English FA Cup

March 25, 2003



1 - 3


English FA Cup

19:45 +00:00, March 25, 2003

Stamford Bridge, England

Referee: D Elleray


  • 93'

    Another gutsy display from the holders to go with Sunday's win over Everton. A repeat of last year's Double very much still on

  • 93'

    And that's that. The Gunners go through to a semi-final against Sheffield United. 3-1 the final score

  • 92'

    Great double save from Taylor - first a parry from Hasselbaink's drive before a point-blank block to deny Gudjohnsen with the follow-up

  • 91'

    Toure crowds Zola out as the Italian looks for a sight of goal

  • 90'

    Three minutes to be added

  • 90'

    Into the last-minute and Gudjohnsen loses out as he tries to skip in from the left flank. Arsenal break though Edu but little support upfield.

  • 89'

    Vieira and Edu block as Gronkjaer cuts in from the right to hit left-footed

  • 88'

    The Gunners break forward where Henry wins a corner. Played back to Edu but Chelsea close in quickly

  • 87'

    Played short again. Arsenal half clear but Zola can cross for Gallas to head straight across the six-yard box from the far post

  • 86'

    Hasselbaink takes aim from the corner of the box. Blocked by Lauren for a corner

  • 85'

    The Icelander almost makes amends by finding space to shoot after Gronkjaer's run down the right. Taylor gets down to save well though

  • 84'

    Gudjohnsen is wild with a free header after Lampard's lofted ball into the box

  • 83'

    Sloppy, sloppy stuff from Chelsea at the back - just as Terry had restored hope with that header

  • 82'

    Parlour waits for support on the right. It's Lauren driving forward, cutting inside Zenden and hammering left-footed past Cudicini at the near post. 3-1!

  • 80'

    Gallas looked suspiciously offside there - but no matter for the Blues and their jubilant supporters. Now Lauren is yellow-carded for time-wasting with a throw

  • 79'

    Played short for Zola. Hasselbaink comes inside to cross and Terry stoops to head past Taylor as Arsenal pull out looking for offside. It's 2-1

  • 78'

    Pinball in the Arsenal six-yard box as Van Bronckhorst fails to deal with a high ball. Off Campbell and out for a corner

  • 77'

    Gudjohnsen fails to control after Zola's sublime ball over the top catches Campbell and Cygan out of position. Taylor collects gratefully

  • 76'

    Campbell uses his considerable bulk to muscle Lampard out as the Chelsea man bursts into the box

  • 74'

    Double change for Arsenal as Henry and Ljungberg replace Wiltord and Pires. Not a bad pair to bring on...

  • 73'

    Arsenal, in ten-man mode, sit back as Chelsea probe left and right. Van Bronckhorst blocks a Gronkjaer cross

  • 70'

    Hasselbaink hacks down Van Bronckhorst as the Arsenal sub tries to shield the ball out of play for a goalkick. Freekick to the Gunners and more time off the clock

  • 69'

    Misunderstanding between Taylor and Campbell as the England centre-half clears behind. But Arsenal can head the corner clear from the near post

  • 68'

    Looks like Toure is moving into midfield as Van Bronckhorst settles in

  • 67'

    Van Bronckhorst is on immediately as Jeffers is sacrificed. Zenden hits the freekick, but again well off target

  • 66'

    Edu's poor ball puts Cygan in trouble. Hasselbaink bursts past only to be hauled down... it's a second yellow card for Cygan.

  • 65'

    Zenden takes aim from long range. It's in Row Z

  • 64'

    Zola pokes one through for Gudjohnsen on the inside left. He puts it past Taylor, but the offside flag is up. Very, very harsh

  • 64'

    Hasselabink, with back to goal, looks to lay-off for Gudjohnsen, but the substitute runs the wrong way

  • 63'

    Now it's Taylor's turn to hoof it away after Lauren's backpass. Arsenal trying to take the sting out of this game - to some degree of success at the moment

  • 62'

    Cudicini has to nudge the ball away from the onrushing Wiltord. Melchiot brings it clear

  • 61'

    Parlour's driven cross is too strong for everyone as Arsenal break again

  • 60'

    Jeffers caught offside as Pires breaks through the middle

  • 59'

    Here comes Gudjohnsen - it's Petit being replaced as Ranieri makes his final change. Gung-ho time for Chelsea

  • 58'

    Melchiot receives the throw-in, finding room to cross but only Zola is there. Parlour can head clear

  • 57'

    Cygan thunders across to halt another Gronkjaer raid

  • 56'

    Arsenal play a bit of keep-ball to the delight of their raucous travelling support

  • 55'

    Taylor rushes out to collect at Zola's feet. But his quick throw puts Parlour under pressure and the Gunners have to hurry it clear. Feverish stuff

  • 54'

    Campbell gets the first head to the freekick before Arsenal break. Vieira the driving force upfield before Pires and Gronkjaer clash after a freekick against the French winger. Handbags but not much more

  • 53'

    Toure escapes without a booking after bringing Petit down wide out

  • 52'

    Zola threads a ball down the inside right for Hasselbaink, but Cygan's across to intervene before he trips under the former Leeds forward's challenge

  • 51'

    Taylor scoops up a low shot from Lampard. Arsenal under the cosh

  • 50'

    The Dutch striker takes aim, winning a corner off Cygan. Chelsea play it short but the cross is too long for Melchiot

  • 49'

    Campbell's strong header clears the danger as Hasselbaink rises for Le Saux's ball.

  • 48'

    Hasselbaink takes aim from 25 yards - a powerful strike but rising high and wide

  • 47'

    Taylor's up to punch the corner but Chelsea keep up the pressure

  • 47'

    Arsenal half clear allowing Petit to make an acrobatic strike - shovelled wide by keeper Taylor

  • 47'

    Gronkjaer takes on Toure, unfamiliar at left back - Chelsea freekick wide out

  • 46'

    Zenden replaces Morris for Ranieri's second change as Arsenal, unchanged, restart the game

  • 45'

    And that's it for a rough-and-tumble opening half, in which a makeshift Arsenal have still shown their quality on the break. 2-0 it is

  • 45'

    Toure stays deep as the rest of Arsenal's back four pull out, allowing Gronkjaer to swing at goal, but luckily for the visitors it's scuffed wide

  • 45'

    Two minutes to be added

  • 44'

    Now Petit overhits after Chelsea win a corner on the right

  • 43'

    Ref Elleray brings Petit and Jeffers together for cool-it talks after the Arsenal man reacts angrily to a full-blooded challenge from the Frenhcman. It's boiling point at the Bridge!

  • 42'

    Apologies for the break... a few gremlins in the machinery tonight

  • 35'

    Pires launches long after Jeffers tidies up following good defensive work from Edu, the Brazilian cutting out two crosses...

  • 35'

    On comes Gronkjaer to replace Stanic as Ranieri looks for a reshuffle

  • 34'

    Vieira surges through midfield, almost unopposed with runners left and right... the Frenchman picks out Wiltord who drills in an emphatic right-footer for the second goal. 2-0 Arsenal

  • 33'

    Hasselbaink's wild ball across field wastes a good Chelsea counter, sparked by Zola

  • 32'

    Terry blocks as Wiltord swings right-footed after Toure's ball inside from the left wing

  • 31'

    Cygan returns the favour on Hasselbaink at the other end - and he is booked on this occasion

  • 30'

    Pires takes on Stanic - no contest but the Arsenal man is hauled back. No second yellow card though.

  • 29'

    Le Saux's curling corner is overhit and Cygan can watch it roll out on the far side

  • 28'

    Hasselbaink smacks it from 25 yards and Taylor palms over brilliantly as the ball deflects off Pires' head

  • 27'

    Freekick against Parlour as Lampard threatens to burst through the middle

  • 26'

    Vieira's back in his own area now, cutting out a low Zola cross

  • 25'

    Tough on the Chelsea defender but the Blues were badly exposed on the break there

  • 24'

    Little matter as Arsenal surge forward through Wiltord, who feeds Vieira overlapping on the right. A thunderous low cross-shot from the Arsenal captain and it's past Cudicini off the boot of Terry. 1-0 Arsenal!

  • 23'

    Edu stops running as Pires' neat ball runs into empty space. Curious and wasteful

  • 22'

    From the throw, Toure's header drops for Gallas to swing. A ricochet before Lampard is able to control and strike, bringing the first real save from either keeper - the Arsenal man Taylor gathering low to his left at the second attempt

  • 21'

    Cygan gets across to prevent Hasselbaink latching onto Lampard's ball over the top.

  • 20'

    Terry clears Wiltord's cross after strong running from Pires down the the Arsenal left

  • 19'

    Gallas gallops forward down the inside left, looking for Lampard but Edu is back to intercept

  • 19'

    Chelsea work the freekick to Stanic, whose long ball almost reaches Le Saux arriving late but Lauren is back to tidy up

  • 18'

    Edu furious as he is penalised for tripping Zola, who didn't need much to bring him down...

  • 17'

    Great ball from Le Saux but Stanic miscontrols. Chelsea build from a throw-in but Cygan intervenes - Arsenal break but Stanic goes in studs-up on Wiltord. Yellow card

  • 15'

    Home appeals for a corner as Parlour arrives to rob Zola near the corner flag. Nothing given and the Gunners play it out under fierce Blues pressure before Jeffers is caught offside with the long ball

  • 13'

    Freekick to Arsenal and the skipper stays down for treatment which gives his teammate some respite

  • 12'

    Hasselbaink flicks on after Terry header at the far post. Vieira rises to head clear but Stanic's challenge brings him crashing to the floor

  • 12'

    Edu stumbles under Melchiot's challenge and Toure is called into emergency action. Chelsea throw which is quickly converted into a corner by another Toure header

  • 11'

    Parlour bursts in from the right but his final ball is neither a cross nor a shot and Cudicini can watch it drift wide of goal

  • 10'

    Le Saux hits long for Hasselbaink but keeper Taylor is out to collect. Chelsea making the early running tonight

  • 9'

    This one's lofted to the far post but Terry can get only minimal contact on the header and the ball rolls out of play. Goalkick

  • 9'

    Now Lampard arrives in support of Zola again, 35 yards. In crashes Parlour though - freekick

  • 8'

    Le Saux takes and Hasselbaink fluffs a free header six yards out - straight into the turf before bouncing high and wide. A great chance

  • 7'

    Zola finds Lampard in the box and Toure is hurried into conceding a corner...

  • 6'

    Now Edu brings Petit down wide out. Cygan has to concede a throw as the freekick goes long up the Chelsea right

  • 5'

    Lampard loses out under pressure. Arsenal break through Pires but the Frenchman's ball forward is way too strong for Jeffers

  • 4'

    Petit crashes in on his old mate Vieira. Arsenal freekick in midfield but the Blues are soon back in possession

  • 3'

    A tremendous racket ringing around the Bridge tonight... Melchiot halts Toure surge down the Arsenal left before Cudicini hoofs clear

  • 2'

    Morris drives the ball into the box but Cygan intervenes and Edu can bring it away

  • 2'

    This one's into the box where Parlour swivels to hook the ball clear

  • 1'

    As Chelsea force a succession of throws down their right...

  • 1'

    Edu cuts out Mechiot's attempted long ball

  • 1'

    Everyone's favourite referee David Elleray blows and it's game on at Stamford Bridge


    Gilberto Silva is dropped as Henry, Bergkamp, van Bronckhorst and Ljungberg all sit on the bench for Arsenal. Chelsea go with a back three of Gallas, Melchiot and Terry with five in midfield. Click on 'Match Stats' for the full line-ups


    It's a battle royal at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea aim to end Arsenal's hopes of winning the double for a second consecutive season. Join us for live commentary from 19.45 GMT