UEFA Champions League

October 30, 2002


Borussia Dortmund

2 - 1


Group A

19:45 +00:00, October 30, 2002

Westfalenstadion, Dortmund, Germany

  • 90'

    Lehmann swoops on Henry's delivery... and that's it at the Westfalenstadion. Full-time and Arsenal go down to their fourth consecutive 2-1 defeat, but still progress to Phase Two along with the victorious hosts tonight

  • 90'

    Still time for another Arsenal attack - corner on the right. Reuter half clears, Toure swings a shot - deflected behind...

  • 90'

    Seaman out again to collect

  • 90'

    Final throw of the dice from Campbell, launching the ball long for Henry. Worns intercepts though and Dortmund work it to Dede on the far side. Corner

  • 90'

    Heinrich goes down on the right. Freekick swung in by Frings and Seaman is out to claim two-handed

  • 90'

    Toure loses control - Dortmund throw on the right. Four minutes to be added.

  • 89'

    Sammer looks to waste a few more seconds in bringing on defender Madouni, replacing the outstanding Rosicky

  • 88'

    Miscontrol by Metzelder and Ljungberg is there again. This time he finds Henry in the area, but the shot is pulled wide

  • 87'

    Now Kanu finds Henry, speeding down the left. Ljungberg makes a trademark run into the box, but his team-mate's cross is poor (another left-footer)

  • 86'

    Kanu causes trouble in the air. The ball ricochets off Dede and Ljungberg is lurking in the box - but the loose ball just slides beyond his reach. Lehmann swoops

  • 85'

    Heinrich replaces Ricken

  • 84'

    Toure surges forward, finding Cole overlapping, but the fullback's cross loops beyond the crossbar to safety

  • 83'

    Frings taps back for his keeper to hoof clear

  • 82'

    Lehmann clears under pressure from Henry. Ljungberg picks up the clearance and Dede tracks back to concede the throw

  • 81'

    Edu replaces compatriot Gilberto in Wenger's last substitution

  • 80'

    Henry takes. Kanu's at the near post - heading just wide with Lehmann stationary

  • 79'

    The Nigerian immeadiately finds Gilberto wide on the right and Arsenal win a corner

  • 78'

    Wiltord leaves the field, replaced by Kanu

  • 77'

    Reuter lunges at Ljungberg. Referee Gonzalez plays advantage, but none accrues and the yellow card is eventually flourished

  • 76'

    Cole goes down awkwardly in a 50-50 challenge with Ricken. Not too serious though, and the England fullback is soon back on after some attention

  • 75'

    Evanilson gives it away - Henry seizes the chance to burst forward but his left-footed cross floats harmlessly into Lehmann's hands

  • 74'

    Frings, seekign revenge, hammers the freekick straight at the Arsenal wall and the Gunners clear

  • 73'

    Rosicky overhits it, but Dortmund conjure a shooting chance for Reuter, 20 yards out. A great block by Vieira, who then follows up with his studs showing on Frings. It's getting a little tetchy

  • 72'

    Cole has to be sharp again as Dede's cross reaches Rosicky at the far post. Corner

  • 70'

    Reuter's first contribution is an overhit ball for Evanilson. Cole hurls the throw down the wing, where Vieira seems to take a little dig at Frings, but nothing much comes of it

  • 69'

    And the wunderkind Kehl comes off - like for like

  • 68'

    Meanwhile, veteran Stefan Reuter is readying himself for action. Sammer looking to 'lock up' perhaps

  • 67'

    It is Pires, who's hardly featured tonight

  • 66'

    Evanilson slides in to deny Wiltord bursting down the Arsenal left. Toure prepares to come on - Pires the likely candidate for replacement

  • 65'

    Frings looks for Ewerthon in the box, but the Brazilian is offside

  • 64'

    Arsenal sparked into life. Henry rises for Wiltord's cross, but doesn't get enough on the header. Lehmann collects

  • 62'

    Rosicky sends into the bottom corner. 2-1 Dortmund

  • 61'

    Now Koller is clean through, past Cygan, and nudging it past Seaman to draw the inevitable foul from the keeper. A huge salmon-leap dive, but it's a penalty

  • 60'

    Back to real life and Dortmund continue to dominate possession. Henry bursts away though - one-on-one but he delays and Frings slides in for the tackle

  • 59'

    The home crowd delighted with that moment of class from the old Germany maestro

  • 58'

    Cygan hoofs clear and Sammer, standing in his coach's 'alotment', lets the ball drop over his shoulder before delivering a perfect backheeled volley. That's the way to do it!

  • 57'

    Kehl, Rosicky and Frings knocking it about neatly in midfield. Then Dede finds Ewerthon, but Cole scrambles back to deny him a shooting chance

  • 56'

    Wiltord looks forlorn as Dede closes him down wide out. Now a foul against Ljungberg

  • 54'

    First real threat from Arsenal this half as Henry feeds Ljungberg, overlapping on the right. The Swedish ace lines up a chip, but slices it badly wide

  • 53'

    PSV two goals up on Auxerre now - both these teams in the Westfalenstadion look to be going through tonight

  • 53'

    Now it's Dede's turn to cross from the left. You guessed it - Campbell rises imperiously

  • 52'

    Again Campbell rises to beat the giant Czech. Wiltord is wasteful though and Dortmund build again

  • 51'

    Campbell nods away from Koller and Cole clears

  • 49'

    Pires, largely anonymous so far, gets muscled out of it. Dortmund move it for Ricken on the right -Lauren rises to head at the far post, Dede and Campbell tussle for the loose ball but Arsenal clear

  • 48'

    Worns has to clear under pressure from Henry. Arsenal pick it up, Vieira surging forward but the ref blows against the Frenchman at the edge of the box. Foul on Metzelder

  • 47'

    Campbell steps in as Koller looks to find Rosicky bursting down the inside right

  • 47'

    Koller wins the aerial ball from deep, but Frings is wasteful with the knockdown, failing to find Ewerthon

  • 46'

    The Gunners restart, and they will need to keep more possession in the second half if they are to reverse the losing trend of the last three games

  • 46'

    No changes at the break, although Gilberto has been credited with the own-goal for the equaliser, following his countryman Edu at the weekend

  • 45'

    One each at the break, although Dortmund could have scored three - Koller wasteful in particular. Not that Arsenal will be too concerned, with Auxerre struggling elsewhere tonight

  • 45'

    And the Spanish referee blows immediately for half-time

  • 45'

    Henry has a last dash - winning a corner on the left. The France star sends it deep to Wiltord on the far side. Sharp control and a spectacular drive, but Lehmann is equal to it

  • 45'

    One minute to be added as Dortmund settle on the ball again. Frings chips towards the box but Gilberto rises to head away

  • 44'

    Evanilson falls over himself trying to shield the ball in the corner. Vieira seizes on it, cutting the ball back to Wiltord, who sends a curling fight-footer beyond Lehmann's far post

  • 43'

    Great ball from Kehl with Ewerthon haring into space left by Cygan upfield. Cole gets back though

  • 42'

    No more than the German champions deserve after twice hitting the goalframe. Elsewhere PSV leading 1-0 over Auxerre, who are down to ten men.

  • 39'

    Almost an exact replay of Zola's goal against the Gunners at Stamford Bridge earlier this season. It took a slight touch off Gilberto's head but Seaman was stuck on his goalline again

  • 38'

    Foot up against Wiltord. Freekick dropped in by Rosicky and it seems to evade everyone before bouncing beyond Seaman into the Arsenal net. 1-1!

  • 36'

    Frings slides in to send Ewerthon clear on the inside left... the Brazilian tries to scoop it over the out-rushing Seaman but the ball loops comfortably over the bar

  • 36'

    Dede thunders forward, winning a throw on the left. Aimed for Koller but Arsenal clear for Henry to chase. Metzelder and Lehmann almost get in a muddle but finally clear

  • 35'

    Something of a lull in the play, as you can probably tell from this nondescript commentary. Referee Gonazelez decides Dortmund should have a freekick.

  • 34'

    The Gunners intercept but Cole's control is poor. Dortmund take it on again

  • 33'

    Arsenal sitting deep, content to watch Dortmund play it around halfway

  • 31'

    Dede lines up the free-kick but lifts it high over the bar from 23 yards or so

  • 30'

    Clumsy Cygan brings down Koller as the giant striker tries to turn outside the box.

  • 29'

    Neat passing from the home side, Kehl involved twice - but Cole is back to shield the through-ball intended for Ricken

  • 28'

    Vieira seizes on a loose pass in midfield. Ljungberg takes it on at pace and - at even greater pace - Vieira overlaps to strike with the outside of his right boot. Lehmannn thankful to see it flash wide

  • 26'

    Jinking run from Henry on the left. Somehow he finds space to cross - but too close to Lehmann

  • 25'

    Cygan rises to head with Ewerthon lurking dangerously. Dortmund rebuild and Ricken cuts inside to hook a right-footed drive just wide of goal. Seaman was well-placed though

  • 25'

    Worns rises in the box but the ball's just too high for him and his header spoons over the bar

  • 24'

    Rosicky buzzes at the feet of Campbell. Cygan flies in and it's another freekick.

  • 22'

    Tapped to Koller who thumps it unconvincingly against the wall. Arsenal clear

  • 21'

    A time-honoured chrorus of 'You're not singing' goes up from the travelling Gooners. Meanwhile Cygan wrestles Koller to the floor. Dortmund's chance to take aim...

  • 20'

    Dortmund coach Matthias Sammer furious with the freekick. Kehl's tackle wasn't the worst seen this season and Ljungberg seemed to make the most of it... superb strike by Henry though.

  • 18'

    Henry swings and Lehmann is rooted to the spot as the ball flies into the net to his right. 1-0 Arsenal

  • 18'

    Ljungberg goes down under pressure - freekick 25 yards out.

  • 17'

    Seaman, sporting an alleged haircut (although no discernable loss of ponytail), collects at the edge of his area after Ewerthon's touch lets him down

  • 15'

    Ricken bursts into the box from the right wing and Cole slides in. Screams for a penalty from the crowd but referee Gonzalez is unmoved

  • 14'

    Dede waltzes past Lauren on the flank. A perfect cross and this time Koller heads against the post from point-blank range. Arsenal's second close shave

  • 12'

    Straight upfield go Arsenal but Henry is outnumbered

  • 12'

    Ricken stabs a neat ball through for Rosicky. Seaman has to be sharp for a low right-footer and gathers at the second attempt

  • 11'

    Now Ljungberg crosses. Pires is at the far post but Lehmann rises to collect

  • 10'

    Henry whacks it again - out for a Dortmund throw this time. Arsenal press hard and Wiltord gets the chance to cross from the right flank, but not one red shirt in the box

  • 9'

    Ljungberg gets caught late by Kehl after Gilberto wins a loose ball in midfield

  • 9'

    Overhit by Henry from the left. Straight out of play

  • 8'

    Now another burst from Henry in from the left. He gets to the byeline but the yellow shirts are back to force a corner...

  • 7'

    That said it looks like Henry is operating on his own up front with Wiltord staying wide

  • 7'

    Hopeful strike from Henry balloons over the top of the Dortmund goal. Wasteful

  • 6'

    Offside against Koller as Kehl crosses from deep

  • 5'

    Lauren surges forward, looking for a return ball from Henry on the edge of the box but the Frenchman's pass is too strong. Goal kick

  • 4'

    Vieira finds Pires on the left. Henry picks it up, shimmies forward but crosses weakly into the hands of Lehmann

  • 4'

    Foul by Kehl in midfield and Arsenal get a chance to catch their breath

  • 3'

    Cygan and Campbell were miles apart for Dede's through ball - and Wenger's men escape a disastrous start

  • 2'

    The Gunners immediately torn to pieces... Ricken races through in acres of space but pushes his shot against Seaman's right post

  • 1'

    And the German side kick off


    Christoph Metzelder closely resembling Hannibal Lecter tonight, sporting a mask to protect his recently boken nose... Meanwhile, Pires and Vieira are back for Arsenal.


    Can the Gunners stop the rot in Dortmund? LIve commentary here from 19.45 GMT