UEFA Champions League

April 6, 2011



0 - 1

Manchester United

UEFA Champions League

18:45 +00:00, April 6, 2011

Stamford Bridge, England

Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco

  • 95'

    John Brewin at Stamford Bridge: Anger at the referee here. The first looked a definite penalty. The second not so. Chelsea fans abusing Sir Alex as he claps the United fans. Advantage United and Chelsea have a sense of grievance against a Champions League referee. "Cheat, cheat, cheat" rings out.

  • 95'

    FULL TIME Drama until the last but the best team won. Chelsea looked short of ideas with Torres again well below par, but they should have been given a late penalty when Evra chopped down Ramires. Definitely advantage United, but the tie is far from over.

  • 94'

    That last one was most certainly not a penalty. Torres can't believe it.

  • 93'

    Now its come to life - Torres goes down when Valencia brushes his calf and is booked for diving, then he and Ferdinand go nose-to-nose.

  • 92'

    A big slice of luck for United there - that was a spot kick, no doubt about it.

  • 91'

    Drama now as Evra piles in on Ramires as he burst into the box. Replay shows that should have been a penalty - he wrapped his leg round his opponent without getting the ball.

  • 90'

    Four minutes added...

  • 89'

    Now Anelka with another dribbly shot from outside the box - guess what? VDS behind it.

  • 88'

    Nani very nearly scores on the break but as he cut across Terry, Cech came out to smother, then Anelka is a little slow on the uptake as a cross fell to the back post and he and Evra challenged.

  • 87'

    Patrice Evra clears Frank Lampard's shot off the line

  • 86'

    Xavi makes it 5-1 to Barca....

  • 85'

    Ivanovic nearly manages it, marauding forward to the edge of the box before shooting but again, VDS is behind it.

  • 84'

    Chelsea look out of ideas here. Something needs to happen - and fast.

  • 83'

    Don't give up just yet Chelsea - you've still got time to level things up and you were the last team to win at Old Trafford, last April.

  • 82'

    The ball is knocked off to Lampard but his shot is rather scuffed and VDS is right behind it.

  • 81'

    Now Ferdinand goes in with a high boot on Malouda - whose foot was up too. United not happy with the award, Cole imploring the ref to book Rio.

  • 80'

    Lampard's free kick from the right is missed by everyone but Van der Sar has it covered as it heads past the post. Now he is booked for time wasting. That's a bit harsh.

  • 79'

    Chelsea's final change too, Mikel on for Bosingwa.

  • 78'

    Hernandez trudges off and Berbatov trudges on.

  • 77'

    More gaps opening up for United on the break as Chelsea press forward.

  • 76'

    Looks like United are about to introduce Berbatov...

  • 75'

    Torres curses his luck under his breath after Van der Sar's impressive hang time stop denies him a first in Chelsea blue.

  • 74'

    Van der Sar claws away a Torres header that was destined for the far corner. The £50 million man just can't get a break can he?

  • 73'

    Vidic is the latest to get a card for blocking off Malouda.

  • 72'

    Manchester United fans remind John Terry of his penalty miss in the 2008 Champions League final.

  • 72'

    Evra is down after taking a Bosingwa cross right in the chops.

  • 71'

    Ramires turns in a curler and Torres tries to flick a leg in front of Ferdinand to make contact but his pins aren't long enough.

  • 70'

    Zhirkov off and Malouda on and it is Drogba who parts for Anelka. Odd that, Torres has done nothing this half.

  • 69'

    Better from Chelsea as they work it wide and cross - as it comes out Essien busts a low volley two yards wide.

  • 68'

    At last, Chelsea about to make changes.

  • 67'

    Cech gets out of jail as he flaps at Nani's cross but makes just enough contact to wrong-foot Hernandez who was steaming onto it at the far post. Now Ramires concedes a corner.

  • 66'

    Essien is carded for tripping Park.

  • 64'

    Chelsea are crying out for a change here - United coasting to a 1-0 victory as it stands. Anelka warming up, trying to catch Carlo's eye.

  • 63'

    Drogba gets round Evra again and has a chance to cross but his weak ball is blocked by Vidic.

  • 62'

    Great tracking back from Hernandez after Drogba had turned Evra and charged over the halfway line. He breaks up Chelsea's move.

  • 61'

    Barca hit back instantly through Keita - 4-1 and tie over again....

  • 60'

    Ramires is carded for a late trip on Evra.

  • 59'

    Shakhtar have pulled one back in Barca - 3-1 now and a precious away goal.

  • 58'

    Torres has been anonymous in this half - surely Anelka will be on soon.

  • 57'

    Audacious effort from Drogba as he flipped up a cross drilled into his feet and launched an overhead kick two yards wide. Essien should have gambled on it - if he had we could be talking about an equaliser.

  • 56'

    It's 3-0 to Barca now, Gerard Pique on the mark.

  • 55'

    Rooney fires the ball into the net again - but Hernandez was offside as he battled for the ball with Cole.

  • 54'

    Cole recycles a cleared free kick into Drogba's path but he tries to be too cute rather than crossing straight away.

  • 53'

    I think we can certainly expect plenty of Chelsea's attacking play to come down the left now. Makes sense with a makeshift right back and a very attacking player in front of him in Nani.

  • 52'

    Nani replaces Rafael and Valencia looks like he's gone to right back.

  • 51'

    Rafael is on the deck again and looks like he'll have to come off. The chap stripping on the bench? Nani. Interesting one.

  • 50'

    Rafael is ok to continue though he is limping. Looks like a dead leg. As he hobbles around Drogba wins space on the right and crosses for Ramires but he can't get enough meat on his header to get it goalwards.

  • 49'

    Ryan Giggs battles with Michael Essien

  • 48'

    Rafael and Drogba clashed and it looks like the United defender has come off worse. Not surprised, given that he body checked his opponent. Not many people win that duel with the Drog.

  • 47'

    Valencia flicks a ball to Hernandez that spins out of play. If it had stayed in, the striker was away down the right.

  • 46'

    We begin again....


    John Brewin at Stamford Bridge: This has gone in a very similar direction to their last league clash. Can Chelsea surge back as they did then? Rooney has played as a man without worry while Giggs looks the answer to the midfield hardman role. Chelsea are by no means done, and only Evra stopped them getting the equaliser the fans crave in what is a fraught atmosphere.



    The fall out from Tottenham's Bernabeu beating cotinues as Aaron Lennon refuses to be made a scapegoat and Harry Redknapp delves into the world of twittering.


    Apart from that late flurry, when Torres really should have equalised, Chelsea have been a long way behind their opponents. A rethink needed from Ancelotti.


    Wayne Rooney celebrates his goal against Chelsea

  • 45'

    HALF TIME A breathless end to the half with that last Chelsea surge but for the majority of that opening 45 they have been second best by a long way.

  • 45'

    Incredible! Drogba's cross flashes past Torres and hits the post but Lampard's follow up is hacked off the line by Evra. Astonishing!

  • 44'

    United work a good opening for Rooney but his effort from 25 yards is right at Cech.

  • 43'

    Chelsea struggle to get the ball clear and they are desperate for the interval now.

  • 42'

    A cracking 50/50 between Rafael and Terry - a good honest cruncher but both get up and get on with it immediately.

  • 41'

    Its all a bit flat at the Bridge. This is when Chelsea's fans need to lift their side.

  • 40'

    Chelsea's free kick is cleared and United so nearly make it 2-0. Rooney latches onto a long ball and when his shot is blocked he spins in a wicked cross that Hernandez is only inches away from.

  • 39'

    Ivanovic wins a free kick from Giggs about 40 yards from goal. A chance for decent delivery into the area.

  • 38'

    Its all a bit too comfortable for United here. Chelsea need to make something happen.

  • 37'

    Essien gets round Rooney and crosses but Ferdinand is there to nod clear.

  • 36'

    Good ball down the line from Rafael and as Valencia beats Terry to the ball to cross, so does Ivanovic beat Rooney to clear.

  • 35'

    Zhikov is carded for a very high boot on Valencia.

  • 34'

    Torres fluffs his best chance of the match as he gets round the side but delays his cross for Drogba, then an errant touch takes the ball out and he belatedly dives, which provokes a bout of finger wagging from Vidic and Ferdinand.

  • 33'

    Another half chance for Chelsea as Terry finds Zhirkov, who gives it to Essien but his curler is high and wide.

  • 32'

    Zhirkov's poor corner is nodded away at the near post by Hernandez.

  • 31'

    Better from Chelsea as Bosingwa drills a ball across the six-yard box. Rafael clears behind.

  • 30'

    A sight of goal for Torres, but a difficult chance as Zhirkov's cross came at him hard and he attempted an overhead volley with his left foot. It ended up going backwards.

  • 29'

    Wayne Rooney has now scored 23 European goals for the club - surpassing Sir Bobby Charlton.

  • 28'

    Dangerous times for Chelsea now - they have to chase the game having already conceded an away goal. They did go behind in the league game 36 days ago though and came back to win 2-1.

  • 27'

    Rooney is taken out late again, this time by Ramires. Ferguson is not happy, as you can imagine.

  • 26'

    Rooney has now scored in the Champions League quarter final five years running...

  • 25'

    And you'll be pleased to know Rooney stayed well away from the cameras during his celebration. As for any swear words, I couldn't tell you...

  • 24'

    GOAL Rooney scores! A splendid move as Giggs takes down a crossfield ball and squares for Rooney who side-foots in off the post from ten yards.

  • 22'

    Ashley Cole is penalised after jumping into Valencia's back, then launches a verbal volley at the referee. Such a lovely chap.

  • 21'

    Wayne Rooney and Michael Essien battle.

  • 20'

    First sight for Rooney as Hernandez finds him inside the area, but his first touch is poor and Ivanovic can shield the ball out of play.

  • 19'

    Fantastic save from Van der Sar as Drogba got sight of the target from the right hand side of the box. A good fingertip save. Move of the match so far.

  • 18'

    Some bitty fouls disrupting the flow of the game now as Bosingwa gets round Evra but he can't centre the ball accurately.

  • 17'

    Now Torres wastes possession in a good area after Giggs picks him off.

  • 16'

    Valencia capitalises on a errant pass from Cole and wins a free kick on halfway.

  • 15'

    The corner is cleared to Park and his shot is deflected off Bosingwa and out for another corner.

  • 14'

    Evra wins a corner after a decent spell of United pressure on the edge of the box.

  • 13'

    Giggs gets a rather fortunate free kick as Essien poked the ball away from him.

  • 12'

    Excellent covering from Carrick as Drogba threatened to break after Rafael lost the ball upfield. He wins the free kick after shielding the ball.

  • 11'

    Immense fightback from Shakhtar in Barca - they should be 3-1 up now but Adriano has wasted two one-on-one situations. Still 1-0 to the Spanish champions.

  • 10'

    Drogba is down now after Ferdinand wedged his forearm into the striker's face. Fairly, in that jostling for a high ball kind of way.

  • 9'

    Very little from United as an attacking threat so far, as Cech gathers a flick from Hernandez in the area.

  • 8'

    Bosingwa breaks forward but his cross is blocked then Torres follows up and dinks the ball out of play. Poor.

  • 7'

    John Brewin at Stamford Bridge: Wayne Rooney is the target for both fans and Michael Essien. I have seen him smile tonight so there's a first for a while.

  • 6'

    Torres looks bright as United defenders back off him. The shot is right at Van der Sar though.

  • 5'

    Ferdinand has looked tidy in his early touches, surprising given he last played on February 1st.

  • 4'

    A rip-roaring start at Stamford Bridge and a fantastic atmosphere. Same in Spain too, as Andres Iniesta puts Barcelona 1-0 up against Shakhtar.

  • 3'

    Rooney hits the turf after a late bump from Essien. Nasty too, his studs were up, and that looks painful.

  • 2'

    Torres very nearly gets a diving header in after excellent work from Bosingwa on the right. Well defended by Vidic.

  • 1'

    Decent first touch from Torres, drawing a foul from Evra.

  • 1'



    Here comes the teams.....


    And another! 93 per cent - Edwin Van der Sar has the best saves-to-shots percentage in the CL this season (93%), followed by Petr Cech (90%).


    Another one for you: the starting 22 in Chelsea vs Manchester United have a combined 1,128 matches worth of Champions League experience, setting a new competition record.


    Tonight's game will see Ryan Giggs become Man Utd's oldest outfield player in the Champions League at 37 years and 128 days. He beats the mark set by Laurent Blanc (37-119).


    You can't help but get excited when these two meet - seldom are we offered up anything but an intriguing game. Although there may not be goals galore like last night's games, this one will be just as fascinating no doubt.


    Chelsea may have got the better of Manchester United in recent league meetings but its worth noting that Alex Ferguson's side have only lost one of their last 21 Champions League away games - at Bayern last season.


    There's no escaping the talk of Moscow 2008, or those pictures of a weepy John Terry after missing the penalty that could have won it for Chelsea, and despite those still turning out for the Blues playing it down, revenge is on their minds, make no mistake about it.


    Chelsea start with Ramires and Zhirkov, in what looks like a standard 4-4-2 formation.


    Hernandez starts up front with Rooney, we think, and Park, Giggs and Valencia are in too.


    The team news is in. The highlights are that Torres and Drogba both start, and Rio Ferdinand makes a shock return.


    But Sir Alex claims that the Blues won't be thinking too much about Moscow at all.


    John Terry has revenge on the mind.


    Join us at 1945 BST to see the clash of the English titans as Chelsea take on Manchester United in the Champions League.