UEFA Champions League

September 15, 2009



1 - 0

FC Porto

Group D

18:45 +00:00, September 15, 2009

Stamford Bridge, England

Referee: Konrad Plautz

  • 90'

    It was far from a classic and a draw would have been a fair result, but the goal from Anelka settled it

  • 90'

    And that's it, game over

  • 90'

    Off! Fernando is dismissed for a second yellow with a late, sliding challenge on Cole

  • 90'

    Ooooh! Porto almost level, great ball across the face of goal and Feile just fails to get on the end of it

  • 90'

    Just two minutes to be added on

  • 90'

    Carvalho makes sure Chelsea stay safe by hacking away the delivery from the corner

  • 89'

    Shot from Varela deflected behind for a corner

  • 88'

    Falcao goes down in the box claiming a foul by Terry, but the decision goes against the Porto man

  • 87'

    Famous last words - you cannot see Porto scoring

  • 86'

    Chelsea playing keep-ball now

  • 85'

    Lampard shoots from 25 yards, this time the deflection is into the hands of the keeper

  • 84'

    Belletti strikes a shot from 35 yards and it goes wide off a deflection - the ref didn't see it and gave a goal-kick

  • 83'

    Although Porto don't look like scoring, they do seem to be the only team trying to

  • 82'

    Shot from Varela, it's not hit cleanly which enables Cech to claw it away

  • 82'

    Varela cuts back a good cross for Falcao, Carvalho slides in well to clear

  • 81'

    Porto seem to have run out of a bit of steam

  • 80'

    Hulk again goes on a direct run against Carvalho but hits the side netting from a tight angle

  • 79'

    This time there is a card following Fernando's block on Essien

  • 78'

    Strong challenge from Malouda, he could have been carded for that

  • 77'

    Time for a Chelsea change. Salomon Kalou is replaced by Juliano Beletti

  • 76'

    This is getting like basketball now. There seems to be another goal in the game - but who will get it?

  • 75'

    Another shot from Falcao, saved by Cech with his feet

  • 74'

    Kalou balloons a shot into row Z.

  • 74'

    The greedy Hulk fires from wide and 25 yards, scuffs it and again Cech can take

  • 73'

    Porto growing in confidence, looking for a leveller

  • 72'

    Shot from Guarin, straight at Cech

  • 71'

    It's played short this time, Malouda sees his shot blocked before Ballack has a fresh air shot

  • 71'

    Kalou wins another corner, this time from the right

  • 70'

    Corner from Lampard, Helton punches again

  • 70'

    Falcao gets a bit of space just outside the box but shoots straight at Falcao, who takes at the second attempt.

  • 69'

    Essien goes down in a heap from Fernando's challenge - no free-kick

  • 68'

    Good defending from Fucile stops Lampard from breaking in on goal

  • 67'

    Ivanovic slides off the pitch trying to keep the ball in and almost does himself an injury on the astroturf

  • 66'

    Another change for Porto as Varela comes on for Cristian Rodriguez

  • 65'

    Free-kick against Bruno Alves, climbing

  • 64'

    Falcao is tripped by Terry when on the burst, 10 yards inside the Chelsea half

  • 63'

    Malouda takes, Helton comes out confidently to punch to safety

  • 62'

    Free-kick to Chelsea, over on the right and a chance to deliver

  • 61'

    The rain is indeed back. And back with interest.

  • 60'

    Hulk goes on an incredible run down the line but fails to pick out an orange shirt

  • 59'

    Corner by Lampard, Ivanovic again gets there first and this time heads just a yard over

  • 58'

    Ivanovic again flies down the right and picks out Kalou for the header - Helton flies to his left to palm away

  • 57'

    Can Chelsea make sure with a second? And where's that rain!

  • 56'

    Fucile goes flying through the air with a challenge on Cole, somehow the Chelsea man evades the tackle and even more amazingly there's no yellow card

  • 55'

    Falcao comes on for Porto, replacing Mariano Nicolas Gonzalez

  • 54'

    Great play! Lampard feeds in Cole down the line, Cole crosses to the near post but Malouda can only hit the side netting. Close!

  • 53'

    Lampard takes from the right, Ivanovic wins the header but puts it over

  • 52'

    Corner to Chelsea

  • 51'

    Chelsea have the goal they craved - can they go on and finish the job?

  • 50'

    Free-kick to Porto 30 yards out. Bruno Alves stands over it and shoots - but it's always rising

  • 49'

    Anelka is played through the middle, he's onside but sees his shot blocked by Helton. It comes back to the Frenchman and he intelligently lifts it into the roof of the net. 1-0

  • 49'


  • 49'


  • 48'

    I think it might have stopped raining!

  • 47'

    Essien muscles Hulk off the ball in the box, never a penalty

  • 46'

    We're off

  • 45'

    The game has been affected by the rain for sure, but Porto have given as good as they've got.

  • 45'

    And that's half-time

  • 45'

    Free header Raúl Meireles at the back stick but it's as good as a backpass and straight to Cech.

  • 45'

    Kalou almost gets in but gets the ball stuck under his foot, and the challenge from Fucile sends the ball back to Helton

  • 45'

    Two minutes added.

  • 44'

    Malouda tries a snap shot from 25 yards, it's blocked.

  • 43'

    Hulk pulls back Terry, and gives the Chelsea skipper another nudge when he gets up

  • 42'

    Will we see Joe Cole today? He's on the bench

  • 41'

    Porto fans have been in fine voice throughout the first half

  • 40'

    Now doubt there'll be 22 new shirts there for the second half. Drenched.

  • 39'

    Chelsea look dangerous, but just don't seem to be capable of really testing Helton. Are they missing Drogba?

  • 38'

    Long-range shot from Malouda, always rising over the bar

  • 37'

    Ivanovic really is playing attacking today, bursting down the right

  • 36'

    Guarin beats Terry to a header and it just drops onto the roof of the net

  • 35'

    Hulk tries to make inroads but is going nowhere

  • 34'

    Luckily the Chelsea pitch is in good state, just a couple of mile away at QPR the game was called off before kickoff

  • 33'

    You cannot underestimate how bad the rain is at Stamford Bridge

  • 32'

    Porto enjoying good possession

  • 31'

    Another great ball from Ivanovic and this time both Ballack and Kalou cannot connect

  • 30'

    Raúl Meireles drives one from 25 yards but, like most shots, it's always wide of the post

  • 30'

    Driven cross from Ivanovic, Anelka sticks his boot out but fails to connect

  • 29'

    Headed chance for Mariano, he gets his header all wrong in fact it seems to come off his shoulder

  • 29'

    There is now a water trail as the ball goes across the pitch

  • 29'

    Kalou slips in Lampard through the middle, he turns and shoots - saved by Helton but the flag was up for offside

  • 28'

    Chelsea in command now, but the rain is making it difficult to play with control

  • 27'

    Poor control from Ivanovic on the flank gifts a throw to Porto

  • 26'

    Still no goals. Anywhere!

  • 25'

    Cross from Malouda on the left, Lampard's header goes as close to a throw as a goal

  • 24'

    It's back.

  • 23'

    The rain has died down now. We think it will be back.

  • 22'

    Superb ball from Lampard with the outside of hit right boot, a chance for Anelka but he makes poor contact in front of goal

  • 21'

    Poor shot from Essien, always dragged wide

  • 20'

    Another card, Malouda booked for a late challenge on Fredy Guarin

  • 19'

    Pinball! Anelka shoots, the ball pings around the box and almost comes back to the French striker but Porto survive

  • 18'

    Malouda swings in a corner from the right, punched clear by Helton

  • 17'

    On this wet surface you have to shoot, Frank... but he scuffs it

  • 17'

    Free-kick to Chelsea this time, Bruno Alves penalised. And it's about 30 yards from goal

  • 16'

    It's been a good start from Porto, willing to attack and try and cause problems for the home side

  • 15'

    Now Essien brings down Mariano Gonzalez, and the ref gets out his yellow card

  • 14'

    Foul by Cole on Mariano Gonzalez, midway in the Chelsea half

  • 13'

    Cristian Rodriguez tries his luck from the angle but it's always going live.

  • 12'

    The game has settled down now, the initial flurry of activity having subsided.

  • 11'

    In fact, the rain is getting worse.

  • 10'

    The rain is torrential in London. Fellow commentator Chris Murphy came back from the shop earlier like a drowned rat.

  • 9'

    The physio makes sure there's no head injury, Terry walks off to the side

  • 8'

    Terry gets an elbow in the face from Bruno Alves and is down. He's felt that.

  • 8'

    What a start! End to end.

  • 7'

    Corner comes in but it's headed wide

  • 7'

    Shot from Hulk from 20 yards, great effort which Cech forces away

  • 6'

    Another corner. Malouda this time but it's cleared with ease.

  • 5'

    Lampard with the corner and Rolando's clearing header almost ends up in his own net.

  • 4'

    Shot from distance by Lampard, Helton pushes it around the post

  • 3'

    Meireles swings a low free-kick into the box, it's headed away by Cole

  • 2'

    Malouda fouls Fucile over on the right, that's a free kick

  • 2'

    Early possession for Porto

  • 1'

    The game is under way.