UEFA Champions League

October 21, 2008


Manchester United

3 - 0


Group E

18:45 +00:00, October 21, 2008

Old Trafford, England

Referee: Frank De Bleeckere

  • 90'

    United's first two goals may have been illegal, but they were always the better side and full value for the three points. And they are now all but through

  • 90'

    And that's it, the game's over

  • 90'

    Another corner, taken short and wasted

  • 90'

    Corner to Celtic, Maloney takes and Rooney heads behind

  • 90'

    Three minutes to be added on

  • 88'

    Hartley almost forces his way through the United defence, good tackle from Evans

  • 87'

    The final whistle would be gratefully received now. This is over

  • 86'

    Poor low cross from Tevez, he had options in the centre but just found Boruc

  • 86'

    Villarreal 6-3 Aalborg

  • 85'

    Cross from Rooney, McManus heads away with Tevez ready to pounce

  • 84'

    Tevez is taken out by Loovens. Yellow card to match his shirt

  • 83'

    And here it is, Ronaldo replaced and on comes Park Ji-Sung

  • 82'

    United fans cheering every pass now, confident the points are in the bag

  • 81'

    Tevez is scampering around with real purpose - obviously something to prove here

  • 80'

    Ronaldo goes down on his ankle - he looks in real pain. No treatment though, but surely he'll be taken off as a precaution soon?

  • 79'

    Snap shot from Nani, but it's dragged wide

  • 78'

    Change for Celtic, Sheridan is on in place of McDonald

  • 78'

    United broke well with Fletcher and then Tevez who found Rooney. Rooney made the space before firing through a defender's legs into the corner. No chance Boruc. Game well and truly over.

  • 77'


  • 76'

    Rooney controls well on the edge of the D, makes a bit of space and hits one...

  • 75'

    McGeady dinks one it - straight to Van der Sar

  • 74'

    This last 15 minutes could be very pedestrian. Strap yourselves in!

  • 73'

    Booking for Hartley after he kicked the ball at Nani after felling him

  • 72'

    Another corner after a failed handball appeal, it eventually comes to Rooney who thumps one right at Boruc, put over

  • 71'

    Corner to United, Nani on the right yet again. He gets two stabs at it but still can't force anything

  • 70'

    Man United and Villarreal will be all but through after tonight, both on seven points with Aalborg and Celtic on one.

  • 69'

    Villarreal 4-2 Aalborg - game over now

  • 68'

    Ronaldo is inches from reaching Nani's cross from the right, would have been a cracking goal

  • 67'

    Villarreal 3-2 Aalborg. Bad news for Celtic

  • 66'

    Cross from Maloney - right into Van Der Sar's gloves. A rare break forward from Celtic

  • 65'

    Another corner, better this time but McManus clears at the near

  • 64'

    Nani takes again, and it's rubbish again - over hit

  • 64'

    Corner to United, won by Nani

  • 64'

    Shot from Nani, hits a defender

  • 63'

    Changes for Celtic now as Maloney replaces Robson and Nakamura is off for Hartley

  • 62'

    Ronaldo, playing on the left now, looking to cause more terror

  • 61'

    So, a free-kick over on the left. Ronaldo tries to whip it in... and hits the one-man wall

  • 60'

    Free-kick over the left now for United. Before that there's a change with Neville replaced by Brown and Berbatov off for Tevez. No hattrick tonight!

  • 59'

    Neville wins a corner. Nani over to the right to take - it's another poor corner from United

  • 58'

    Over! In his form you'd have put your house on him scoring - but he managed to put it over the top. Amazing

  • 57'

    Rooney feeds in Berbatov and he's almost in front of Loovens, so close to a chance for a hattrick. The ball then loops up to Rooney who has an open goal!

  • 56'

    You have to fancy that the only thing can happen now is more goals for United. This one is over, folks

  • 55'

    No! Offside! And this time replays show that Rooney was ONSIDE. What are the officials playing at tonight?

  • 54'

    Ronaldo slips Rooney in, he skips right and fires under Boruc. Goal!

  • 53'

    Woah! Offside again! When the shot was hit Berbatov was stood offside and, just like the first, it should have been disallowed. Lucky, lucky United

  • 52'

    Boruc's save is poor as he palmed it in front of him rather than out wide. And it was a simple task for Berbatov to tap into the open net

  • 52'


  • 51'

    Ronaldo does hit it - saved by Boruc but...

  • 51'

    Ronaldo is standing over it, positioning the valve as he likes it - right in the line of his boot.

  • 50'

    Anderson is felled by Brown 30 yards out, interesting from Ron?

  • 49'

    Berbatov almost puts Rooney in through the centre, McManus gets it to put it behind. The corner is woeful

  • 48'

    O'Shea knocks it behind for a corner, Chance here. Nakamura jogs over to the right to take, great header by Berbatov (!) at the near post to clear

  • 47'

    Celtic are now well over 10 hours without an away goal in the Champions League. They've a lot to do to end that run

  • 46'

    United are ready to get us going again. We're off!

  • 45'

    And that's half time. A deserved lead for United, but this game is far from over at 1-0

  • 45'

    One minute to be added

  • 45'

    Oooh! He cuts back onto his right and blazes over. Should have scored.

  • 45'

    The corner's taken short and it comes to nothing... but it's eventually worked into the area and it drops down to the unmarked Fletcher!

  • 45'

    More great play by Nani. Corner to United

  • 44'

    Nakamura takes, it goes over everyone before hitting O'Shea on the knee. It looks like it's going to find the corner of the net but Van der Sar gets down to his right.

  • 43'

    Free-kick give against Neville for a tug on Maloney. Chance to deliver from the left

  • 42'

    Good play by Rooney but McManus stands up and gets a foot in

  • 41'

    All United now, Celtic's forward passes going astray

  • 40'

    Sublime footwork from Nani, he shoots from the left edge of the area but it's always going wide

  • 39'

    Thumping effort from Rooney from over 20 yards, straight into the stomach of Boruc

  • 38'

    Great play from Nani, but again the cross fails to find a red shirt

  • 37'

    Villarreal 2-2 Aalborg. This is exciting stuff!

  • 36'

    Cross from Ronaldo is more dangerous this time, again McManus gets his head there first

  • 35'

    Comeback from Villarreal in the other game in this group. They now lead 2-1 at home to Aalborg

  • 34'

    McGeady gives it away inside his own area and United work it to Anderson who can only fire over the top

  • 33'

    Celtic had been playing well before that goal. It was a little harsh based on the previous five minutes

  • 32'

    Oh! But there's controversy! Replays show that Berbatov was in an offside position when O'Shea pushed it through. The goal should NOT have stood. Drama, drama, drama...

  • 31'

    The ball dropped down, O'Shea got a toe to it and it fell to Berbatov who was unmarked five yards out. The stiker just helped it over the line

  • 30'


  • 30'

    Nani takes from the left, it's very scrappy but falls for Berbatov...

  • 30'

    Nani skips through two men with ease on the left, gets the chance to cross but a defender is there. Corner

  • 30'

    ...OOOH! He thumps it three yards wide, maybe should have at least hit the target

  • 29'

    Berbatov finds a route to goal blocked off, but he manages to flick it out to Ronaldo in space...

  • 28'

    Celtic are growing in confidence now

  • 27'

    Nakamura chips it in, by McDonald is penalised for leaning into Fletcher

  • 26'

    Robson fouled by Fletcher. Free-kick to Celtic 25 yards out to the left of goal. Great chance here

  • 25'

    Great run from McGeady but his shot is blocked. Van der Sar scampers out of his area to stop the loose ball running behind

  • 24'

    All the goals are in Turkey. 1-3 to the Gunners now. Can't we have one here? Or perhaps a shot from United at least? If Celtic can manage it...

  • 23'

    Berbartov catches Wilson with a high foot. Foul but no card

  • 22'

    It is Ronaldo... and like all his free-kicks at the moment it hits a defender.

  • 21'

    Ronaldo is tripped 35 yards out and this is real chance for the Portuguese to thwack one.

  • 20'

    Drama! Villarreal 0-1 Aalborg! Who'd have thought it possible!

  • 19'

    Celtic break, the cross from the left evades everyone but there's Caldwell! His rasping drive is tipped over by Van Der Sar. The corner comes to nothing.

  • 18'

    Cross from Nani and Rooney's there with a Zaki style scissors kick which thumps into a defender. That was goal bound.

  • 17'

    Rooney and Berbatov almost link up with the 1-2. The Bulgarian would have been in

  • 16'

    No real test for Boruc at the moment. United on top but nothing brewing

  • 15'

    Rooney wins a corner, more United pressure. Nani plays it in, Wilson heads clear

  • 14'

    Fener 0-2 Arsenal in the other game involving a British side.

  • 12'

    Acrea of space for Neville down the right, there's three red shirts waiting for the delivery... but he overhits it and goes for a goalkick. Poor again.

  • 11'

    Corner comes in from the right.... and hits the sidenetting. Woeful from Nakamura.

  • 10'

    Great shot from McGeady forces Van Der Sar to push it round the post low down to his left. Corner

  • 9'

    Ronaldo's cross deflects off Naylor for a United corner. It's taken short, Ronaldo whips it into the centre but Vidic can't get there first

  • 8'

    Olay! O'Shea turns McGeady superbly and leaves him on his bum

  • 7'

    Evans fells McDonald. Free-kick on the left is floated in by Naylor - Vidic and O'Shea clear between them at the far post

  • 5'

    Great cross from Neville on the right, McManus does well to intercept at the near post.

  • 5'

    Ronaldo gets it over on the right, there's options in the box but he goes for the shot... and finds row Z

  • 4'

    United looking hungry in the opening moments, Celtic rocking

  • 3'

    Robson fouls Berbatov right by the corner flag. Free-kick. Nani stands over it but O'Shea fails to get on the end and Robson himself clears.

  • 2'

    United play the ball around neatly, but it's early days

  • 1'

    And we're off!


    Celtic defender Gary Caldwell passes a late fitness test on an ankle injury but is deployed in a sitting midfield role for the first time this season at the expense of the injured Marc Crosas. Glenn Loovens moves into the centre of defence with Mark Wilson coming in to his usual right-back role. Midfielder Shunsuke Nakamura, who scored in both games against United two seasons ago, comes in for Shaun Maloney who starts as substitute.


    Rio Ferdinand is out of the United side and is replaced by Johnny Evans, while John O'Shea is in for the injured Patrice Evra at left-back. Ronaldo plays despite stories he may be give a rest and is joined in midfield by Nani, Anderson and Fletcher. Rooney and Berbatov continue up front.


    Join us at 1945 BST for the 'Battle of Britain' as Scottish champions Celtic travel to Old Trafford.