Premier League

October 21, 2012



1 - 1

Newcastle United

Premier League

12:30 +00:00, October 21, 2012

Stadium of Light, England

  • 94'

    Not one of the all-time great derbies, but honours ended even at the Stadium of Light - and you feel Martin O'Neill will be happier with that outcome than Alan Pardew

  • 94'

    That's the final whistle - the Wear-Tyne derby ends in a 1-1 draw. For so long, Newcastle had looked the likely winners despite being down to ten men, but Sunderland's sheer determination got them a point

  • 93'

    One last chance? The home side on the ball, and Rose wastes no time in hammering it into the danger zone. It's cleared by Newcastle through Williamson, who is fouled by Fletcher as he does so. Free-kick to the Toon, and that could be that

  • 92'

    Sunderland are pressing and pressing, but Obertan clears. Rose plays it back in, and Newcastle, under increasing pressure, scramble it away

  • 91'

    Saha clears that corner. Fletcher produces a superb piece of skill to bring down a long ball, and Gardner's effort is deflected. Corner to Sunderland. Big finish here?

  • 91'

    Four additional minutes to be played, by the way...

  • 90'

    Newcastle free-kick in the Sunderland half after a theatrical moment from Gutierrez. That's cleared, and it's a Toon corner

  • 89'

    Normal time has less than a minute to run, but there will surely be at least three additional minutes here

  • 88'

    The home side are finding a better class of cross all of a sudden, and Santon produces a great clearing header from one of them. Then McClean whips a shot from the corner of the area, and doesn't miss by much

  • 87'

    And Sunderland are really going for it now. Lots of intensity. This could be a long few minutes for those with black and white-striped loyalties

  • 86'

    Huge noise from the home fans, for whom relief is probably the dominant emotion

  • 86'

    Cabaye is then booked for a foul. Another Sunderland free-kick. Having looked so unlikely to score a goal for so much of the afternoon, could they now snatch it?

  • 85'

    GOAL And would you believe it, it leads to a Sunderland equaliser. The long ball is flicked on by O'Shea, and it goes in off Demba Ba

  • 84'

    Cabaye plays a poor free-kick in for Newcastle. It's cleared - Saha leads the charge forward and is chopped down by Williamson for his troubles. Yellow card for the Newcastle man, free-kick for the home side

  • 83'

    David Vaughan on for Adam Johnson for Sunderland. And Gabriel Obertan is on for Hatem Ben Arfa for the visitors

  • 82'

    Seconds later, though, McClean wins a corner. It comes to the far post, where Saha is waiting seven or eight yards out but can only steer the ball into the side netting

  • 81'

    Rose floats the definition of a nothing sort of cross into the area. It does no damage whatsoever

  • 80'

    Ben Arfa breaks, charging through the middle, and finds Ba to his right. The striker, however, is crowded out before he can get a dangerous shot away

  • 79'

    Ten minutes or so left. You're tempted to say 'for Newcastle to hold on' - but they haven't been holding on. They've been comfortable, despite their numerical disadvantage

  • 78'

    Coloccini, though, can't continue. Gutierrez takes the armband from him as Steven Taylor comes on

  • 77'

    There's a momentary scramble as Krul fails to deal with it convincingly - but eventually the Magpies, in the person of the back-again Coloccini, bring the ball away

  • 76'

    Saha finds McClean on the left. He tries to get the ball in, but Simpson has other ideas and gets rid of it. Corner to Sunderland

  • 75'

    The physio saunters on, and Coloccini is - for the time being - off the pitch. They'll want him back as soon as possible: his performance has been absolutely key to what they have achieved so far this afternoon

  • 74'

    Looks as though Coloccini has a touch of cramp. Jeers and whistles from the Sunderland fans, who suspect timewasting

  • 73'

    Ba almost settles it, getting on the end of a long ball, but he's unable to get a clean shot at Mignolet's goal. Straight to the other end, and Gardner fires one in from distance, but over

  • 72'

    Martin O'Neill, you would imagine, will be very disappointed with the quality of his side's final ball

  • 71'

    Sunderland, with the man advantage, are still having the lion's share of the ball, but their possession has largely been harmless and in areas that can't hurt Newcastle

  • 70'

    With Saha and Fletcher both lurking, he makes amends eventually, holding on after a mini-scramble. Newcastle go straight to the other end and Ba crosses low from the right, but Sunderland clear

  • 70'

    But wait a moment: McClean crosses from the left and Krul fumbles that one inside the six-yard area

  • 69'

    Plenty of noise from the away fans: you'd imagine most of them might be a little surprised by just how comfortable this derby has been until now

  • 68'

    ... he goes for a curler low to the corner, but that was never going to be of any concern to Krul, almost apologising its way wide

  • 67'

    They have a free-kick to deal with now, though, not far outside the area. Larsson masterminding...

  • 66'

    Good play by the determined Rose. Sunderland are trying to up the tempo. Rose crosses, and Newcastle - slightly less assuredly this time - get rid

  • 65'

    Sunderland, just for a second, looked good on the right - but, not for the first time, the ball runs away from them. Guess who's there again to sort it out? Coloccini

  • 64'

    Great challenge by Coloccini on McClean on the edge of the area. He has been superb today

  • 63'

    Sessegnon is off for Sunderland, meanwhile, and Louis Saha on. He gets a very warm welcome from the home fans: can he generate some extra threat for the Black Cats

  • 63'

    McClean his a fizzer across the area. Deflected. Corner...

  • 62'

    Gutierrez is momentarily grounded after a Gardner challenge, but he's soon back on his feet again. Coloccini carries on the trend of calm Newcastle defending, ushering a cross to safety

  • 61'

    Mignolet is there first, though: he anticipated that danger well

  • 60'

    Half an hour remaining. The onus is firmly on the home side to change this pattern. Ben Arfa plays a sublime-looking through ball towards the isolated Ba up front...

  • 59'

    Not much - it's flicked across the box and out. Sunderland think they should have had a corner, and they should have done. The officials, however, said no

  • 58'

    Plenty of possession for the home side, but their problem is failing to translate it in to anything much at all by way of threat. Free-kick in a crossing position now, though - what can they do with this one?

  • 57'

    Sunderland have McClean down the left, but his control isn't good enough and Newcastle end up getting a throw

  • 56'

    Perch tries to get a cross in, but that's cleared

  • 55'

    A John O'Shea pass to nowhere and nobody illustrates Sunderland's malaise: they have shown too little quality so far

  • 54'

    Perch makes a strong, but good, challenge on Colback in midfield. Meanwhile, Louis Saha is warming up - looks as though O'Neill may be jazzing up his attacking options soon

  • 54'

    Not much change so far - Newcastle in control, despite being a man short, Sunderland a triumph of perspiration over inspiration

  • 53'

    Simpson deals with it in a no-frills style, clattering the ball in the general direction of away

  • 53'

    Rose is clattered by Cabaye, who decides he has had enough of the defender's enterprising forward burst. Free-kick Sunderland, halfway inside the Toon half

  • 52'

    Sessegnon is caught offside. He looks frustrated: it's safe to say he's been feeding off scraps throughout

  • 51'

    Simpson takes a throw towards the area for Newcastle. Ben Arfa fails to control it, though, and it disappears over the touchline

  • 50'

    It's all a bit huff and puff from them. Coloccini, cool as can be, illustrates the sort of poise Sunderland are dealing with as he effortlessly mops up an attempted attack

  • 50'

    Newcastle's shape has been superb throughout this afternoon, and Sunderland have yet to find anything like the guile needed to get through

  • 49'

    Soon after that, Newcastle clear their own lines with some one-touch passing. There's confidence for you

  • 48'

    Krul with a long kick for Newcastle, but the home side are looking a bit brighter and Rose takes up the ball and feeds McClean. Rose motors forward to pick up a Larsson pass and cross. It's cut out

  • 47'

    It's cleared, and Larsson looks for Fletcher as he crosses again. He gets to it, but can't find the target with a header

  • 47'

    McClean provides one, and wins a free-kick inside Newcastle territory

  • 46'

    Newcastle begin the second period, but Sunderland soon win possession back. Cuellar and Co pass the ball around at the back as the home side look for an option

  • 45'

    Here come Newcastle - Sunderland were out just ahead of them. Can O'Neill and his players find the answers?

  • 45'

    The main moment of the match so far: Newcastle celebrate Cabaye's low strike

  • 45'

    Not quite: Sunderland still have time to give the ball away again. Newcastle can't profit, and the whistle goes. Cabaye's early goal the difference, Newcastle the better side. Let's see whether Sunderland can make their home, and man, advantage tell after the break

  • 45'

    ...Krul claims, and that's pretty much that for the first 45 minutes

  • 45'

    James McClean tries to shake them out of their comfort zone with a low shot that takes a deflection and goes out for a corner...

  • 45'

    Three minutes of stoppage time at the end of the first half. Newcastle will - the sending-off apart - have a thoroughly solid 45 minutes to look back on

  • 44'

    Fletcher picks up possession wide on the left for Sunderland. Up goes the flag, and the home side's frustration is beginning to show

  • 43'

    O'Neill has a bit to do to try to get something going for Sunderland, who have so far been underwhelming by any stretch of the imagination

  • 42'

    Newcastle have had very little to worry them and, to watch this, you wouldn't know they were down to ten men

  • 41'

    Then Gardner has a swipe at goal from a fair way out and an angle on the right. It's hundreds of miles off course

  • 40'

    Colback and Larsson are plotting for Sunderland, but the final ball - not for the first time - lets them down

  • 39'

    You get the feeling that Martin O'Neill will be tearing into his team at the break - and he could have been even angrier because Ba, with an overhead, is not too far away from doubling Newcastle's lead

  • 38'

    A little over five minutes until the break, and Ba wins a corner for Newcastle on their right

  • 37'

    A Pardew tactical change: Ameobi is taken off for Perch. He looks understandably disappointed. but Pardew has opted to beef up his midfield and leave the ten men with one player up front

  • 36'

    Larsson again - he plays it low to the edge of the box. Gardener hits it, and it deflects to safety. Sunderland try a futile and groundless handball appeal

  • 35'

    As though galvanised by that, the Black Cats get a corner. It's cleared but Johnson, flickering in to life, picks up the pieces and wins a free-kick on the Sunderland right

  • 34'

    It's not, though - instead, the ball is fired in low and goes all the way through the wall, skidding wide of the far post

  • 33'

    He is fouled by Cabaye - Sunderland free-kick, halfway inside the Newcastle half. This'll be swung into the area

  • 32'

    Comfortably the best moment that Sunderland have had - and, as if to emphasise their raggedness, they give the ball away needlessly before winning it back with Gardner

  • 31'

    ... he tries to get it back on to his left foot, goes for a curler and fires it over

  • 31'

    A rare moment of hesitation in the visiting defence as the ball bobbles low across the box to Adam Johnson, who could shoot here...

  • 30'

    Cabaye, again, is the man behind it - but this time he gets it all wrong. The Sunderland fans enjoyed that. But they haven't had too much else to enjoy so far, really

  • 29'

    Santon has been good down the left for them, and wins a free-kick in a dangerous crossing position

  • 28'

    They may only have ten men, but they're still using the ball better than their hosts

  • 27'

    Gutierrez has to play a hurried backpass, but Newcastle manage sort that one out relatively calmly

  • 26'

    Newcastle were actually awarded a free-kick in the passage of play that led to that red card. Cabaye plays it in, and there's a big handball appeal from Newcastle. Nothing doing, says ref Atkinson

  • 25'

    Alan Pardew looks infuriated: it may not have been the greatest of challenges, but I don't think all referees would have shown a red

  • 24'

    ... and the referee shows him a straight red card - Newcastle, who haven't had a great deal to worry about so far, are down to ten men

  • 23'

    But this could really change things: Tiote is adjudged to have gone in hard on Fletcher...

  • 22'

    Fletcher gets up to try and win the ball, but is penalised. Adam Johnson et al on Sunderland's creative side are struggling to get in to the game

  • 21'

    Splendid challenge by Rose on Ba after the Newcastle forward had done superbly to take an awkward ball down deep inside the Sunderland half

  • 21'

    Let's just call that an interesting decision

  • 21'

    Gardner pokes it away, but the referee sees that, somehow, as a Sunderland goal-kick rather than a Newcastle corner

  • 20'

    He goes for goal and is on target. Mignolet tips it over, and it's a Newcastle corner

  • 20'

    Goalscorer Cabaye looks the man most likely to try to conjure something from this one

  • 19'

    High foot by Larsson, and Shola Ameobi is left in a heap. Free-kick for Newcastle, midway inside the Sunderland half

  • 18'

    As with so many derbies, you wouldn't call this one a great match for the neutral so far. Cuellar does his bit for Sunderland, meanwhile, with a firm header clear

  • 17'

    At the other end, Santon crosses and there's momentary panic in the heart of the Sunderland defence before the ball is unceremoniously hacked away with both Ba and Ameobi lurking

  • 16'

    Fletcher and McClean are jostling for position inside the area. Here comes the free-kick now - it's a low, whipped ball and Tim Krul gathers it well

  • 15'

    They win a free-kick on the left side of the area - great crossing position, this. Larsson to take...

  • 14'

    Santon wants a free-kick as a raid down the left ends with him on the pitch. He doesn't get one, though, and Sunderland play it long...

  • 13'

    Danny Rose fires in a cross from the left - Fletcher makes a nuisance of himself, but Coloccini is there again to clear the danger for the Magpies

  • 12'

    Not much shape to proceedings just at the moment: Sunderland yet to find any momentum, Newcastle - already - content to take the sting out of things

  • 11'

    And this is Newcastle: Krul, Simpson, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Gutierrez, Cabaye, Tiote, Ben Arfa, Ba and Ameobi

  • 10'

    A reminder of the line-ups, by the way. Sunderland look like this: Mignolet, Gardner, O'Shea, Cuellar, Rose, Johnson, Larsson, Colback, McClean, Sessegnon and Fletcher

  • 9'

    The home crowd are finding their voices, but Cabaye is worrying them again, twisting and turning just outside the area but unable to find himself a shooting angle

  • 8'

    Fletcher's in the area, trying to get on the end of a half-blocked Sessegnon shot, but the flag goes up for offside

  • 7'

    Wait a minute - Larsson moves down the right for the Black Cats. He bends in a delicious cross, but Coloccini is there to head it away with the prolific Fletcher lurking

  • 6'

    They have the ball again on the halfway line. Sunderland need to try to find some rhythm, but have had no chance to settle as yet

  • 5'

    Pardew's side have started with great intensity, but they're also looking much the calmer when in possession

  • 4'

    A stunning start for Newcastle, and Sunderland are shaken

  • 3'

    GOAL It's parried out by Mignolet, but only to Cabaye, who sidefoots low and accurately in to the corner

  • 2'

    A chance for Newcastle on an early break - Ben Arfa feeds it to Ameobi who fires a shot from a narrow angle...

  • 1'

    In it swirls, but it's headed away. Then Sessegnon chases a long ball, but keeper Krul gathers that one

  • 1'

    And we're off - Newcastle win possession, launch the first attack of the game and win the first corner


    Sunderland, then, will get us under way


    Ref Martin Atkinson is all smiles as he gets set for kick-off. Alan Pardew gives the visiting fans an appreciative round of applause


    The house at the Stadium of Light is, as you would expect, packed to the rafters. A Newcastle win would take them tenth, but Martin O'Neill's Mackems have lost only once in the Premier League this season


    The teams are out, the atmosphere raucous, the weather sunny - it's all set up for what should (hopefully) be an excellent Wear-Tyne derby


    While you're awaiting the kick-off, why not have a read of our recent blogs? Sunderland's Colin Randall selects his XI derby heroes here and Newcastle blogger Marc Duffy names his XI derby heroes here.


    Sunderland, meanwhile, keep faith with the team beaten 3-0 by Manchester City last time out.


    Newcastle bring Tim Krul, Fabricio Coloccini and Danny Simpson into the starting line-up, but the focus is on another returning player - Shola Ameobi - who has netted seven goals against Sunderland. Only Jackie Milburn has scored more.


    Fans gather outside the Stadium of Light ahead of the kick-off


    Newcastle legend Malcolm Macdonald, meanwhile, has told ESPN that nerves could be decisive. You can read about that one here.


    Sunderland start the game two points behind their Newcastle but have a game in hand and will be desperate to leapfrog their North East rivals. Martin O'Neill, though, wants to ensure tempers do not boil over.


    Sunderland host Newcastle in one of the most fiercely contested derbies in English football.


    Live commentary will appear here from 1330 BST.