UEFA Champions League

November 1, 2006


FC Copenhagen

1 - 0

Manchester United

Group A

19:45 +00:00, November 1, 2006

Parken Stadion

  • 93'

    You wouldn't want to be a United player in the dressing room right now - Mr Ferguson will be furious, but he must take his share of the blame after making six changes to a winning side. They must now go to Celtic Park to try and get the result they need to reach the knockout phase.

  • 93'

    United trudge off in despair while Copenhagen celebrate their first goal and first win in the Champions League.

  • 93'

    And that's the final whsitle - United lose 1-0 to Copenhagen.

  • 92'

    The ball is hooked in and bounces around. United eventually get the ball in the back of the net but the goal is ruled out for offside.

  • 92'

    Freekick to United in a dangerous area - Ronaldo will float the cross in

  • 92'

    Ferdinand has been thrown up front as a makeshift striker

  • 91'

    United are down to 10 men after Solskjaer is forced to leave the pitch with what looks like a hamstring injury - United have made thier three changes so United are down to 10 and chasing the game

  • 90'

    Three added minutes to be played

  • 89'

    Ronaldo takes a shot from an acute angle - a half chance, no more.

  • 89'

    Time running out for United - and there surely won't be much added on

  • 89'

    A final change by Copenhagen, off goes goalscorer Allback to great applause to be replaced by Dan Thomasen

  • 88'

    Carrcik loses control five yards outside the box and clatters into Norregaard for a freekick

  • 87'

    Van der Sar pumps a long ball up the pitch looking for someone to head the ball into the path of either striker

  • 86'

    Copenhagen have eight men behind the ball as they try to deny United who deserve a goal but have been unable so far

  • 85'

    Five minutes left - the crows are still in fine voice after what has been an even but not classic match. Both sides have been frustrating.

  • 84'

    Scholes fails in clever effort to loop the ball over the Copenhagen keeper who charges off his line - great keeping

  • 83'

    Copenhagen retreat into their half under pressure from United who are clearly looking for a goal to at least make appease Ferguson who looks a little unhappy - to say the least

  • 82'

    Heinze leaves the game to be replaced by Evra

  • 81'

    A booking for Ronaldo after too much back-chat aimed at the referee. The tricky winger has come in for some tough tackling tonight and is growing frustrated with his lot.

  • 80'

    Ten minutes to go. United thought they would be securing a place in the next phase tonight but Copenhagen are poised to spoil the party

  • 79'

    Kvist tries a shot from range then after turning Silvestre on the edge of the area but to no avail

  • 78'

    Jacobsen's corner is poor and United try to break with Rooney and Solskjaer try to quickly move the ball up the pitch

  • 77'

    Another corner after Ronaldo is judged to have blocked a wild shot from range

  • 76'

    Copenhagen have the bit between their teeth and have won another corner

  • 75'

    Frustrations spill over with a few United players, notably Heinze getting a bit shirty with the Copenhagen side after a few full-blooded tackles.

  • 74'

    The former Aston Villa man has given Copenhagen an unlikely lead. United were on top and cruising but were unable to clear their lines and Copenhagen have finally broken their scoring duck in this competition

  • 73'

    From deep corner the ball was played back to Hutchinson on the edge of the box who headed the ball into the six yard are where Marcus Allback managed to bundle the ball over the line at the second time of asking! 1-0 to the home side.

  • 72'

    Goal against the run of play for FC Copenhagen!

  • 72'

    Two cornes in quick succession for Copenhagen

  • 71'

    And a change for United; nighty night Darren Fletcher, good evening and welcome Paul Scholes

  • 70'

    Thank you and good night Silberbauer, hello sub William Kvist

  • 69'

    United are pegging Copenhagen back, making their forays into the final part of the pitch short affairs

  • 68'

    Solskjaer and Rooney combine with Solskjaer controlling the ball and unleashing a decent strike, but just off target

  • 66'

    Time for a change for Copenhagen leaving the pitch Martin Bergvold and in stead comes Fredrik Berglund

  • 65'

    Come on! Someone score, this is getting silly.

  • 64'

    Rooney didn't even have to break stride to connect with the cross but still the United striker is yet to score a goal for the club with his head

  • 63'

    Superb ball into the box from Heinze and Rooney fails to get his header on target

  • 62'

    A decent ball in from Wes Brown brings an good spell of United attacking to an end. The cross was too close to the keeper, but aside from the final ball United were looking ominous

  • 61'

    Wasted by Fletcher - who has been as good as I can remember him tonight

  • 60'

    Corner to United with an hour gone

  • 59'

    Rooney gets bundled off the ball on the edge of the box after trying to spread play to Fletcher on the wing. The Roonster is not best pleased - perhaps that will fire him up?

  • 58'

    United are upping the attacking effort - sensing perhaps that the home side are running out of ideas in the attacking department despite some decent possession

  • 57'

    Copenhagen look a little short of guile or invention this half - that one cross aside there is little coming from the home side. Unless you count some amazing chanting from the vociferous fans who deserve an award, or at least a beer

  • 56'

    Hutchinson wastes a clear chance for Copenhagen with a poor header after a well worked cross from the left flank

  • 55'

    The best move of the match ends with United squandering a clear chance; John O'Shea pulling his shot wide of the post after some wonderful passing football

  • 54'

    Carrick and O'Shea seem intent on hold poessession without spreading any exanpsive balls, as a result there is a lot of sideways movement

  • 53'

    Neither side has really shown much this half - still evenly matched, bt neither team dominating

  • 51'

    Allback is down and winded after a collision with second hald substitute Rio Ferdinand who replaces Vidic

  • 50'

    United try to play their way out of trouble in their own half - a bit risky for my taste

  • 49'

    The keeper isn't happy with Solskjaer, but the striker has every right to go for the ball and apologied for the clash

  • 48'

    Christiansen is left with a sore head after a collision with Solskjaer who didn't pull out of chase after a great threaded ball from Ronaldo

  • 47'

    Norregaard goes close with a header at the far post from a deep corner, but Van Der Sar is well placed and claims with little fuss

  • 46'

    Back underway in Copenhagen

  • 45'

    A decent showing by Copenhagen who have kept United at bay. The six changes United made to their side has shown, they've been slightly disjointed and lacking in fluency. Keep it here to see how the second half plays out and if United can secure a place in the knockout phase.

  • 45'

    That's the half time whistle.

  • 44'

    Silberbauer takes out Ronaldo who continues to get a good kicking

  • 44'

    Rooney drops deep to claim possession for United - great work ethic for one so talented and vaunted

  • 43'

    Offside against Hutchinson - Wes Brown was lucky, he didn't have a clue where the Copenhagen man was

  • 41'

    But while we're on the subject of goals it's difficult to see Copenhagen getting on the scoresheet: they haven't scored a single goal in the Champions League this season in their three games compared to United's 7

  • 40'

    Five mintues left to go this half and so far it's been a decent, well-balanced game. We do need a goal though!

  • 38'

    Rooney tries to slip a ball into Solskjaer feet after Fletcher broke down Copenhagen's hurrid attempts to empty their half

  • 37'

    Carrick and O'Shea have been reasonably good so far, but I'm still not convinced they are a pairing of any great distinction. But what do I know!

  • 36'

    Fletcher is looking quite tidy tonight, spraying some neat passes with the outside of his boot

  • 35'

    A scrappy period of play with neither side able to hold onto the ball

  • 34'

    Christiansen fools the on rushing Rooney with a Cruyff-esque drag-back - a neat, if risky trick by the keeper. Rooney will remember that one!

  • 33'

    Another overhit pass from Heinze aimed at Solskjaer - his radar is a little off tonight and his Hollywood passes are not findig their targets

  • 32'

    Rooney carves an opening for himself with his back to goal, but he lost his balance on the turn and dragged his shot with of the post

  • 31'

    The freekick is fired in, it's on target but is no match for Van der Sar

  • 30'

    Silberbauer wins a freekick for Copenhagen in a dagerous area in a wide area just outside the penalty area

  • 29'

    Offside for against Ronaldo - he's not happy, wagging his finger at the linesman

  • 28'

    A yellow card, the first of the night is shown to Copenhagen's Brede Hangeland for a late, clumsy challenge on Rooney

  • 27'

    It's been a very even game so far, but United have been making the class show in the last few minutes

  • 27'

    Solskjaer and Rooney both fail to collect a pass into the area from a Fletcher pass from the right wing

  • 25'

    Freekick to Copenhagen after O'Shea clattered into Allback - the ref tried to play advantage but brought play back after the move broke down.

  • 24'

    Brown whips in a decent ball which is met by Rooney, but his header is off target

  • 23'

    A half chance for United fades out, but there were glimpses of something threatening as Rooney, Solskjaer and Ronaldo moved the ball and sought space

  • 22'

    Heinze caught in possession on the left wing and Copenhagen seek to press

  • 21'

    Ronaldo on the deck again, this time after being felled by Gravgaard - looks like the Portuguese is in for somme rough treatment tonight

  • 20'

    A great claim from Van der Sar and United are back in possession

  • 20'

    Oscar Wendt looks very useful for Copenhagen - his endeavour results in corner for the home side

  • 19'

    Silvestre tries to thread a ball through a non-existent gap and all of a sudden United are on the back foot

  • 18'

    Ronaldo takes a tumble and looks thoroughly peeved to have been taken out by Norregaard

  • 17'

    It's worth noting that the pitch is an utter disgrace. It looks like it has recently played host to a number of pop and rock concerts... largley becuase it has; thanks very much Bruce Springsteen and George Michael!

  • 16'

    Heinze juggles the ball a few times before hooking a clearance away - a touch extravagant, but he got away with it. Show off.

  • 15'

    Carrick concedes a foul against Atiba Hutchinson, but Copenhagen waste the opportunity halfway into the United half

  • 14'

    A misunderstanding between Allback and Jacobsen let's Untied off the hook; it looked like shot was coming but Jacobsen's pass from the wing was mis-read by the striker

  • 12'

    A long range effort from Rooney finds the arms of keeper Jesper Christiansen

  • 11'

    United finally getting some possession with passes being worked from right to left

  • 10'

    A wee stat for you fact fans: Over 40 years ago Alex Ferguson scored a hattrick on this ground for Dunfermline. What chances of Rooney repeating his triple strike of last weekend and matching Fergie?

  • 9'

    O'Shea gets his foot on the ball in the centre and spreads play to Heinze who in turn launches a speculative ball long to Solskjaer, but he's asking too much of the striker

  • 8'

    Another foul by Allback, this time for a shove on Vidic

  • 7'

    A freekick to Copenhagen on the right flank ten yards in from the corner is dealt with well enough by United - though Brown and Silvestre are not many people's first choice central defensive pairing

  • 6'

    Freekick against Allback for another foul - he really is fired up

  • 5'

    Linderoth is pulling the strings in the midfield for Copenhagen - he's going to be quite a handfull for ohn O'Shea tonight

  • 4'

    Defender Michael Gravgaard concedes a freekick as the corner is delivered and the pressure is off United

  • 4'

    Another corner to the home side with the big central defenders up, looking for a header on goal from the set play

  • 3'

    Wes Brown concedes a corner for United

  • 3'

    Neat interplay from FC Copenhagen, work the ball into a dangerous area in the United half

  • 2'

    Vidic just about manages to hold off Marcus Allback and the ball is with Van der Sar - but Allback looks to be in determined mood this evening.

  • 1'

    A great atmosphere in the stadium, the fans chanting and cheering to warms themselves on what is a chilly night in Denmark.


    Early pressure for the United defence to cope with down the left wing


    Tonight's referee Wolfgang Stark of Germany blows his whistle and the game is underway in Copenhagen.


    And for Manchester United: Van der Sar, Brown, Vidic, Silvestre, Heinze, Fletcher, Carrick, O'Shea, Ronaldo, Rooney, Solskjaer. And on the bench: Kuszczak, Evra, Ferdinand, Smith, Scholes, Richardson, and David Jones.


    The FC Copenhagen side: Christiansen, Jacobsen, Hangeland, Gravgaard, Wendt, Silberbauer, Linderoth, Norregaard, Bergvold, Allback, Hutchinson. Subs: Gall, Berglund, Thomassen, Pimpong, Kvist.