tie

  • 32'

    Conceicao and Gattuso go in hard for the ball, and the Inter man is caught by the studs of Gattuso. He needs a bit of treatment

  • 31'

    Shevchenko gives Seedorf an angry stare after the Dutchman played a woeful ball to him. Wasteful

  • 30'

    Prilo finds space on the left, looks up into the box and delivers towards Shevchenko at the far post. Materazzi heads clear - Shevchenko wants a penalty for shirt pulling, but the decision goes the other way

  • 29'

    Conceicao does well to get past Kaladze into the box, but he fools himself with his own footwork and trips over the ball

  • 28'

    Zanetti tries to find the run of Recoba only for Nesta to get across brilliantly to make the tackle

  • 27'

    Emre does well on the left but sees his cross cleared by Maldini

  • 26'

    ...the ball whistles past the post as Shevchenko shot across the face of goal. So close to the first goal in the tie

  • 25'

    A fine ball over the top finds Shevchenko in space in the box. The Ukraine striker hits the shot first time...

  • 24'

    Toldo took a knock to the face from the boot of Cordoba as the price for his bravery, but he looks okay

  • 23'

    Shevchanko flicks the ball on to Inzaghi but Toldo comes out brilliantly to punch away

  • 22'

    ...Crespo misses the ball with his right-footed shot, it hits his standing leg and Inter can clear. A chance goes begging

  • 21'

    Conceicao plays a nice cross into the box from the right, Maldini misses the header and it falls to Crespo...

  • 20'

    Zanetti gives the ball away to Rui Costa, the Milan midfielder has options to his left but he takes too long. The Inter defence push him out to the wing and the move breaks down

  • 19'

    An uninspiring match so far. To be expected, maybe.

  • 18'

    Seedorf plays a ball through to Inzaghi in the box, the striker looks to be clear before the linesman's flag goes up for offside

  • 17'

    Conceicao tries a chipped ball into the box but it doen't get past the head of Maldini

  • 16'

    Emre takes a knock going up for a header with Gattuso, but he looks okay to continue

  • 15'

    ...Crespo's effort lacks power and is straight into the arms of Abbiati in the Milan goal

  • 14'

    Materazzi plays a superb, long, crossfield ball to Crespo. It lands perfectly for the first-time shot...

  • 13'

    Milan are in control of the game at the moment, Inter struggling to get hold of the ball

  • 12'

    ...but Gattuso's effort is wild and flies high over the bar for a goal-kick

  • 11'

    Shevchenko makes progress down the left and jinks left and right on the edge of the box. He spots Gattuso and plays the square ball to the former Rangers man...

  • 10'

    Conceicao tries to feed in Crespo through the middle but the pass is poor and Maldini intercepts

  • 9'

    Gattuso and Di Biagio have strong words after the latter player is late on the Milan player, the referee has to step in and calm things down

  • 8'

    Pirlo tries the shot from around 30 yards but fires well over the bar

  • 7'

    Shevchenko goes down clutching his head after going up for a ball with Cannavaro. Free-kick to Inter

  • 6'

    Corner to Inter after good work by Conceicao. There's some jostling in the box, but the ball into the area is poor anyway and Milan clear with ease

  • 5'

    Zanetti is caught late by Seedorf, free-kick again

  • 4'

    Shevchenko bursts into the area from the right and wins a corner off Zanetti. Cannavaro is pushed as the ball comes across and it's a free-kick

  • 3'

    Cordoba puts the ball behind for a corner. And Toldo has the fist to safety after the cross from the left

  • 2'

    Shevchenko gets in a cross from the left but Cannavaro is there to head clear

  • 1'

    Inter get us started in the San Siro


    Any chance of a goal? All the action from Inter's 'home' leg after the 0-0 draw last week - kicking off at 19.45 UK time.