English FA Cup

January 29, 2012



3 - 2

Aston Villa

English FA Cup

16:00 +00:00, January 29, 2012

Emirates Stadium, England

Referee: Mike Jones


    Arsenal advance to the fifth round, where they're scheduled to meet the winner of the Middlesbrough-Sunderland fourth round replay


    It's a deserved victory for Arsenal, who did well to fight back after going two behind (perhaps unfairly)


    Full-time: Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa

  • 90'

    Good goalkeeping from Fabianski, who catches a cross from the left-wing. Possibly Villa's last chance

  • 90'

    He instead took too many touches and lost the ball, Villa now countering...

  • 90'

    Henry could have scored there, following a great through-ball!

  • 90'

    Coquelin fouled on the edge of Villa's box. Chance for Arsenal to waste some time before crossing. They'll surely not bring to many players forward

  • 90'

    4 minutes of added time to be played

  • 89'

    Sagna making his return from injury

  • 89'

    Sagna and Henry on, Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain off

  • 88'

    ...though Arsenal again recover the ball (both Sagna and Henry are warming up and may be coming on)

  • 87'

    Ramsey's long ball towards Walcott intercepted

  • 87'

    Arsenal win a corner after Coquelin's cross is deflected out...

  • 86'

    But it comes to nothing. Arsenal with the ball in defence again

  • 86'

    ...and Arsenal counter...

  • 86'

    Fabianski collects the free-kick well following a long-distance cross

  • 85'

    Foul by Song on Keane. Villa free-kick, but it's not shooting distance

  • 84'

    Arsenal incorrectly given a free-kick for an offside call

  • 83'

    Unlucky from Ireland, trying to set up Bent (though he perhaps should have shot) before Arsenal intercept the ball in their area. A warning for Arsenal

  • 82'

    Bannan on, Petrov off

  • 81'

    Fabianski collects the long throw, and slows play down. Arsenal happy to take their time

  • 81'

    Now a Villa free-kick, deep into Arsenal's half

  • 80'

    Villa free-kick

  • 79'

    Koscielny booked for the challenge on Bent

  • 79'

    Ireland's cross is dangerous and headed goalwards by Clark but Fabianski saves

  • 78'

    Villa corner...

  • 78'

    Villa need someone like Ireland to take control of the game for them - he's one of the few capable of doing so

  • 77'

    Villa currently lack direction and ideas. Arsenal are completely in control, though Arsenal have failed from this position before

  • 75'

    Villa may have conceded three times but Warnock's not at fault for any and has had a very good game so far

  • 74'

    Delightful cross from Van Persie towards Walcott, but Warnock heads clear

  • 73'

    Van Persie fires over following the cutback from Walcott! Good effort for the striker, who's obviously looking for his hat-trick

  • 72'

    Agbonlahor off, Gardner on

  • 72'

    More or less a like-for-like substitution, but Rosicky's played well today. Arteta perhaps a more solid, reliable player, which is what Arsenal need to maintain their lead

  • 72'

    Rosicky off, Arteta on

  • 71'

    ...that comes to nothing. Arsenal goal-kick

  • 70'

    Wasted chance for Villa! Petrov was in a great position to cross for Bent but his delivery was poor and Arsenal clear. Villa corner

  • 69'

    Arsenal still looking very comfortable on the ball, and playing with more freedom now

  • 69'

    Villa now with the ball at the back

  • 68'

    Good effort from Walcott with a shot from just inside the area, but Given saves well!

  • 67'

    Rosicky on the ball in midfield, but Arsenal's fluidity has returned and he has several options

  • 66'

    Arsenal now finding space all over the pitch

  • 65'

    Arsenal with 89% possession in the second half

  • 64'

    Free-kick to Villa after Oxlade-Chamberlain's challenge on Hutton. No ill intent, but a foul nonetheless

  • 63'

    Arsenal currently comfortable in possession, suddenly being more patient

  • 62'

    Villa now look to attack and get themselves back into the game. One wonders how many more twists this fixture will provide

  • 61'

    Van Persie scores his second penalty of the game to give Arsenal the lead. What a turnaround!

  • 61'

    GOAL Arsenal 3-2 Aston Villa!

  • 61'

    Bent, chasing Koscielny back, challenges the defender clumsily in the penalty area and again, there can be no complaints. An obvious penalty

  • 60'

    It's another Arsenal penalty!

  • 59'

    Villa caught offside, so it's an Arsenal free-kick

  • 57'

    Agbonlahor fouled by Oxlade-Chamberlain. Villa free-kick deep into Arsenal's half

  • 56'

    Walcott nets a fortuitous equaliser! A good run into the box by the winger who then shot - perhaps wrongly - for Given to save. Hutton then tried to clear the loose ball but it clearance hit Walcott and went into the back of the net. Lucky, but perhaps that's overdue for Arsenal

  • 56'

    GOAL Arsenal 2-2 Aston Villa!

  • 55'

    Arsenal pressuring again! Nice looking cross from Van Persie before the ball trails wide

  • 54'

    Arsenal back in the game

  • 54'

    GOAL Arsenal 1-2 Aston Villa! Van Persie sends Given the wrong way to score a vital goal for his side!

  • 53'

    Shocking challenge by Dunne on Ramsey, can be no complaints

  • 53'

    Arsenal penalty!

  • 52'

    Vermaelen shoots again but this time it's wide. Decent effort though

  • 51'

    Decent effort from Ramsey following poor defending from Cuellar, but Given saved comfortably

  • 50'

    Superb challenge from Petrov on Walcott! If he'd got that wrong it would have been a penalty; Walcott was ready to either shoot or cut the ball back to Van Persie

  • 49'

    Arsenal now with the ball in defence, looking to build play from there

  • 48'

    And Ireland clears Mertesacker's effort off the line! That was so close to pulling one back, and would have been exactly what Arsenal needed

  • 48'

    ...and win another, as Koscielny's header is deflected over

  • 47'

    Arsenal win an early corner as Ireland's header clears the initial danger

  • 46'

    Wenger desperately needs a response for his men. Not that he should be under pressure if this scoreline remains, but he will be

  • 46'

    Arsenal have got the second-half underway...


    It'll be interesting to see if Wenger makes any half-time changes. Henry, Arteta, Sagna, Benayoun and possibly Park are all capable of having an impact. Probably best to leave Arshavin there, though...


    Perhaps harsh on Arsenal during a half where, though they weren't at their best, they were the more dominant side. Crucially, however, Villa were clinical on took the chances that came their way. McLeish knows how to keep a clean sheet, so it could be a difficult second-half for Scotland


    Half-time: Arsenal 0-2 Aston Villa

  • 45'

    Superb finish from Bent! Villa break following Arsenal's attack and though Fabianski saves well from Bent and forces his effort wide, the England striker followed up with a quality finish from a very tight angle to squeeze home a crucial goal

  • 45'

    GOAL Arsenal 0-2 Aston Villa! Darren Bent doubles Villa's lead!

  • 45'

    Arsenal looking more dangerous now - there's more end product

  • 45'

    Good shot by Oxlade-Chamberlain but Given saves well. Arsenal still in possession...

  • 44'

    Dunne booked for the challenge

  • 44'

    Rosicky's on the floor in some pain following a heavy challenge by Dunne

  • 43'

    ...but Van Persie heads over. Villa goal-kick

  • 43'

    Good stop from Given! Coming out to stop Ramsey from crossing after good work from the Welshman. Arsenal corner

  • 42'

    This time Dunne successfully defends from Walcott

  • 41'

    Coquelin's shot's blocked but Arsenal look to attack again instantly

  • 41'

    Arsenal throw-in deep into Villa's half....

  • 40'

    Well defended there from Warnock with a good sliding tackle on the attacking Walcott

  • 40'

    And now Arsenal are, following Dunne's long ball

  • 40'

    Villa again in possession at the back

  • 38'

    Well defended their from Warnock, anticipating the through-ball to Van Persie and clearing the danger

  • 37'

    Fabianski catches Keane's effort and rolls the ball straight out for Arsenal to counter. Arsenal's fans are beginning to get restless

  • 37'

    Villa now with the ball in defence

  • 36'

    Rosicky goes close with a decent shot from the edge of the penalty box, but Given collects at the second attempt after initially spilling

  • 35'

    Arsenal already looking for an instant equaliser

  • 34'

    Keane given the chance to cross following the initial corner for Dunne to head past Fabianski with ease. Not necessarily a goal they deserved, but Arsenal had switched off there

  • 33'

    GOAL Arsenal 0-1 Aston Villa! Richard Dunne heads the away side in front

  • 32'

    Good ball to Keane, though the Irishman fails to then cross for Bent. Villa corner

  • 31'

    Ireland now trying to find space on the right wing for Villa

  • 30'

    Given to take Villa's free-kick following the offside call...

  • 29'

    Given collects...

  • 28'

    Arsenal win another corner following more good work from Rosicky and Van Persie

  • 27'

    Keane looks to cross for Bent, but his delivery's too high. Arsenal goal-kick

  • 26'

    Rosicky sets up another counter attack by playing Walcott into space but the young winger fails to create anything. Rosicky is another whose form has improved of late

  • 25'

    Though Agbonlahor overhits his cross an wastes the chance. Arsenal back on the ball...

  • 25'

    But Villa clear and counter..

  • 24'

    Warnock concedes a corner with Van Persie threatening. It's Arsenal's fifth of the game

  • 23'

    Song's long ball is collected by Given and the goalkeeper in turn kicks long, but Vermaelen intercepts and keeps possession

  • 22'

    Decent run and shot from Oxlade-Chamberlain, but the winger's effort is just wide

  • 22'

    Fabianski, meanwhile, continues to look error-prone...

  • 21'

    But Van Persie hits his effort straight at the wall. A complete waste

  • 20'

    And it's an Arsenal free-kick on the edge of the penalty box following Warnock's foul on Ramsey. Great shooting opportunity

  • 19'

    Decent by Arsenal! Walcott's low cross finds Van Persie who can't connect as he'd like but the danger was there

  • 19'

    Agbonlahor fouls Coquelin near the halfway line. Arsenal free-kick

  • 18'

    ...and now do so with the ball in defence

  • 17'

    ...and continue to do so

  • 16'

    Arsenal now exchanging possession in midfield...

  • 15'

    Good defending from Mertesacker, blocking Agbonlahor's cross. The German's been in better form for Arsenal lately

  • 14'

    Decent delivery from Rosicky but Given collects

  • 14'

    Arsenal corner...

  • 13'

    Had time and space after being put into space and, though he got beyond the final defender, sliced his shot wide. Never troubled Given. Needed more composure

  • 13'

    Poor, poor finishing from Walcott!

  • 13'

    Poor, poor finishing from Walcott!

  • 12'

    Well defended from Coquelin, heading back for Fabianski to collect

  • 11'

    That's more like Fabianski: fails to clear the ball following pressure from Keane. Ball deflects out for a throw-in

  • 10'

    Uncharacteristically commanding goalkeeping from Fabianski there, punching Villa's free-kick away

  • 9'

    Now Arsenal's goal-kick. Little of note in that movement

  • 8'

    But it comes to nothing. Villa goal-kick, Given to take

  • 7'

    Good play from Walcott as the winger breaks with speed before feeding Van Persie. The Dutchman can't get his shot away but earns a corner

  • 6'

    Rosicky's corner cleared by Bent

  • 5'

    Great effort from Vermaelen, from distance, following Van Persie's lay off and a great save from Given. Arsenal corner...

  • 5'

    Arsenal free-kick following a handball from Keane

  • 4'

    Rosicky attempts two crosses into the penalty box but both are header clear

  • 4'

    Decent early effort from Ramsey, though Given saves comfortably. Good dynamism and confidence from the midfielder

  • 3'

    Hutton slices his clearance. Arsenal throw-in

  • 2'

    Arsenal now stroking the ball around in defence, with Alex Song joining the back four

  • 1'

    Arsenal now look to break in typical fashion. Though Villa have their strengths, it's difficult to see how they'll cope with Arsenal's movement if the home side are at their best. They're one of the league's more rigid sides

  • 1'

    Aston Villa kick-off...


    Henry's on the bench for Arsenal, as is the returning Mikel Arteta. The key for Villa is very much the ability of their front four: Agbonlahor-Ireland-Keane playing behind the potentially lethal Bent


    William Sagna returns to the bench and could make his first appearance for some time, though Coquelin starts at right back. Oxlade-Chamberlain starts again after impressing against Manchester United


    We're minutes away from kick-off at The Emirates. Aston Villa manager Alex McLeish has selected his strongest side, though Arsenal's Arsene Wenger has decided to Szczesny, so Fabianski comes in