UEFA Champions League

March 20, 2002



1 - 0


Group D

19:45 +00:00, March 20, 2002

Delle Alpi, Italy

  • 94'

    Bayer Leverkusen's win in Spain made this game irrelevent. Meanwhile, Real Madrid and Panathinaikos progress from Group C

  • 94'

    It could have been so different had Arsenal beaten Deportivo at Highbury last week, but defeat in Turin leaves the Gunners with just the Premiership and the FA Cup to fight for

  • 94'

    And there goes the final whistle. Both sides are eliminated here, and in truth Arsenal's away form has cost them dear

  • 94'

    ...but Seaman gets down very well to knock the ball behind

  • 94'

    Davids plays a cross-field ball to Maresca. It's brilliant runs as he beats three defenders and drives the ball in from a tight angle...

  • 94'

    Zenoni shows his pace on the right, it's a great run. There's two men waiting in the box but Dixon does well to block the cross

  • 93'

    Pires takes it again from the left, but Carini comes out with confidence and punches the ball well clear

  • 92'

    Henry takes it and the ball hits Kanu without him knowing much about it, but Arsenal still win the corner

  • 92'

    Now Pires is pushed over by Birindelli. Free-kick on the left-hand edge of the box

  • 91'

    Ljungberg is dragged back by Pessotto - and the Juve man is booked for his troubles

  • 90'

    Four minutes to be added

  • 90'

    ...but Wiltord gets it all wrong and Carini catches the ball

  • 90'

    Pires floats the ball in but it's headed clear. The ball comes back to Wiltord on the right and his tries to bend the ball into the corner...

  • 89'

    Ljungberg switches to the left and looks to play the ball into the box. He can only hit a defender and it's a corner

  • 88'

    Another goal in Spain, but it goes to Bayer Leverkusen through Oliver Neuville. 3-1 to the German side and that really is it for Arsenal

  • 87'

    ...but he does 'an Henry' and the ball just slips past the post

  • 87'

    Juve come forward on the break. Zalayeta holds off Dixon with great strength to burst into the box. He unleashes a low drive...

  • 86'

    Pires tries the direct shot, but there are too many defenders and the ball was never going to get through

  • 86'

    Henry twists and turns in the top right-hand corner of the pitch and is eventually brought down right on the edge of the box

  • 85'

    Maresca has the ball mid-way inside the Arsenal half. He sees Seaman off his line and trues the lob... but the ball comes back with snow on it

  • 84'

    ...but again Henry fails to test Carini as he fires wide. It's not the Frenchman's night

  • 83'

    It's all Arsenal now. Henry finds himself in space in the box once more, another chance to find the net...

  • 83'

    Substitution for Arsenal. Ashley Cole comes on for Lauren

  • 82'

    ...but Carini gets a great hand to the bal to push the ball wide. Fine save but another great chance goes begging

  • 81'

    Slick play by Arsenal as Henry plays a fine flicked ball to Ljungberg. He's through just eight yards out...

  • 81'

    Pires on the right now. He delivers a ball to Henry and it's intercepted. Ljungberg can't collect the loose ball and the move breaks down

  • 80'

    Zalayeta and Maresca link up well, and the ball is fed inside to Pericard - but Wiltord gets back well to mop up

  • 79'

    A change for Arsenal as Sylvain Wiltord replaces the injured Edu

  • 78'

    Juve now have the head of steam. Arsenal need to find some form - but could they rue all those missed chances?

  • 77'

    Tears for Arsenal when they seemed to have a lifeline. A great header that flew into the back of the net from Zalayeta

  • 76'


  • 76'

    Corner to Juve. The deliver is good and Zalayeta meets the ball with a powerful header....

  • 76'

    Goal in Spain... to Deportivo for Diego Tristan. It's 2-1 now to Bayer Leverkusen. Another goal for Deportivo and ARSENAL are through

  • 75'

    Edu goes onto the stretcher - and it's the returning Ashley Cole who warms up

  • 74'

    Edu goes down under the challenge of Amoruso. It looks bad for Edu - he's in some pain

  • 73'

    ...but there's no pace from Kanu and Carini gets there firsty to fingertip the ball away from Kanu's feet

  • 72'

    Henry plays a neat through ball to Kanu. The Nigerian's through as Carini comes out...

  • 71'

    Here come Juve again as the ball is delivered in by Zalayeta, but Conte's header is way off target

  • 71'

    A final change for Juve as Amoruso replaces Zambrotta

  • 71'

    It's taken short but wasted as Pericard is robbed by Henry.. but Henry then fells Davids

  • 70'

    Juve win a corner - a rare attack from the home side

  • 69'

    Henry tries a shot, but it's always going wide and never troubling Carini

  • 68'

    Free-kick to Arsenal on the left as Zambrotta holds back Henry. A chance here from five yards out

  • 67'

    Davids plays a ball over the top looking for Zambrotta, but there's too much purchase on the pass and it's easy for Seaman again

  • 66'

    ...but his effort goes agonisingly wide of the post. Inches wide

  • 66'

    Pires delivers the ball to the back post and he volleys goalwards...

  • 65'

    Edu tries the shot, and Carini gets across to push the ball away. Corner

  • 64'

    Vieira has his shirt tugged by Pericard. Free-kick five yards outside the box

  • 63'

    Henry uses his pace to get the better of Iuliano. He cuts back and again there's no support. By the time he feeds the ball in the defence has got back and the chance is gone

  • 62'

    Remember, Bayer Leverkusen lead 2-0 away to Deportivo - a scoreline that would put the Gunners out

  • 61'

    It's a poor game this. Surely someone can ignite it...

  • 60'

    Substitution for Juventus as Vincent Pericard replaces the lively Guzman

  • 59'

    ...but yet again the shot goes wide, no trouble for Carini. Just where was the support?

  • 58'

    A great run by Henry, using his pace and his power. There's no-one in support as he cuts into the box, and here's the chance...

  • 57'

    Zambrotta uses his strength to hold off two Arsenal defenders and speed across the box. He gets his shot in, but it's weak and Seaman can collect

  • 56'

    ...Ljungberg slots the ball past Carini... but the flag goes up for offside. That was close again

  • 55'

    Dixon breaks forward for Arsenal, a good powerful run. He slips the ball through to Ljungberg and he's through...

  • 54'

    Bernd Schneider scores for Bayer Leverkusen. It's 2-0 to the German side and surely curtains for Arsenal

  • 53'

    Two penalty misses in consecutive Champions League matches for Henry... and this time on his old ground

  • 52'

    ...but Carini gets a good hand to the ball, and it comes back off the inside of the post and a defender hacks clear. What a waste

  • 51'

    Henry steps up himself to take it. He puts it to the right of Carini...

  • 50'

    The ball comes in from the right and Zenoni looks to intercept. He miscontrols and Henry goes for the ball but is upended by Zenoni. PENALTY!

  • 49'

    Conte is soon back on again, seemingly with no ill-effects

  • 49'

    Henry tries to loft the ball into the box but Conte heads clear. He's caught by his own man, Zalayeta, and has to be taken off for treatment

  • 48'

    Davids brings down Dixon just 10 yards outside the box. Another chance for Arsenal here

  • 47'

    Pires looks to get on the end of the corner, but Zenoni gets a flick on the ball to edge it away from the Arsenal winger

  • 46'

    Henry makes a break forward on the left and looks to thread the ball into Kanu, but Iuliano gets back to concede the corner

  • 46'

    Juve get us underway in the second half

  • 45'

    Half-time both here and in Spain. Arsenal will be hoping for an improved performance - not just from themselves but from Deportivo as well

  • 45'

    ...but just as it seems Henry will have a simple tap-in, Carini recovers to dive on the ball

  • 45'

    Carini has the ball in his own box. He looks to come forward but Henry charges him down and the ball runs loose...

  • 45'

    ...but again the ball goes just wide of the keeper's left-hand post

  • 45'

    A great chance for Arsenal as Pires finds himself in space in the box. He looks to pass the ball into the corner of the net...

  • 45'

    Two minutes of injury time

  • 45'

    Maresca tries his luck from the edge of the box, but it's straight at Seaman

  • 44'

    Zambrotta goes on a twisting run and tries to lay the ball off to Guzman in the box, but a series of deflections sees the ball bounce to safety

  • 43'

    Zalayeta and Birindelli look to link up on the left, but the off-side flag goes up against Zalayeta

  • 42'

    Davids hacks Vieira to the floor in the centre circle, and it's a yellow card for the Dutch midfielder

  • 41'

    Bayer Leverkusen still lead in Spain. Deportivo have to score to give Arsenal a chance

  • 40'

    Edu goes in hard on Guzman and it's a clear free-kick for Juve

  • 39'

    Lauren plays a low ball through to Henry - but it's a terrible ball... Arsenal simply have to improve their distribution

  • 38'

    Free-kick to Arsenal. Pires lifts the ball into the box, but it's poor delivery again and Juve can head clear

  • 37'

    Henry plays the ball into the box towards Pires. The ball loops up off a defender, and Pires cannot take control of the ball

  • 36'

    This game has been dismal, and at the moment it looks like being a equally dismal end to Arsenal's Champions League campaign

  • 35'

    Bad news for Arsenal... Michael Ballack scores for Leverkusen and they lead 1-0. If Leverkusen win, Arsenal are out....

  • 34'

    Arsenal win a free-kick on the left-hand side of the box. Henry takes it, but it's woeful and near absolutely nobody

  • 33'

    ...but Conte's powerful shot goes wide. A let-off for Arsenal

  • 32'

    Conte shows some fine skill to flick the ball up and feed Guzman on the left. Arsenal appeal in vain and Guzman taps the ball back for Conte again...

  • 31'

    Kanu dawdles on the edge of the box with Henry in support and the ball is lost. The ball should have been released earlier

  • 30'

    ...Ljungberg holds off Pessotto and gets a shot in, but Carini makes a fine block to deny the Swede

  • 29'

    Pires has the ball on the left. He plays a lofted ball into the area to Ljungberg. He latches onto the ball and is through...

  • 28'

    Ljungberg does well and looks to put Kanu through on the left - again the flag goes up and again it's dubious

  • 27'

    Davids is hacked down from behind by Vieira. It's a yellow card - and that means Vieira will miss the first leg of the quarters, should Arsenal get these

  • 26'

    Not the best of games so far, but with Leverkusen still drawing in Spain it will be enough to send the Gunners through

  • 25'

    Arseal win a fre-kick in the centre circle as Kanu is balked by Iuliano. Taken short

  • 24'

    Juve make the change now, as Gianluca Pessotto replaces the injured Paramatti

  • 23'

    ...Henry taps the ball past Carini, but it agonisingly rolls inches wide of the goalkeeper's left-hand post

  • 22'

    Arsenal break with pace with Ljungberg on the right. He plays a fine low ball in to Henry who only has the keeper to beat...

  • 22'

    Zalayeta uses his strength to hold off Lauren and get to the by-line, but he loses his footing at the vital moment and Seaman can take the goal-kick

  • 21'

    Paramatti leaves the field on a stretcher, and he looks in some pain

  • 20'

    Edu plays a lofted ball in towards Ljungberg, but as the Swede fails to get the ball Paramatti goes down. Difficult to see how he managed to hurt his ankle there

  • 19'

    Zambrotta tries a high ball towards Guzman on the left side of the box, but Guzman slips and the ball rolls harmlessly out of play

  • 18'

    ...but it's straight at Carini in the Juve goal. Very comfortable take

  • 18'

    Pires feeds Vieira on the left. He checks and spots Henry on the edge of the box. The French duo link up and it enables Henry to try a shot...

  • 17'

    Lauren delivers a cross from the left which Carini flaps at, but Juve escape as Iuliano clears his lines

  • 16'

    The ball comes in but Edu clears. The ball runs to Henry but now he is penalised for handball. This game is just stop-start. No flow to it at all

  • 15'

    Edu wins the ball from Guzman... but the referee blows his whistle for a foul yet again!

  • 14'

    The Arsenal fans cheers as they finally get a free-kick of their own for a handball by Zalayeta

  • 13'

    ...but Zambrotta's header goes way over the bar and is of no worry to David Seaman

  • 12'

    Maresca plays the ball in and Zambrotta connects with the diving header...

  • 11'

    Zambrotts tries to get the better of Lauren... and it's yet another free-kick, right by the touchline

  • 10'

    Davids twists and turns well but goes down under the challenge of Vieira. Another free-kick to Juve

  • 9'

    Edu brings down Marseca in the middle of the park. Free-kick

  • 8'

    That was better from Arsenal. The left-sided pair linking up well - maybe a good outlet for Wenger's men

  • 7'

    Pires and Lauren link up well and the latter breaks into the box. Zenoni catches him a the ball runs out of play but it's a goal-kick

  • 6'

    Paramatti tries to find Zalayeta in the box, but the forward slips and Campbell can sweep up

  • 5'

    Juve, remember, are playing very much a reserve side here. And we here that Deportivo are doing the same against Leverkusen. Bad news for the Gunners

  • 4'

    Henry threads the ball through to Ljungberg - but again the flag goes up and this time it's definitely the correct decision

  • 3'

    A slow start from both sides here, trying to get a grip of the game

  • 2'

    Conte tries to get a cross in from the left, but he fails miserabley and it's a goal kick for David Seaman

  • 1'

    Lauren tries a ball over teh top to Henry, but the flag goes up for off-side... dubious


    Arsenal get the game underway, desperate for a place in the last eight


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