UEFA Champions League

April 5, 2006



0 - 0


UEFA Champions League

18:45 +00:00, April 5, 2006

Stadio Delle Alpi

2nd Leg: 0 - 2 (Agg)

  • 90'

    Arsenal fans celebrate in the Delle Alpi. A date with Villarreal awaits and they will look to get revenge for Manchester United, Rangers and Everton - and book a place in the final to boot

  • 90'

    And there it is! The final whistle goes! Juve were woeful, Arsenal produced the professional performance needed to progress

  • 90'

    Flamini fells Zambrotta, free-kick over on the right. But again it's wasted as Senderos clears

  • 90'

    Just two minutes to be added on. Two minutes too many for Juve fans

  • 89'

    Just injury time stands between Arsenal and the semi-finals now. This game is over

  • 88'

    Arsenal are allowing Juve to have plenty of possession, safe in the knowledge that they are incapable of creating anything meaningful

  • 87'

    Straight away Diaby makes his way into the box and battles with Balzaretti but the ref sees a foul and blows up against the Arsenal man

  • 86'

    Arsenal make a second change as Vassiriki Diaby comes on for Aleksander Hleb

  • 85'

    Arsenal opt to work the corner short and backwards, happy to eat up some time

  • 84'

    Fabregas gets it in the centre and sees the run of Ljungberg. What a ball! Perfectly weighted to send the Swede through - but his touch is that of a hippo and Buffon can make the block - corner

  • 83'

    Real frustration among the Juve fans now - and they're letting the players know that it's been another hugely disappointing performance

  • 82'

    Ljungberg breaks through the centre, he's pushed out left and ignores the run of Fabregas to try his luck - and it's wild and wide

  • 81'

    Arsenal work it right and Hleb collects, he comes forward into the box and turns one way and then the other before shooting - inches wide of the far post

  • 80'

    Zambrotta trips Ljungberg, free-kick

  • 79'

    Zalayeta does well on the right to get to the byline. He tries to cut it back but only finds Lehmann

  • 78'

    Nedved had been Juve's main threat, really beginning to look hungry. But now he's gone the home side's chance must have also. There's no way back

  • 77'

    Players come running across in complaint, it's got to be a booking. It is! Nedved's already been booked! Red card for Nedved, and it had to be. Surely that has to be game over now

  • 77'

    Eboue picks up a loose ball, and looks to turn past Nedved to clear. Nedved flies in from behind and sends him flying to the deck. Free-kick

  • 77'

    Cannavaro plays a first time ball back into the area, Eboue misses it leaving Trezeguet in the clear - but his control is awful which gifts the ball to Lehmann. Another chance goes begging

  • 76'

    Nedved takes it, but it's poor and too low into the near post - Toure clears

  • 75'

    Juve are improving, the alamo has arrived. Nedved is really starting to turn on the style. Hleb trips him and it's a free-kick on the right

  • 74'

    Hesitation between Toure and Eboue almost lets in Nedved, but Toure cleans up and makes sure there is no serious gaffe

  • 73'

    Henry leans on Kovac when trying to turn and gives away a free-kick, which is taken short

  • 72'

    Balzaretti looks for Trezerguet with an angled ball over the top. There's too much on it and it goes out for a goal-kick

  • 71'

    It goes for a corner, delivered from the left, but it's over everyone and Arsenal can clear their lines

  • 70'

    Nedved is left free to advance onto a loose ball, and he leathers a superb, swerving half volley at goal forcing Lehmann into another good save

  • 69'

    Time running out for Juve now. They just haven't played well enough to suggest they can score once let alone twice. But if they do score the picture with change dramatically and give the Italians teal belief

  • 68'

    Nedved goes into the book for a poor challenge on Eboue

  • 67'

    Ibrahimovic tries his luck, the shot takes a deflection off Gilberto and that forces Lehmann into a smart save. Close again for the home side

  • 66'

    Another change by Juve as Federico Balzaretti comes on for Giorgio Chiellini

  • 65'

    ...good block by Buffon, though Fabregas did hit is straight at him. That was a great opportunity to end this tie once and for all.

  • 64'

    Arsenal break from that chance. It's Hleb bursting through the centre and he has options both sides. He slips in Fabregas on his right and he's through...

  • 63'

    Nedved is found on the left, he spot the run of Trezeguet centrally and it's a delightful low ball but inches in front of his boot. So close to an opener

  • 62'

    Robert Pires does come on now, as a replacement for Jose Antonio Reyes

  • 61'

    Juve make a change. Marcelo Zalayeta comes on for the woeful Adrian Mutu

  • 60'

    Ljungberg goes on a fine run, gets to the byline and cuts it back for Henry - Chiellni just gets a toe to the ball to poke it away from the Frenchman. Vital interception

  • 59'

    Juve have been offside countless times tonight, and Trezeguet is once more from a long ball. More frustration for the home fans

  • 58'

    Cannavaro looks for a ball over the top to the opposite flank - but there's no-one there and again the groans can be heard

  • 57'

    Chiellini, looking one of the more determined Juve players, crosses in from the left but again it's disappointing and Senderos towers up to clear

  • 56'

    Juventus are starting to play with more urgency now, but there's no fluency in the passing and the Arsenal defence is looking strong

  • 55'

    Juventus really are playing very poorly. As things stand, you can't see a way back for them in this tie

  • 54'

    Reyes goes down under a challenge from Giannichedda. There's no free-kick and Juve play on, passing it around the edge of the area before Emerson is caught offside.

  • 53'

    Toure's clearance comes to Reyes, and he's pushed over by Chiellini for a free-kick

  • 52'

    A flick off Toure's head look to be going out for a corner. The Ivory Coast defender sprints like a madman to keep it in and he does. The Juve fans then go mental as Trezeguet doesn't bother to even try and challenge him - allowing him to clear

  • 51'

    Buffon's long punt is won by Ibrahimovic, Trezeguet looks to get onto it but Toure has the pace to get there first and clear

  • 50'

    Henry's touch on the edge of the box was too heavy, very uncharacteristic of the man, which enables Buffon to block before the skipper can shoot. He should have done better

  • 49'

    Henry and Fabregas link up superbly and the return pass sends Henry through. He's in on Buffon and it's a great chance...

  • 48'

    Pires looks to be getting ready to come on, very early in the half

  • 47'

    It's a bit scrappy in the opening exchanges for the second 45

  • 46'

    Juve get the second half started, desperate to find a way back into this quarter-final clash

  • 45'

    Job done so far for Arsenal. There's been little in the way of a real test for either goalkeeper but perhaps the Gunners will be happier with the way they've played than Juve

  • 45'

    And that's half-time

  • 45'

    A minute of that is gone by the time Mutu hits it. He opts to loft it to the back stick but it's too high for Chiellini and out for a goal-kick. Wasteful

  • 45'

    Nedved has a bit of treatment as the board goes up to signal two minutes of injury time

  • 45'

    Flamini is penalised for a strong headed challenge on Nedved. He escapes without a second yellow but this is dangerous

  • 44'

    Reyes cuts in from the left and tries a shot with his weaker left foot from 20 yards, but it's disappointing and easy for Buffon

  • 44'

    Arsenal back on top now, looking for that away goal. A little more composure in the final third and they'll surely get it

  • 43'

    Now it's Reyes and Hleb linking up, again on the right. Hleb tries to find the advancing Ljungberg with a square ball but it's just intercepted

  • 42'

    Arsenal work it to Reyes on the right, he produces an inviting cross which Senderos just fails to get to first and again Juve clear their lines

  • 41'

    Henry is brought down by Mutu, free-kick take short. And straight afterwards Chiellini sends Ljungberg sprawling and this time he goes into the referee's notebook

  • 41'

    Arsenal win another corner, Henry crosses it in with pace from the left and it finds Senderos at the far post. His header from the edge of the area is angled downwards and a Juve man is there first to clear

  • 40'

    Reyes eventually delivers, it comes to Gilberto at the back stick and but his header lacks any real power and it's easy for Buffon

  • 39'

    Reyes trots over to the right to deliver, but he takes too long and is book for timewasting - and that's him out of the first leg of the semis should Arsenal make it

  • 38'

    Arsenal break with real pace. Eboue is played in down the right with a fine ball from Fabregas - he's in the clear. But the right-back's touch just lets him down with several yellow shirts waiting for the cross. A scramble leads to a corner

  • 37'

    Mutu brings down Flamini just inside the Juve half, free-kick

  • 36'

    Henry thinks he's won a corner but the ref gives a free-kick against the Arsenal skipper. He looks amazed but he did catch Chiellini with a stray arm

  • 35'

    Kovac picks out Mutu on the right with a fine raking ball. Mutu attempts to nod it into the area for Trezeguet but the groans are audible as it bounces into the gloves of Lehmann

  • 34'

    Juve are improving now, Arsenal being forced to sit a little deeper. Can the Serie A leaders find a goal before the break?

  • 33'

    Arsenal escape as the flag is up for offside - it's a good decision

  • 32'

    A ball over the top finds the head of Nedved, who heads it across goal for Trezeguet to tap into an empty net

  • 31'

    Chiellini trips Hleb, free-kick to Arsenal as Ljungberg returns to the fray

  • 30'

    Ljungberg's managed to cut his hand - maybe a stud on the finger - and he has to go off and get it cleaned up

  • 29'

    Ibrahimovic tries an acrobatic shot from just inside the area, it's too ambitious and well wide

  • 28'

    Mutu shows good determination up against Reyes, it breaks lose on the edge of the box and the advancing Zambrotta takes charge, gets to the byline to cut back into the box but again it's too close to Lehmann

  • 27'

    It's Henry to take from the left yet again, though this time there's too much on it and it's out for a goal-kick.

  • 26'

    It only comes as far as Senderos, whose first time drive deflects off a defender for another corner

  • 25'

    Henry takes, it's a good one but there's no yellow shirt in the centre and Chiellini clears

  • 24'

    Henry again turns well, this time on the left, and it takes two men to stop him - though it results in a corner

  • 23'

    Eboue blocks a cross from Chiellini and it's a corner on the left. Nedved trots over to take it but it's straight into the grasp of Lehmann. Ibrahimovic is penalised for a heavy challenge on the keeper as well

  • 22'

    Emerson again goes over the top looking for Ibrahimovic, this time he finds the Swede's head and it's cushioned to Chiellini - but he fires miles over the bar from 20 yards out

  • 21'

    Giannichedda and Chiellini clash heads in going for the same ball. The former looks a little shaken but he'll be okay

  • 20'

    Fabregas does well, finding Henry on the edge of the D. The skipper swivels superbly to lose his marker but another defender is immediately across, forcing the snap shot which Buffon gets down well to save

  • 19'

    Emerson looks for the long punt over the top for the towering figure of Ibrahimovic, but it's too strong and through to Lehmann

  • 18'

    Flamini enters the book for a trip on Mutu

  • 17'

    Reyes and Fabregas link up well, but the Spanish teenage struggles to take it in his stride in the area and that enables Giannichedda to get a challenge in. It comes off the Arsenal man and out for a goal-kick.

  • 16'

    Juve enjoy some good possession but uncharacteristically it's Nedved who gives it away with poor control, allowing Arsenal to work the ball up the pitch

  • 15'

    The throw is worked centrally to Zambrotta, and his first time volley goes inches wide of Lehmann's right-hand post - great effort

  • 14'

    Nedved links up well with Chiellini on the left, allowing the defender to play in a low ball which Toure is forced to hack away from inside the area for a throw

  • 13'

    Arsenal are beginning to get on top now. They know that an away goal effectively ends this tie and will book a semi-final clash with Villarreal

  • 12'

    Now Henry shows good skills, turning into the byline and he wins a corner. It's floated in wrong the left - it's poor and into the gloves of Buffon

  • 11'

    The loose ball drops to Ljungberg who produces a brilliant curling cross to find Gilberto unmarked at the back stick, but he get it all wrong - getting no power or direction on the shot - which enables Juve to clear

  • 10'

    Arsenal take a short corner, and it's finally played into the box by Hleb. It's a poor one and easily cut out

  • 9'

    Fabregas and Eboue link up superbly, the Spaniard picking out the right-back's overlapping run. He tries to cut in a low cross but it's cut out for a corner

  • 8'

    Arsenal are starting to grow into the game now, Juve unable to fashion an early opening

  • 7'

    Juve are struggling at the moment, with only one win in their last five games and a shortage of goals. At the weekend they drew 0-0 at Treviso, who were rock bottom of Serie A with 12 home defeats in 15 games.

  • 6'

    Giannichedda trips Ljungberg from behind, and that's a free-kick

  • 5'

    Senderos again does well, this time up against Ibrahimovic showing good strength to hold off the Swedish striker and clear

  • 4'

    Mutu looks to break forward, but Senderos is there with a superbly timed challenge to thwart the move

  • 3'

    Ibrahimovic shows good control on the right and curls in a cross, but it's just over the head of Nedved

  • 2'

    Juve look hungry early doors, desperate to find a goal to really put the pressure on

  • 1'

    It's Henry and Ljungberg to get the big match underway


    The Italians, trailing 2-0 from the first meeting last week, are without suspended former Gunners captain Patrick Vieira. Czech Pavel Nedved is back from a ban to start in midfield, but experienced defender Lilian Thuram is only named on the bench while Jonathan Zebina and Mauro Camoranesi are suspended after their dismissals at Highbury.


    Both Cesc Fabregas and Emmanuel Eboue have been passed fit and take their places. Veteran England defender Sol Campbell returns to the squad for the first time since February 1, while Robert Pires drops to the bench as fit-again Freddie Ljungberg starts.


    The teams come out at the Delle Alpi and the atmopshere is electric. The flares have been lit, the huge flags are out and the Juve fans are making it an intimidating atmosphere.