UEFA Champions League

March 8, 2006



0 - 0

Real Madrid

UEFA Champions League

19:45 +00:00, March 8, 2006

Highbury, England

2nd Leg: 1 - 0 (Agg)

  • 90'

    A young team has shown an ageing bunch of ailing stars just how it's done. They cared more. Simple as that. And Real Madrid's galactico era has ended as a sham.

  • 90'

    As good a 0-0 as there can be sees Arsenal into the quarter-finals. Real Madrid potless for three years again. Arsenal's hopes of Euro glory are alive. And they will carry England's hopes too.

  • 90'

    One more chance to get it in. Beckham looks casual in chipping in. That's because he knows that's it. The whistle blows.

  • 90'

    Hoofed in again. Headed away. Cassano flits out right. Slotted in for Baptista. His shot is low. Lehmann saves down low.

  • 90'

    The fans are singing their hearts out. They know it's over.

  • 90'

    Free-kick and a chance to breathe for Arsenal.

  • 90'

    But nothing doing. Into stoppage time. Real are minutes away from going three years without anything.

  • 90'

    Casillas up for the corner. He doesn't get there. And Pires can run away. His shot is stopped on the line by Roberto Carlos. And then Real charge up the other end.

  • 89'

    Cassano hammers in a cross. No-one chasing it in. Senderos nearly obliges.

  • 88'

    Long hoofs the order of the day for Real Madrid. It's a lack of ideas for them.

  • 87'

    And Liverpool go out! 2-0 to Benfica!

  • 87'

    Arsenal are heading for glory here. Real look out of ideas. Cassano tries to chase back.

  • 86'

    Bergkamp on for Hleb, who has run his heart out. Perhaps his best game for Arsenal.

  • 85'

    Raul Bravo hacks down Hleb. And then makes it worse by trying to get the Belarussian up. He's booked and Hleb takes an age anyway.

  • 84'

    Beckham takes an age with it. And it's cleared by the first man. A poor night for Beckham so far.

  • 83'

    He gets booked for a kick on Casillas too. Robinho on for Salgado.

  • 82'

    Beckham again takes a poor free-kick. Arsenal break. Fabregas flails. Then it comes away with Baptista. Henry ends up with it after another Real midfield breakdown. But he can't do anything.

  • 81'

    Free-kick chance. Taken short for Carlos. For some reason. Ljungberg is brave and blocks. Shades of Alan Smith but thankfully no injury.

  • 79'

    The signs are he'll continue.

  • 78'

    Henry probing out left. But concedes a free-kick. Beckham away on the right. Flamini fouls him for a free-kick. Henry is down. Play-acting? Playing for time? Or injured?

  • 77'

    Henry's turn to shoot again. Easier to deal with for Real. They clear.

  • 77'

    Beckham again drifts a ball out. His delivery of the ball has been poor most of the evening.

  • 76'

    Casillas comes out. He's been superb tonight. He stopped Henry in his tracks.

  • 76'

    Henry again fires in. A wonderful dipping shot ebbs away from goal. Great attempt. No goal though.

  • 74'

    Arsenal may rue chances like that. All hands to the pump from them. Cassano flips over a ball to Beckham. He heads across and Lehmann collects. A waste from the England skipper.

  • 73'

    Then, a golden chance. Henry finds himself in on goal. He bends it in. But Casillas pulls off a truly remarkable save.

  • 73'

    Chaos in the Real box. Senderos looked to be pushed. He wasn't, according to the ref.

  • 73'

    Raul to come off for Cassano. He scored here once for Roma. Ronaldo, inexplicably, is still on.

  • 72'

    Beckham the target for a long ball from Baptista. Arsenal have ridden the storm of ten minutes ago. Real looking somewhat lacking in ideas.

  • 70'

    Salgado held off Ljungberg as Pires attempted the ball through. The Frenchman on for Reyes.

  • 69'

    Eboue again on the overlap. Who needs Lauren. Deflected shot wins a corner. And time.

  • 68'

    Ronaldo out wide. He wanted to cut in. He telegraphed his intentions. The shot never got to Lehmann.

  • 68'

    Beckham offside. Needs pace to play out there. Sven should be mindful of that.

  • 67'

    On comes Julio Baptista for an injured Gravesen. One-time Arsenal target could be an aerial threat to the Gunners.

  • 66'

    Eboue got round the back. His shot is deflected out. Hleb flashes wide. If he'd kept his head he could have slotted it to Henry. Game over. Except he didn't.

  • 65'

    Hleb and Ljungberg buying a bit of time. Real playing the pressing game.

  • 64'

    Lehmann at it again. Claims a lofted ball ahead of Raul. And then makes a meal of it all.

  • 64'

    Pires to come on it seems. His skills could trouble that clod-hopping Real defence.

  • 63'

    Beckham overhits. Shades of those ads with Jonny Wilkinson.

  • 62'

    Another free-kick. They're mounting up. Gravesen showing signs of injury.

  • 62'

    Beckham's free-kick is into the box. Ronaldo heads over. Ramos was behind him and would have scored. Arsenal threatened now.

  • 61'

    Zidane fouled as Real are starting to get back in it. Are the old men playing from memory?

  • 60'

    Gravesen heavily involved. He shoots wide and is booked a moment later for a foul.

  • 59'

    Amazing scenes! Raul shoots past Lehmann. It swerves on to the post. And out to the Spain captain. He shoots at goal and then Lehmann palms away Raul's dink. Hearts in mouths.

  • 59'

    Fabregas chips to Henry. Heads wide. But again. It's an offside.

  • 58'

    Zidane awakes from his torpor. Great ball in. Arsenal clear as Beckham came in on the right-hand side. Still capable.

  • 57'

    Beckham bust a lung to get the ball. Ronaldo stood stock still. Get him off. It's embarassing for a man who once had the world at his feet.

  • 56'

    Fabregas steals in to shoot. But offside flag signals the outcome is immaterial.

  • 55'

    Zidane flips it through to Ronaldo. Good control but it was a poor ball. Senderos steals in. That's the way it's going all night when these two men, 6 World Player awards between them, get the ball.

  • 54'

    Reyes plays in Ljungberg. But the Swede loses his bearings and Real Madrid muddle it away.

  • 53'

    Hleb terrorises Roberto Carlos. The ball is passed to Ramos who is fouled by Hleb.

  • 52'

    Beckham drifts it over the bar. Hint of a miskick. Or a Ronaldinho v England job. No matter. It missed.

  • 52'

    Salgado is at least trying. Ronaldo grabbed by Henry. But he'd given up already. Roberto Carlos wants the free-kick. Beckham will take.

  • 51'

    Ronaldo again fails to connect with the ball. He really should not be playing. His mind is elsewhere. Hleb is active though and he hems back the Real defence with his strong running.

  • 49'

    Beckham stopped by Senderos. He's done very little tonight. But he's not alone in that. Playing a right wing position he perhaps does not have the pace for.

  • 48'

    Zidane condedes a throw. Maybe he should concede that he's not any good any more.

  • 47'

    Beckham chasing shadows as Ronaldo looks uninterested again.

  • 47'

    Guto loses out in a tackle and goes off injured. He too will be back.

  • 46'

    Real need a big push here. Arsenal will do with no goals. They seem as though they may be England's sole representative in this year's tournament.

  • 45'

    Off we go again. Ronaldo is still on. Which is a surprise.

  • 45'

    A half that should have seen Arsenal put the game behind a team with the best players in the world. The best players in the world from five years ago that is. Reyes twice could have ended matters. The second half promises much.

  • 45'

    Ball from Roberto Carlos finds Ronaldo flat-footed. Both Brazilians are past their best and not enjoying this at all. The Highbury boys are though.

  • 45'

    Beckham gets a chance to cross. But it's with his left. Zidane does not have the pace to get there. Real Madrid are a team of old men. Arsenal must surely be too quick for them.

  • 45'

    Ronaldo gets a run at goal. He falls over as he charges on. 'You fat bloater,' sing the Gunners' fans. Or words to that effect. Eight years ago he'd have run past all of them and scored.

  • 43'

    Tempers fraying now. Toure tackles well. Reyes gets away but Roberto Carlos clatters him. That's a yellow card.

  • 42'

    Raul and Ronaldo get in a tangle. Arsenal break clear and Henry is away...Reyes clear on goal. He must score. But hits the bar. A terrible miss.

  • 41'

    Toure flails away as he clears. Arsenal have been assured at the back. Few shots for our acting friend to save.

  • 40'

    Henry wrongfoots himself before a massed rank of Real get the ball away. Fabregas' ball to Hleb is just off target.

  • 40'

    Ronaldo makes a tackle. But doesn't receive a ball when he ventures back forward.

  • 38'

    And he continues on. A minor miracle. Back to the action. Ljungberg dances round Gravesen. But Real clear. Zidane is sluggish again. His time has surely come. And gone.

  • 37'

    Raul shakes his hand in a sporting gesture.

  • 36'

    Lehmann still down. He'll be fine. For him, my friends, the game is not over.

  • 35'

    Bad news for Liverpool - Benfica have scored a vital away goal. 2-0 to the Portugese!

  • 35'

    Long ball for Raul. He reaches out for it. Lehmann gets there. Is slightly hit. But Lehmann makes the most of it. Herr Lehmann is a bit of an actor. Was he in Downfall?

  • 34'

    Reyes charges. Raul Bravo hacks away for little reason. Nerves back there for Real.

  • 33'

    Zidane back to clear. Henry gets back to tackle Guti. All hands to the pump. Now Henry is down. Worry for a second but he's up. A minor bang to the head.

  • 32'

    Senderos the target for the free-kick. Ramos heads behind. Corner.

  • 31'

    Now Ramos commits a foul as Reyes goes on a charge. No booking. And that's a surprise.

  • 29'

    Ramos gifts it to Hleb. But Salgado, the only Real man who wants to defend it seems, clears the ball.

  • 29'

    Henry has an even better chance. Salgado stops him and then deflects the rebound shot from Reyes over the bar. Plenty of action at both ends.

  • 28'

    Minor panic as Zidane and Ronaldo combine to give Beckham a chance to cross. Maybe Beckham should have shot.

  • 27'

    Another free-kick. Taken short and lifted too high and too slow from Beckham. Lehmann claims unchallenged.

  • 26'

    Poor pass from Sergio Ramos. Real's passing lacking the crispness of Barcelona, their great rivals.

  • 25'

    He takes. But it's rather tame and Lehmann collects despite a nasty bounce.

  • 24'

    Zidane shows some skill. Both in his trick and in falling over. Another free-kick. Beckham surely to take.

  • 23'

    Senderos gets lucky with a long ball. Eboue on the charge. Raul Bravo slides in. Real get it clear.

  • 22'

    Yep, I was right. Didn't beat the wall. Someone needs to tell him he's not very good at free-kicks. David Beckham is.

  • 20'

    Roberto Carlos will take in usual style. And miss.

  • 20'

    Raul Bravo is cumbersome in possession. But his pass finds its way up front. Foul given and a free-kick chance.

  • 19'

    Corner is knocked clear. Hleb's fresh air shot. Then after some more pressure Hleb comes in on goal. But Carlos charges in. Hleb lashes out. Two good opportunities for the man from Belarus.

  • 18'

    Hleb and Cesc link well. Henry teasing the defence. Ljungberg creates and slips in Cecs. Lovely position but he hits the legs of Roberto Carlos. Corner. And another chance gone.

  • 17'

    Ljungberg drifts a ball long. Again there's a noticeable lack of men up top. Henry will have to do it on his own.

  • 16'

    Henry dips in a free-kick. Senderos is given a free header. And doesn't get his head to it. That's another miss. Gunners getting the chances. But not taking them.

  • 15'

    Raul's beautiful flick on to Ronaldo. He's through on goal but a superb tackle by Gilberto. Or was it a foul? No penalty. And then a frustrated Guti is booked for a foul on Eboue.

  • 13'

    Guti theatrical as he wins a free-kick.

  • 12'

    Beckham stopped by Senderos as he came in from the right to head the ball.

  • 11'

    Gravesen nearly caught again in front of his own box. He got away with it.

  • 10'

    Henry on the attack. Forced to go on his own. Lacked support there. Zidane comes away with it.

  • 9'

    Ronaldo shows real skill but looked to be brought down. Our Slovak ref waves play on.

  • 8'

    Beckham finds himself out left. But his cross is away from the lurking Raul and Ronaldo.

  • 7'

    Deflected out. Gravesen fires goalwards and it pings around. But the Gunners get a foothold.

  • 7'

    Ronaldo forces a corner off Gilberto.

  • 6'

    Both sides have had chances. It's been very open. Not like Barca v Chelsea at all.

  • 6'

    Reyes fouls Guti. The Spaniard was not popular a couple of weeks ago after his play-acting.

  • 4'

    Zidane stopped by Eboue and young Cesc. He's not got the legs to beat the young Gunners.

  • 4'

    A real chance again as Real Madrid commit suicide. Gravesen's header gives Henry a chance to give Reyes a shooting chance. He misses. And that could be costly. Real were all over the place.

  • 3'

    Corner is palmed away by Lehmann. Roberto Carlos pot-shot is wide. But Real already looking more bothered than 15 days ago.

  • 2'

    A warning sign: Gravesen curls in a cross. Ronaldo has a heading chance. But he heads into Lehmann.

  • 2'

    Hleb breaks after a great tackle from Toure. Then Henry threads in Ljungberg. Ramos clumsy and a penalty claim. But there is no dice for the Arse.

  • 1'

    Rainy weather greets the kick-off. Great noise from the Highbury library too. Reyes is on the attack first. But then Zidane gets the ball and attempts to thread a pass. It ends up with Lehmann.


    Woodgate also missing as the Gunners go 4-5-1 - the formation Monsieur Wenger pronounced his ennui with last season. Some things never change. Others do.


    Same team for Arsenal as last time. But Real have made changes in defence. And chosen to stick with Ronaldo. Robinho is on the bench as Raul comes in.


    Good evening. It's the game which will define the seasons of Arsenal and Real Madrid. Win the tie or bust for the pair of them. The Gunners have the advantage after that famous win in Bernabeu but they could rue some missed chances in Spain.