UEFA Champions League

May 26, 2004


FC Porto

3 - 0

AS Monaco

UEFA Champions League

18:45 +00:00, May 26, 2004

Arena Auf Schalke, Germany

Referee: Kim Nielsen

  • 94'

    Porto proved to be worthy winners with three well taken goals. They were disciplined, well-organised, compact and played the game perfectly. The first goal was all-important and while not spectacular Porto were ultra-efficient and deserved the win.

  • 94'

    The loss of Monaco's inspirational captain Ludovic Giuly proved telling. How much will he rue his early miss in the first half before he was forced to leave the pitch?

  • 94'

    The final whistle is blown and Porto have won the 2004 UEFA Champions League Final by 3 goals to nil!

  • 93'

    Porto spread the ball around, keeping possession and holding a defeated Monaco at arms length

  • 92'

    Mancihe clearly wants his name on the score, he's attacking with fervour

  • 91'

    Another poor corner. Monaco will get no conciliation prize with delivery like that.

  • 90'

    Four more minutes signalled by the fourth official as Monaco win another corner

  • 89'

    The ball comes in and is cleared with the minimum of fuss

  • 89'

    Out wide Prso switches the ball inside and a cross is directed towards Morientes, who wins a corner

  • 88'

    And the whislte from the crowd begin!

  • 87'

    A half chance for Nonda, but great defending by Carvalho allows enough time for Baia to claim the loose ball

  • 86'

    Maniche finds himself in the Monaco area, but he is out-numbered 4 to 1

  • 85'

    Morientes clips a ball to the wing, but no-one runs to collect and another Monaco effort collapses

  • 84'

    Another change for Porto, this time they take no chances as forward Deco is subbed for centre back Pedro Emanuel

  • 83'

    Monaco are still playing nice, neat football - all crisp passing but no penetration

  • 82'

    Baia is down again after coming off worst in a 50-50 challenge

  • 81'

    A gallery of rich and famous Monaco fans sit in the stands and look quite glum, from royalty to Michael Schumacher! Still when you've got that much cash you can cheer yourself up, surely?

  • 80'

    We are into the last 10 minutes and still the chances are not dropping for Monaco, this time Morientes misses a half-chance

  • 79'

    Traditionally the Porto side is quite, shall we say, theatrical, happily though they have played the game in the best spirit and it has been refreshing to say the least. Anyway, Baia is fine!

  • 78'

    A freekick for Monaco is whipped in by Rothen and Vitor Baia is down on the deck and looks to be injured

  • 77'

    A change for Porto: Off comes Derlei and in his place Benni McCarthy

  • 76'

    The Monaco side a shellshocked - the dream is over

  • 75'

    Alenitchev has surely sealed the win with an emphatic strike. He latched onto a deflected pass from Derlei and although Roma came off his line to cut the chance out he failed and Alenitchev made no mistake with a wonderful hit!

  • 74'

    The game is over: Porto score again!

  • 72'

    There is time left for a comeback, remember 1999?

  • 71'

    Change for Monaco: Sebastien Squillaci is on for Gael Givet as Deschamps gambles

  • 70'

    Great sweeping attack by Porto and Deco slotted a shot home after collecting a rolled back ball from Alenitchev

  • 69'

    Goal to Porto!!

  • 68'

    Porto absorb the pressure and break

  • 67'

    Rothen takes a short corner but the clever idea fails

  • 67'

    Truth be told the games is lacking flow. Monaco are full of fight and are applying pressure, but decisions by the linesman and the ref are stifling the match

  • 67'

    Ibarra and Morientes exchange passes but the promising move breaks down

  • 65'

    Nonda caught offside as Monaco press - another close call

  • 64'

    Harsh call by the ref - he gives a foul against Bernadi for a fair but full-blooded tackle on Deco

  • 63'

    A change for Monaco: Off come Cisse and in his place Shabani Nonda

  • 62'

    Rothen's kick is tame but Porto soon squander the ball and are attacking again, but the offside flag is up

  • 61'

    A good spell for Monaco, plenty of pressure. THEy win another corner

  • 60'

    And the change is made: Alenitchev comes on and replaces the goal scorer, Carlos Alberto - quite a defensive move by Porto, are they satisfied with what they have?

  • 59'

    Decent move by Monaco ends with a cross from the right and a header from Prso

  • 58'

    Porto preparing to introduce Dmitri Alenitchev

  • 57'

    Carvalho goes in hard on Morientes and gifts Monaco a freekick - anxious looks towards Morientes who was an injury worry going into the game!

  • 56'

    Prso has a half chance to get a shot away after getting in behind Valente, but the bounce of the ball deceived the striker and Porto escape

  • 55'

    Monaco break out of defence but an awful ball from Cisse means the move collapses

  • 54'

    Mistake by Evra allows Porto to get a foothold in a dangerous position

  • 53'

    Prso tries an elaborate flick to release Morientes, but he misses the ball and loses possession or his side

  • 52'

    Offside given against Deco

  • 51'

    Freekick given against Prso. Harsh call against the forward who man-handling Jorge Costa as much as he was being man-handled himself!

  • 50'

    Rothen does some good clearing up in the centre but Erva wastes the pass

  • 49'

    Half a chance for Monaco. A long ball from Ibarra dropped for Morientes who exchanged passes with Prso on the edge of the area, but the shot was never on

  • 48'

    Monaco are camped inside the Porto area, but the referee spots a problem and Porto have a freekick

  • 47'

    Ibarra takes on two players but his pass inside is cut out

  • 47'

    Mendes plays a clever ball to Maniche on the overlap on the left wing, but the final ball into the box id over-hit and Monaco are back in possession

  • 46'

    Monaco surely need to get the ball to Rothen to get them back into the game

  • 45'

    Costinha plays the ball back to Baia who launches a huge kick up the field towards Deco

  • 45'

    And we're back underway...

  • 45'

    Here come Porto after taking up every moment of halftime to get their tactics sorted for the crucial second half

  • 45'

    The Monaco players are back on the pitch with the second half imminent, but no sign of Porto yet!

  • 45'

    The second half should be more lively than the first with Monaco needing to redress the balance, but Porto have a lot of faith in their defensive capabilities so the next 45 minutes will be a fascinating contest. Keep it here to discover who will be crowned as the Champions of Europe!

  • 45'

    Porto showed great defensive capabilities in the first half and were disciplined in the way they tried to contain Monaco. It may not have been the prettiest, but it has proved effective.

  • 45'

    So, halftime in Gelsenkirchen and the advantage is with Porto despite Monaco having enjoyed the better first half in terms of play and possession. But goals win games and Porto are one to the good thanks to Carlos Alberto's strike.

  • 45'

    But Rothen's corner kick is well read by Costinha and the danger is cleared

  • 44'

    Ibarra wins a corner for Monaco in the closing moments of the half

  • 44'

    For Mourinho and Porto the call will surely be 'More of the same'!

  • 43'

    Halftime approaching and Didier Deschamps will earn his wage if his team talk can inspire Monaco to get back into this match

  • 43'

    Great turn and pace from Ibarra who breaks forward for Monaco

  • 41'

    Bernardi takes a tumble in the Porto penalty area - it wasn't a foul, but he was offside anyway!!

  • 40'

    Unlucky for Monaco who have been the better team over the half - but perhaps the game will now open up as a result

  • 39'

    Carlos Alberto with a great strike on the half volley in the penalty area. The ball was crossed in from the right by Ferreira, Carlos Alberto had one touch and then on the turn lashed the ball into the net, 1-0!!

  • 38'

    Goal to Porto!!

  • 37'

    Unfortunately he is under pressure from Paulo Ferreira and the result is a goalkick

  • 36'

    Deco is hussled of the ball by two defenders and Evra receives the ball on the far side of the pitch and tears forward

  • 35'

    Morientes tried to catch the ball with a skillful turn after a slide rule pass, but even he couldn't control the ball like that!

  • 34'

    Carlos Alberto loses the ball and Monaco press down the right

  • 33'

    The corner is taken but the ball goes out of play before reaching the box - goalkick

  • 32'

    Prso feeds the ball to Rothen, but he is caught in possession and like lightening Carlos Alberto is breaking down the wing. He wins a corner

  • 31'

    The dead ball is whipped in towards the goal-mouth but Roma clears the danger out to the opposite flank and Monaco break clear

  • 31'

    A long ball up for Porto results in a corner

  • 30'

    Morientes caught offside

  • 29'

    Neat exchange of passes by Porto in the Monaco area nearly releases Deco, but Rodriguez cuts out and clears the danger

  • 28'

    Valente tries to take on Prso in his own half and gets caught out - he backs tracks to cover for his mistake and ends up fouling Cisse as a result and gets a yellow card

  • 27'

    Cisse and Bernadi link-up well deep inside the Porto half, but a mix up of communication means the Prso and Morientes went for the same cross and the ball is cleared

  • 26'

    Rothen is forced back by Paulo Ferreira, great defending against a talent like Rothen

  • 25'

    Baia screams in frustration after kicking a goalkick straight into touch and allowing Monaco to build from the back

  • 24'

    Prso has an early touch directing a header towards Morientes, but the move is cut out

  • 22'

    Dado Prso is coming on for Ludovic Giuly, the Monaco skipper, and that is bad news for the game as well as Monaco: Giuly is a quality player, but sadly appears to have got a knock or a strain of some kind

  • 22'

    Terrible news for Monaco - Giuly is injured and coming off!

  • 21'

    Monaco are firmly in the ascendancy - Porto restricted to tame long balls and sideways moves

  • 20'

    Vitor Baia comes off his line to gather a loose ball - the Porto defence playing quite high up the pitch so far. A dangerous tactic?

  • 19'

    Great move by Monaco! Rothen, released by Giuly on the left wing, crossed in looking for Morientes, but the ball was just too strong

  • 18'

    Givet and Zikos double-team Carlos Alberto and foul him into the bargain!

  • 17'

    Evra tried to take on two Porto defenders when he had a man in support on the overlap - disappointing way to end a promising move

  • 16'

    Giuly manages to avoid getting a ticking off from the ref after a clumsy foul on the livewire Carlos Alberto

  • 15'

    Another offside decision - this time against Porto, Hugo Ibarra moving up just at the right moment to foil the attack

  • 14'

    Close, but correct, offside decision given against Monaco - both Giul and Morientes straying off

  • 13'

    Monaco are clearly worried about Deco and as a result Jerome Rotten has resisted using the flanks, therefore restricting Monaco's attack

  • 12'

    Deco, who has switched from right wing to left, slips a neat ball inside to Valente who fires in a decent cross but Porto fail to make the most of the move

  • 11'

    A nice ebb and flow to the game so far - quite open. Monaco having the ball and the best chances in the first 5 minutes, but since the opening exchanges Porto have shown some signs of danger

  • 10'

    Jorge Costa launches a ball from deep looking for Deco, but his pass is wayward

  • 9'

    Monaco manages to get back and spare Carvlho's blushes by thwarting the Porto attack - this time!

  • 8'

    Carvalho wastes the ball for Monaco and Porto swarm forward

  • 7'

    Costinha wins the ball in midfield and spreads it to Nuno Valente who in turn switches the ball to Deco on the far side of pitch

  • 6'

    The ball isn't struck fiercely and Monaco keper Flavio Roma punches it clear

  • 6'

    Zikos brings down Deco on the right wing - freekick in a dangerous area for Porto

  • 5'

    Porto's backline catch Giuly offside and quickly switch play to the other half of the pitch with a long clearance

  • 4'

    Carlos Alberto finds space on the left wing and charges at the Monaco defence

  • 3'

    Monaco spread the ball across the backline, looking for an opening in midfield

  • 2'

    Giuly springs the offside trap and should have done better, but Vitor Baia, the Porto keeper, sped off his line and tackled the Monaco forward well outside the penalty area!

  • 1'

    Fernando Morientes tries a clever pass to release Giuly, it fails but the ricochet lets Giuly in, but he is quickly shut down


    Paulo Ferreira, the Porto right back, has an early run down the flank, but the move breaks down


    And that's it, the whistle is blown and we are underway in the 2004 UEFA Champions League Final...


    Danish referee Kim Nielsen is officiating the game, he famously red-carded David Beckham in the 1998 World Cup - let?s hope there are no similar dismissals tonight!


    And the players take the pitch to a crescendo of noise and file past the European Cup, who will be lucky enough to lift the ultimate prize in club football later this evening?


    68 broadcasters from around the world are present for the match but all you need is right here!


    We are about five minutes away from kick off at the Arena Aufschalke in Gelsenkirchen, Germany for what promises to be a fascinating final!


    And lining up for Monaco: Roma, Rodriguez, Givet, Ibarra, Bernardi, Evra, Giuly, Cisse, Zikos, Rothen, Morientes. Subs: Sylva, Plasil, Prso, Nonda, Squillaci, Adebayor, El Fakiri.


    And the FC Porto team for the final: Vitor Baia, Jorge Costa, Ricardo Carvalho, Nuno Valente, Paulo Ferreira, Costinha, Deco, Maniche, Carlos Alberto, Pedro Mendes, Derlei. Subs: Nuno, Pedro Emanuel, Ricardo Costa, Jankauskas, Alenitchev, Bosingwa, McCarthy.


    It's Deschamps' cavaliers against the Mourinho machine. Who will be kings of Europe? Follow all the action with live commentary. Kick-off: Wednesday 19.45 BST