English FA Cup

May 4, 2002



2 - 0


English FA Cup

14:00 +00:00, May 4, 2002

Millennium Stadium, Wales

Referee: M Riley

  • 90'

    Great goals by Parlour and Ljungberg - and a wonderful moment for the Highbury club

  • 90'

    Vieira has the ball - and the final whistle goes! Arsenal have put last year's heartbreak behind them to win the FA Cup, and now stand on the brink of another double

  • 90'

    Frustration boils over for Chelsea's Gudjohnsen, who hacks down Parlour and gets a yellow card for his troubles

  • 90'

    Chelsea win a free-kick as Keown comes on for Wiltord. Both get a great ovation from Arsenal's supporters

  • 90'

    The Gunners fans are in full voice, and manager Wenger looks set to bring Martin Keown on for the dying seconds

  • 90'

    Three minutes of stoppage time to be played...

  • 90'

    We're into the final minute: Desailly is on the ball, but Kanu gets there and wins a throw-in for his side

  • 89'

    No - Zenden gets it clear, but goalscorer Parlour comes snapping in to make sure the Blues can't create any danger

  • 88'

    Kanu wins a corner for the Gunners - can they crown what will surely be victory with a late third?

  • 87'

    That looks beyond them as Zenden fails to keep the ball in and watches it drift away for an Arsenal goal-kick

  • 86'

    Substitute Zenden wants to keep things going - he wins another throw, but the minutes are ticking away and Chelsea need to do something exceptional

  • 85'

    It's crossed in and cleared as far as Lampard who shoots - wide

  • 84'

    Lauren does well to stop Gudjohnsen as he looks to cross, but Chelsea keep the ball...

  • 83'

    Maybe not - Gudjohnsen shoots and Seaman holds on at his far post

  • 83'

    Desailly comes charging forward in an effort to galvanise his side, but they look a spent force now

  • 82'

    Chelsea have a throw near the Gunners area - they can't make anything of it and have under ten minutes in which to mount an improbable rescue act

  • 81'

    A change for Arsenal - Kanu is coming on and Thierry Henry makes way

  • 80'

    The Gunners, however, do score seconds later - Ljungberg beats Terry to the ball and, from the corner of the area, curls home a magnificent shot. It's 2-0!

  • 79'

    Cole bursts through for Arsenal - he's crowded out and Henry smashes in a shot which Cudicini stops superbly. Parlour, on the follow-up, can only steer the ball high and wide

  • 78'

    Meanwhile, his side have looked shell-shocked since that goal went in and have failed to muster any sort of cohesive move since

  • 77'

    Melchiot goes off and Boudewijn Zenden comes on as Claudio Ranieri looks to add some more pace for the closing stages

  • 76'

    Thierry Henry and Chelsea's John Terry are booked after a brief flare-up

  • 75'

    Arsenal enjoying a spell of possession inside the Chelsea half: can they get the second goal that would surely put it beyond doubt?

  • 74'

    ...and from it, he wins a free-kick midway inside the Chelsea half

  • 73'

    Ljungberg chases down the left - he wins a throw...

  • 72'

    Gudjohnsen looks to be through after a Zola touch: until, that is, the offside flag stops him in his tracks

  • 71'

    Bergkamp is coming off and Edu comes on. Arsenal have just under 20 minutes separating them from victory and the first part of a possible double

  • 71'

    Cudicini couldn't keep it out - a truly great finish, but Chelsea will feel it's come against the run of play

  • 70'

    But it's the Gunners who take the lead in stunning style as Parlour runs from just inside the Chelsea half and curls home a stunning shot. 1-0 to the Arsenal!

  • 69'

    Arsenal try to craft an attack, but their short passing game just isn't working under Chelsea pressure

  • 68'

    He is - and it's Hasselbaink, an injury doubt before this game, who makes way for him

  • 67'

    Chelsea look to be preparing for a change, and Gianfranco Zola could soon be into the action

  • 66'

    Lampard's in well in midfield, and Gronkjaer's cross brings a Vieira clearance. Chelsea in the ascendancy here

  • 65'

    ...the move frees Wiltord inside the area, but he slashes his shot wide of the mark. A good chance goes begging

  • 64'

    Petit finds Gronkjaer again - Vieira tidies up well and Bergkamp leads a break...

  • 63'

    The flag-kick leads to a mad scramble, but in the end the referee blows his whistle for a free-kick to Arsenal

  • 62'

    Hasselbaink has a chance after Gronkjaer puts in more good work: Seaman fumbles the half-hit shot behind for a corner

  • 61'

    Gronkjaer swings in another quick cross - Seaman makes it to this one and holds on well

  • 60'

    Le Saux hits a shot over the top after good work by Gronkjaer - this is much better fare now

  • 59'

    It comes to nothing, but Arsenal's attempt to break away founders on a rare poor touch by Bergkamp

  • 58'

    Gudjohnsen, freed by Hasselbaink, fires in a dipping long-range curler - Seaman makes a superb stop to tip it over the top. Corner...

  • 57'

    Again, the delivery is disappointing - and in the end Henry trips over the ball as he tries to retrieve the situation

  • 56'

    Arsenal on the burst again with Ljungberg, Henry and Wiltord all involved in some sweeping passing. The end result is another corner...

  • 55'

    It's a bad one, easily cleared by Petit

  • 54'

    Arsenal get a free-kick for shirt-pulling by Terry: Ljungberg takes it on and wins a corner for the Gunners

  • 54'

    The Blues, though, fail to make the most of another crossing position and it's a goal-kick to Wenger's men

  • 53'

    Throw to Chelsea - Arsenal, all of a sudden, are struggling to string any passing together

  • 52'

    Then Hasselbaink nearly gets through: he'll settle for another corner...

  • 51'

    Melchiot crosses low - and disappointingly. Arsenal clear their lines comfortably enough

  • 51'

    Most of the best football in the opening stages of this half is coming from the Stamford Bridge team

  • 50'

    Lampard crosses low, and Arsenal are forced to hurry their clearance with Blues players closing in on the edge of the area

  • 49'

    Hasselbaink's in the picture again, hitting a bobbling long-ranger which poses no real dilemmas for Arsenal's number one

  • 48'

    Hasselbaink plays it in, and Seaman takes a commanding catch

  • 47'

    Brighter already, and another demonstration of Henry's skill and control. At the other end, Gudjohnsen does well to force a corner...

  • 47'

    Then Henry gets into the area, chasing a Vieira pass. He jinks away from his defender, but Cudicini makes a fine save from the low shot

  • 46'

    Henry chases an early pass forward and Terry, brought into the fray at half time, deals with it well

  • 45'

    Arsenal get us under way in the second half - can it get better than it was before the break?

  • 45'

    Chelsea will make a change, bringing John Terry on for Celestine Babayaro

  • 45'

    Lauren fires in a late cross - it's cleared, but that's also the cue for the half-time whistle. 0-0 and low key

  • 45'

    There will be one minute of added time - that's quite enough, thanks

  • 44'

    Time rapidly running out in what has been a low-key first half. Gudjohnsen looks to have a chance to break through until a questionable offside flag denies him

  • 43'

    Gronkjaer crosses low but behind the waiting Hasselbaink, and Chelsea fail to make the most of a good position

  • 42'

    Arsenal passing well - Wiltord involved - but it's going nowhere in particular. Campbell shoots from all of 35 yards, and it's waywardly wide of the mark

  • 41'

    All it brings is a Chelsea free-kick as Adams is adjudged to have pushed his marker

  • 40'

    At the other end, Bergkamp's on the prowl - he frees Lauren, whose cross deflects behind for a corner

  • 39'

    Hasselbaink tries to get on the end of a Le Saux cross, but he's penalised for pushing

  • 38'

    Excellent movement from Lauren - and he was so close to making the breakthrough

  • 37'

    Then Arsenal produce the best chance of the lot - Wiltord crosses to Lauren, whose seven-yard header is only fractionally over the bar

  • 36'

    Campbell intercepts as Hasselbaink looks for Gudjohnsen again - Chelsea the more purposeful side just at the moment

  • 35'

    Great play from Gudjohnsen, who strides purposefully forward from his own half and runs on to a cross from Le Saux. The effort is half-hit, however, and poses no problems for David Seaman

  • 34'

    They make little of it, and Henry pressures Desailly as the Blues carry the ball back towards their own area

  • 34'

    From it, they keep possession well until Ljungberg challenges Melchiot on the right and it's another free-kick

  • 33'

    Gudjohnsen's fouled in midfield: another free-kick to Claudio Ranieri's Chelsea

  • 32'

    Lampard crosses, but it's an aimless ball in and offers no threat

  • 31'

    Story of the first half in many ways - some promising attacking positions have come to nothing

  • 30'

    Le Saux swings it in and Arsenal get that one clear

  • 30'

    Nice play by Lampard gives Gronkjaer a crossing chance - he wins a free-kick for an obstruction by Cole. This could be dangerous...

  • 29'

    Wiltord makes a fine run down the right - he gives himself the chance to cross and wastes it by overhitting the ball

  • 28'

    Then Ashley Cole crosses for the Gunners - and an unchallenged Carlo Cudicini collects for the Blues

  • 27'

    Another Arsenal attack comes to nothing amid more strong defending from Chelsea

  • 26'

    Can Arsenal change that from a free-kick on the halfway line? Petit robs them, and Vieira clatters Gudjohnsen as Chelsea try to break. The Gunners man is booked

  • 25'

    More midfield scrapping, much of it aimless. It's been a disappointing game so far, without question

  • 25'

    Goal-kick to Chelsea - misplaced passing by Arsenal gifted the ball to the west London side

  • 24'

    Cole tussles with Melchiot on the left, and the Chelsea player wins out as the ball trickles over the touchline

  • 23'

    Then Hasselbaink tries to race through and Sol Campbell produces a well-timed challenge to halt him

  • 22'

    Good chance for Bergkamp - Vieira crosses and Bergkamp loops a header past Cudicini but just wide of the post

  • 21'

    Then Henry breaks through at the other end, and his low cross is dealt with by Desailly

  • 21'

    Petit nicks the ball in midfield and tries to float it through - that's far too long for Hasselbaink and easy for keeper Seaman

  • 20'

    Bergkamp had provided the pass... at the other end, Cole blocks well as Gronkjaer threatens down the right

  • 19'

    An offside flag thwarts Ljungberg, who for a second looks to be clean through on goal

  • 18'

    Good play from the Blues, who are beginning to string some decent passing together

  • 17'

    Another one - Lampard taking advantage of slack play from the Gunners and firing goalwards. Seaman, again, is in the right place

  • 17'

    At the other end, it's a shot(!). Le Saux, from distance, is the man responsible, but Seaman gets down to the ball well

  • 16'

    Parlour holds the ball well inside his own half. He turns, looks up - and produces an appalling forward pass to absolutely nobody at all

  • 15'

    Ljungberg crosses, and a couple of deflections have Chelsea worried before the ball is finally scraped clear

  • 15'

    ...Arsenal's most promising moment yet, in a game which hasn't exactly been full of them so far

  • 14'

    Arsenal on the ball - Henry gets into the area and pulls the ball back for Wiltord. Desailly blocks the 16-yard shot...

  • 13'

    Gudjohnsen is penalised for a foul on Adams as the pair tussle for a long pass forward

  • 12'

    Lampard's getting a few touches in midfield: Wiltord, though, is in the right place to stop Le Saux motoring down the left

  • 12'

    The first sign of a threat there from Chelsea's much-vaunted strike partnership

  • 11'

    Hasselbaink floats a pass towards Gudjohnsen, but David Seaman is there first for the Gunners

  • 10'

    Approval from the Chelsea fans behind the goal, who didn't think it should have been a corner in the first place

  • 10'

    Henry to take this - Adams challenges and the whistle goes for a foul on Melchiot

  • 9'

    Good strength by Ljungberg gives Wiltord the chance to take the ball down the left and win the game's first corner

  • 8'

    Lampard inside the Arsenal half - he's crowded out and Henry takes it on before being well challenged

  • 7'

    Cole runs into the area, but he's offside as Henry attempts to play the ball through. No real shape to the game as yet

  • 6'

    Chelsea on the ball - they give it away and Babayaro rescues them with a challenge on Wiltord

  • 5'

    Henry tries to take the ball wide, but overruns it and Chelsea have a throw inside their own half

  • 4'

    Arsenal get the ball forward, but Melchiot is calm. Gronkjaer takes it on and crosses, but Adams is there and clears coolly

  • 3'

    He's back on his feet - and looks furious about that challenge

  • 3'

    Arsenal have the free-kick, deep inside their own half. Lauren's getting treatment after that strong challenge

  • 2'

    A touch for Hasselbaink - an injury doubt before the game - and then Le Saux fouls Lauren and picks up a very early yellow card

  • 1'

    The Gunners have an early throw, but they can't make anything of it as Bergkamp and Henry try to get into dangerous territory


    We're under way - Chelsea are on the ball but Ljungberg is harrying them straight away


    Kick-off a matter of minutes away - and we'll be following every kick here


    Past FA Cup hero Roberto Di Matteo - his career cut short by injury - leads Chelsea onto the pitch, while Gunners boss Arsene Wenger fronts his team


    The players are making their way onto the pitch - the atmosphere, on a glorious day in Cardiff, is superb


    Part One of Arsenal's Double? Chelsea will have something to say about that. Join us for all the Cardiff action - kicking off at 15.00 BST