UEFA Champions League

September 17, 2002



2 - 0

Borussia Dortmund

Group A

18:45 +00:00, September 17, 2002

Highbury, England

Referee: Anders Frisk

  • 93'

    The Gunners must now try and end their away day blues in Eindhoven next Wednesday. Tonight PSV finished goalless with Auxerre in France

  • 93'

    The perfect start to Arsenal's Champions League campaign, boosted by the scoring return of Ljungberg

  • 93'

    Dortmund clearly came here for the goalless draw, and once Bergkamp scored their plan were scuppered

  • 93'

    A competent display from Arsenal, although not looking convincing they were never under pressure either

  • 93'

    And there goes the final whistle

  • 92'

    Evanilson plays a long ball over the top to Kohler, but the flag goes up for backing in by the big forward

  • 91'

    Toure does superby on the left, and it takes three defenders to end his fine skillful run

  • 90'

    Arsenal now seem happy with the 2-0 scoreline - and that will present their first clean sheet in the Champions League for two years

  • 89'

    Kolo Toure comes on in place of Sylvain Wiltord

  • 88'

    Heinrich's cross from the right is met by Reina, who play the ball back across goal. Vieira is forced to knock the ball behind. A fine cross from Heinrich that deserved better

  • 87'

    Evanilson controls and takes a shot from 25 yards, but Seaman gets down well, low to his right, to save. Dortmund's first shot on target in the game

  • 86'

    A second change for Arsenal. Pascal Cygan comes on to replace Freddie Ljungberg - a fine to action return for him

  • 85'

    The third corner is followed by fourth in succession. This time Frings slides the ball to Dede on the edge of the box, but his shot is way over the bar

  • 84'

    Frings again takes the kick and this time Gilberto heads it behind

  • 83'

    Frings floats in the corner from the left and Vieira heads the ball behind

  • 82'

    Mistake by Cole gives Evanilson the chance to cross, and Lauren is forced to head the ball behind

  • 81'

    Kohler is caught very late by Campbell. Free-kick to Dortmund 30-yards out. Frings shoots, but his effort flies way over the bar

  • 80'

    A fine move, starting with Seaman and finishing with Ljungberg. The Swede rounded Lehmann before cooly slotting the ball home. All wrapped up for the Gunners

  • 79'


  • 78'

    ...Wiltord's square ball finds Henry, and his first time, cushioned pass sets Ljungberg through...

  • 77'

    Another sweeping move by Arsenal. Seaman's long throw finds Wiltord and the Frenchman sprints forward...

  • 76'

    ...but Henry can only fire wide of the post, it should have been 2-0 there

  • 75'

    A slick move from Arsenal as Vieira feeds Wiltord in down the right. Wiltord plays the first time ball in to Henry...

  • 74'

    It's sub central at the moment - Dortmund bring on Heiko Herrlich for Juan Ramon Fernandez

  • 73'

    Now a substitution by Arsenal. Bisan Lauren comes on for Oleg Luzhny

  • 72'

    Change for Dortmund. Guiseppe Reina replaces Ewerthon

  • 71'

    ...but Ljungberg's effort goes inches wide of the post. Maybe he should have squared the ball to the on-rushing Henry

  • 70'

    Ljungberg finds himself clear on the right after a fine through-ball from Bergkamp. Ljungberg breaks into the box and fires in a shot from an angle...

  • 70'

    Still 1-0 to Arsenal at Highbury

  • 69'

    Kohler returns to the action after treatment on a cut to his eye

  • 68'

    Bergkamp tries to find the run of Henry with a slide-rule pass, before Metzelder's desperate tackle takes the ball away from the Arsenal forward

  • 67'

    Henry and Bergkamp combine to set up Ljungberg, but the Swede's shot lacks any real power. No trouble

  • 66'

    Kohler and Campbell go up for a header in the box, and there's a clash of heads. The German forward has to go to the touchline for treatment

  • 65'

    Luzhny catches Evanilson with a clumsy high boot, and the Dortmund defender needs treatment

  • 64'

    Bergkamp's shot may have taken a slight deflection, but it matters not. Now can the Gunners go and make this a convincing victory?

  • 63'

    Ljungberg moved out the way, enabling Bergkamp to turn and fire a shot into the top of the net from the edge of the box. 1-0 to the Arsenal

  • 62'


  • 61'

    Gilberto Silva collects the ball off Wiltord and plays the return ball. Wiltord then slides the ball to Ljungberg, but he leaves the ball for Bergkamp...

  • 60'

    The early promise Arsenal showed at the beginning of the half is now a dim and distant memory. Arsene Wenger surely needs to change things around

  • 59'

    Ewerthon breaks forward against Campbell, and manages to get the cross in from the touchline. It's a poor effort, however, and hits the sidenetting

  • 58'

    Wiltord slides the ball down the right flank to Henry, and again the flag goes up for offside. Henry argues the call, but it was a correct one

  • 57'

    Ljugberg is caught very late by Evanilson. Once again referee Frisk surprisingly doesn't produce a card

  • 56'

    Ljungberg sees Henry peeling away through the centre and tries to pick him out, but again the flag goes up for offside - once again to the disgust of Henry

  • 55'

    Henry strikes, but his curling effort is always going over the top of the bar

  • 54'

    Henry heads the ball on to Ljungberg. The Swede reaces onto the ball but Metzelder gets there first and shoves Ljungberg out of the way. Free-kick right on the edge of the penalty area in a central position

  • 53'

    ...but Evanilson gets his first time shot all wrong, the ball finishing nearer to Row Z than the goal

  • 52'

    Dortmund's chance to come forward now. Kohle crosses in but Keown gets there first to head clear. The ball falls to Evanilson on the edge of the box...

  • 51'

    Metzelder is pushed to the floor by Bergkamp, free-kick

  • 50'

    Neat play provides Luzhny to cross from the right touchline, but his flighted effort it too strong and goes over the head of Bergkamp

  • 49'

    But the linesman's flag goes up for offside, and Henry jubilantion is cut short. The score remains at 0-0

  • 48'

    Giberto sees Henry make a run through the centre and plays a sublime ball through the centre. Henry moves in on goal and tucks the ball into the corner of the net

  • 47'

    Vieira is caught late by Frings, and Arsenal get the decision

  • 46'

    Arsenal get us underway after the break, no substitutions made

  • 45'

    Arsene Wenger will need to change something here, or the Gunners will have to find another gear, against a resolute German back-line

  • 45'

    Henry had a shot from distance saved while Wiltord found him through on goal until Lehmann intercepted. Dortmund have been restricted to long shots

  • 45'

    It's been a dour first half with very little in the way of goal-mouth action

  • 45'

    No injury time, so there goes the half-time whistle

  • 45'

    Wiltord takes a shot but hits Metzelder. The ball falls to Ljungberg, and his first time effort is straight into the arms of Lehmann

  • 44'

    Chance to get the ball into the box as Wiltord is clipped, but Arsenal take the kick short instead of putting it in the mixer

  • 43'

    Gilberto is caught late by Fernandez, free-kick to Arsenal this time

  • 42'

    It will be interesting to see how long Ljungerg will last, he's only had only friendly game before tonight

  • 41'

    It's largely been a poor first half from Arsenal, the Gunners struggling make an impact against a stubborn German defence

  • 40'

    Cole trips Kehl in the centre circle, and the England defender is lucky to escape without a card

  • 39'

    ...and Fernandez's shot goes inches wide of the left pose. Again Dortmund go close from distance

  • 38'

    Fernandez takes control of the ball on his left boot, setting it up for the shot on his right. He let's fly from just outside the box...

  • 37'

    Henry tries to play Ljunberg in through the centre, but Lehmann is able to come out and make the claim ahead of the Swede

  • 36'

    Heinrich gets the better of Cole down the right and crosses low in to Fernandez, but Luzhny gets in brilliantly to intercept - a vital tackle

  • 35'

    This is better from Arsenal now. Bergkamp has the ball as four red shirts burst forward in support. Bergkamp takes on the shot and the ball flies over the bar

  • 34'

    ...but Lehmann gets out very quickly to force Wiltord to rush his shot, and the goalkeeper makes the save

  • 34'

    Henry moves forward with purpose and spots Wiltord free in the area. Henry picks out the pass and Wiltord moves in on goal...

  • 33'

    Heinrich and Kohler have words after a misplaced pass, Dortmund look at odds with each other

  • 32'

    Ewerthon is pulled back by Gilberto. Free-kick

  • 31'

    It's been a disappointing half so far. Not much atmosphere in Highbury tonight, and very little to shout about

  • 30'

    Dede tries a shot from the left of the box. It ends up looking more like a cross as his powerful effort flies wide of the goal

  • 29'

    Arsenal come forward again and Bergkamp again feeds in Henry. This time Henry takes the shot first time, but gets is all wrong and the ball slices off his boot into the stand

  • 28'

    ...Lehmann makes a fine save down low to his right as the ball seemed destined for the corner of the net. Metzelder gets in before Wiltord to hack the ball away

  • 27'

    Henry comes forward and the Dortmund defence stands off, unwilling to make the challenge. It gives Henry the chance to strike from 20 yards...

  • 26'

    Henry picks up a knock to his knee and needs treatment, but he's okay to continue

  • 25'

    Bergkmap does expertly to hold off Kehl, He twists and turns and crosses into the box, but the ball is headed away

  • 24'

    Kehl makes a poor, lunging tackle from behind on Ljungberg. Another free-kick to Arsenal

  • 23'

    Kohler and Vieira tangle on the edge of the box, but this time the free-kick goes to Arsene Wenger's men

  • 22'

    The ball is moved slightly to set up Dede, and the shot flies agonisingly wide of the left hand post. So close to the opening goal

  • 21'

    Frings is felled by Vieira about 30 yards from goal. Dortmunds first real chance of the game

  • 20'

    Kohler flicks the ball on Fernandez, who looks to cross into the centre of the box but Campbell gets back well to clear

  • 19'

    Fernandez is caught late by Luzhny, and is lucky to escape a yellow card

  • 18'

    Ljungberg tries a shot from 25 yards, but gets it wrong and Lehmann is able to watch the ball run out of play

  • 18'

    Ferdnandez looks for Kohler on the penalty spot, but his cross isn't good enough and Cole heads clear

  • 17'

    Ewerthon pressures Cole on the left and wins the throw as Dortmund look to get into the game a bit more

  • 16'

    Henry strikes the free-kick but fails to clear the wall, and the chance is gone

  • 15'

    Yellow card for Dede as he send Wiltord crashing to the floor just outside the area. Dangerous free-kick for the Gunners, edge of the D

  • 14'

    Luzhny's ball to Wiltord on the right flank is poor and the throw goes to Dortmund. The Frenchman could have been in down the line

  • 13'

    Metzelder shoves Bergkamp off the ball. Free-kick, taken short

  • 12'

    Henry and Wiltord link-up well to play in Ljungberg down the left, but the Swede's cross is easily headed away

  • 11'

    There's a bit of pushing between Ljungberg and goalkeeper Lehmann before the corner comes in, but in the end Henry's delivery is poor and Dortmund clear with ease

  • 10'

    Ljunbgerg swings in a cross from the left, and Madouni puts the ball behind for a corner

  • 9'

    Henry fouls Evanilson, free-kick to Dortmund

  • 8'

    Arsenal have been on top in the early exchanges, but have yet to create an opening

  • 7'

    Bergkamp slips the ball through to Wiltord in the box, but French defender Madouni intercepts to conceed the corner

  • 6'

    Henry shows supreme pace and skill down the left once again to beat two men, but the ball runs away from him and out for a goal-kick

  • 5'

    Wiltord tries to feed the ball to Henry through the legs of Metzelder, but fails to find his man and Heinrich clears

  • 4'

    Wiltord attempts to find Henry but his pass hits a defender. The ball breaks to Bergkamp, but his 25-yard effort is low and lacks power. Lehmann collects

  • 3'

    Ewerthon tries a shot from outside the box but fires way off target

  • 2'

    Henry tries to break past Metzelder on the left. The defender goes down and Henry claims a penalty for hand-ball, but referee Anders Frisk waves away the appeal

  • 1'

    Dormund get the game underway


    Fredrik Ljungberg is named in the Arsenal side for the first team this season, and Oleg Luzhny is preferred to Lauren against Dortmund


    Champions of England versus champions of Germany. All the Highbury action here from 19.45 BST