UEFA Champions League

April 7, 2004


Deportivo La Coruña

4 - 0

AC Milan

UEFA Champions League

18:45 +00:00, April 7, 2004

Riazor Stadium, Spain

Referee: U Meier

2nd Leg: 5 - 4 (Agg)

  • 90'

    AC Milan were poor, but they were not allowed to play and rarely threatened. On the night, only one team deserved to go through - and that was most definitely Deportivo La Coruna

  • 90'

    It was a fantastic, superb, complete display by Depor that was thoroughly deserved. An exceptional team performance

  • 90'

    Depor become the first team in Champions League history to come back from a three-goal first leg deficit, and will now face FC Porto in the semi-finals

  • 90'

    There goes the final whistle! Vintage stuff!

  • 90'

    Kaka breaks forward menacingly and is about to pull the trigger... great sliding, saving challenge by Andrade - superb

  • 90'

    Nesta looks to hoof it upfield, desperation stakes now, but he gets it all wrong and it goes out for a throw

  • 90'

    Gattuso now fouls Fran, it's all too easy for the Spanish side

  • 90'

    Depor are taking their time over everything now, looking to run down the final two minutes

  • 90'

    Serginho fells Victor, free-kick to Depor in midfield

  • 90'

    Four minutes to be added on

  • 90'

    A final change for Depor as Djalma Feitosa Djalminha is on for Juan Carlos Valeron

  • 90'

    The loose pass goes to Gattuso, he threads it to Inzaghi who's free on the penalty spot. The striker spins and shoots but fluffs it into the arms of Molina - is that the chance?

  • 89'

    Cafu gets into the box and delays the pass - enabling Fran to make a crucial saving tackle

  • 89'

    Milanm just cannot apply any pressure, Depor look comfortable right now

  • 88'

    Duscher's first involvment is to crash a first time shot well wide - he was supposed to be a defensive change!

  • 88'

    Cafu catches Fran in the ribs, free-kick

  • 87'

    Depor make another change. Aldo Duscher, famous for that foul on Beckham last season, comes on for Gonzalez Sergio in a defensive move

  • 86'

    Shevchenko fells Victor and, predicatbly, he stays down to eat up the clock

  • 85'

    Rui Costa gets down the left and looks for Shevchenko in the centre - but there a push by Inzaghi and that's a great spot by the ref

  • 84'

    Depor break and Pandiani chases - Cafu does well to turn and keep the ball but is dragged back. Yellow card for Pandiani

  • 83'

    Seedorf take the corner, it falls deep to Rui Costa who shoots first time - and the deflection takes it into the hands of Molina

  • 82'

    Rui Costa picks it up 30-yards out, he checks and goes for the shot - it's a fine effort but Molina does well to put it behind

  • 81'

    Corner to Depor, it comes in from the right it's deep and Shevchenko intercepts

  • 80'

    Milan just cannot create anything, Depor look comfortable on the ball and are forcing the holders into mistakes when they have possession

  • 79'

    Milan still only need the one goal to stay alive, that will take the tie into silver goal extra time

  • 78'

    Milan make a final change - a striker for a defender in Manuel Rui Costa for Giuseppe Pancaro

  • 77'

    The substitute powered in a shot, it took a deflection off Cafu and left Dida with no chance - and now Depor and in control!

  • 76'


  • 76'

    The cross comes in from the right, it misses everyone and Gattuso then falls asleep at the back stick. It enables Fran to take control in the back...

  • 75'

    It's just to the left of centre, a few yards outside the box. Victor steps up - but his effort is always finishing over the top of the bar

  • 74'

    Nesta bring down Fran on the edge of the box just as he prepared to pull the trigger - a chance from the set-piece now

  • 73'

    Milan have really struggled to create anything in the second period, Depor looking more hungry and more determined

  • 72'

    Fran looks to bend a cross to the far post for Victor, he gets it wrong and Milan have the goal kick

  • 71'

    The Oles go round as Depor enjoy possession - but surely it's too early to be celebrating in such style?

  • 70'

    Another change for the Italian side as Filippo Inzaghi comes on for Jon Dahl Tomasson

  • 69'

    Surely it's only a matter of time before the Milan onslaught begins, they have to start pressing forwards with little more than 20 minutes left

  • 69'

    Sergio trips Kaka, free-kick to Milan in the centre-circle

  • 68'

    Shevchenko gets into the box and looks for the cut-back, it's poor and cleared

  • 67'

    A first change for Depor as Alberto Luque, scorer of the third, is replaced by Gonzalez Fran

  • 66'

    Valeron and Pandiani link up beautifully with the one-two. Valeron is almost in but just lacks enough pace - allowing Dida to take it

  • 65'

    Depor are vibrant, energetic and confident, still looking for a fourth goal

  • 64'

    Tomasson is forced into the corner, he flops to the ground for the foul and grabs hold of the ball - the decision goes against the Dane

  • 63'

    Seedorf is penalised for a foul on Valeron

  • 62'

    The corner comes in, it drops to Luque outside the box but his effort is wild and high

  • 61'

    Romero gets it on the right and has three in the box to aim for - but hits the first defender and has to settle for a corner

  • 60'

    A change for Milan as Sergio Serginho comes on for Andrea Pirlo, he'll go over to the left with Gattuso holding. Time running out for the holders

  • 59'

    Kaka spots Cafu's break into the box and picks him out perfectly, the full-back just doesn't have the pace to hold off Romero and Naybet - allowing Molina to claim

  • 58'

    Pirlo gets caught out deep inside his own half by Pandiani, he feeds Victor in space on the right but it's blasted over the bar - a great chance for 4-0 goes begging

  • 57'

    Gattuso brings down Pandiani - free-kick to Depor

  • 56'

    He goes for the smash rather than the chip this time, and only manages to hit the top of the wall

  • 55'

    Free-kick to Milan 25 yards out just to the right of goal. Pirlo takes it too early and is booked for his troubles - meaning he would miss the first leg of a semi-final - and then gets the chance to take it again!

  • 54'

    Suddenly Luque shows a fine turn of pace, he cuts into the box and bears down on goal. But Cafu shows his strength to keep in fron of the ball and allow Dida to clear

  • 53'

    Pandiani brings down Maldini while applying pressure, free-kick

  • 52'

    Nesta plays a neat ball over the top for Tomasson, this time he's onside opting to take it early - and he drags it well wide to the left of goal

  • 51'

    Luque is blocked off by Cafu, free-kick in centre field

  • 50'

    Seedorf looks for Cafu's break in down the right, the pass is all wrong and it's a goal-kick

  • 49'

    Seedorf breaks down the left and puts in a hanging cross. Romero gets to it before Shevchenko and finds the gloves of his goalkeeper with the header

  • 48'

    Milan enjoyed lots of possession in the early stages

  • 47'

    Pirlo is felled by Mauro Silva. Free-kick

  • 46'

    Milan begin the second half, looking to rescue their Champions League future

  • 45'

    Depor now lead on the away goals rule, but there is a lot of football still to be played and it's way too early to rule out the Champions League holders

  • 45'

    Fantastic stuff from Depor, all made possible by Pandiani's early opener. Milan's defending has been poor, but at the same time Depor have been clinical

  • 45'

    There goes the half-time whistle

  • 45'

    Valeron picks up a knock to the ribs going up for a header and needs a bit of treatment

  • 45'

    It's all Depor now. Milan are falling apart, free-kick on the right taken by Victor and somehow it's cleared at the third attempt

  • 45'

    Three minutes to be added on

  • 45'

    An awful mix-up at the back, Luque gleefully ran through and powered his shot into the top left hand corner. Great finish, and it's 4-4 on aggregate

  • 44'


  • 44'

    Nesta completely misjudges the bounce of a through-ball, Cafu gets it wrogf and suddenly Luque is clean through, he could level it up...

  • 44'

    Pirlo floats it in, and Shevchenko leaps to win it - only for the flag to go up offisde

  • 43'

    Seedorf is felled by Victor, free-kick on the left

  • 42'

    Valeron flicks it on from Molina's long throw, and picks up a bit of a knock in the process - it looks nothing serious

  • 41'

    Cafu finds Kaka, but there's a little push by the Brazilian on Naybet

  • 40'

    It's an enthralling tie, end-to-end stuff and a real chance for Deportivo to fly the Spanish flag in the semi-finals

  • 39'

    Seedorg takes, but fails to beat the first man. He puts it in again, and Molina takes at the second attempt

  • 38'

    Tomasson needs a bit of treatment but he'll be okay. There's a delay in getting the wall to hold its position, eventually it's worked for Seedorf - by which time he's been closed right down, and the shot is deflected behind

  • 37'

    Naybet slides in and brings down Tomasson just outside the area. Referee Meier takes an age to decide and against the advantage but eventually blows up - much to the annoyance of the home fans

  • 36'

    Dida came to claim and got nowhere near it, leaving Valeron with the simple task of heading into the back of an empty net. The holders are rocking

  • 35'


  • 35'

    The corner is flicked on and it goes out left to Luque. He looks up and floats one into the centre...

  • 34'

    Manuel Pablo gets it on the right and crosses, it takes a deflection and the ball hits Victor - forcing Dida into a brilliant save low down to his left. Corner

  • 33'

    Nesta goes over the top for Shevchenko - offside again

  • 32'

    Pancaro comes forward and tries his luck, but the shot is always rising

  • 31'

    Cafu brings down Luque and that's a free-kick. Victor takes but it's a real waste - straight at Dida

  • 30'

    The corner comes in, this time Dida flaps but he gets enough on it to take it away from the Depor players lurking at the back stick

  • 29'

    Superb by Luque, Cafu if out-fought as he gets to the touchline - and Dida has to push his attempted cut-back behind

  • 28'

    The corner comes in - but it's poor and straight into the grasp of Dida

  • 27'

    Hand-ball by Maldini, free-kick to Depor 35-yards out. It's worked for Luque, and his shot take a slight deflection and goes behind

  • 26'

    Tomasson plays a pass over the top for Shevchenko - it's too weighty and Molina collects

  • 25'

    Victor has great space in the box, opts not to hit it first time and cuts it back to Valeron on the penalty spot. He, too, takes a touch but then shoots - and Dida has to be smart to push it away

  • 24'

    Manuel Pablo taps it to Sergio, he cuts inside and opts to shoot early - it's comfortable for Dida and he lets it run just past his left post

  • 23'

    Depor are pressing well - two more goals will hand them the lead on away goals - but are vulnerable at the back as they push up

  • 22'

    Milan break. Kaka finds himself clear on the right and he cuts into the box with only Molina to beat. He tries to edge it to the right and shoot - but the keeper gets a hand to it and guides the ball across the face. It's end-to-end stuff

  • 21'

    It's headed back into the area by Mauro Silva and flicked on by Andrade - only to be grapsed by Dida after it looped over his head. Close

  • 20'

    Corner to Depor. Victor steps up but fails to beat the first man

  • 19'

    Valeron goes down under Gattuso's challenge - no free-kick given by referee Meier

  • 18'

    Again it's Victor who crosses into the box, looking for Pandiani, Maldini jumps highest

  • 17'

    Kaka turns inside and sees Shevchenko in acres of space. He's played in on the edge of the area and surely must score - but his first touch is abysmal and the ball runs into the hands of Molina. Shocker!

  • 16'

    The sparkling Victor strides forward to get into the area, he gets off a shot, straight at Dida - Maldini did well to close down and force the rushed effort

  • 15'

    Tomasson is again given offside, close again but probably the right call

  • 14'

    Valeron finds Victor on the right, his cross is poor and Maldini can clear

  • 13'

    Luque goes on a fine bursting run to the edge of the box but takes it just a little too far, it breaks to Victor who gets into the box only he cannot find a team-mate

  • 12'

    Maldini looks for Tomasson over the top, it looks to be a good pass but the offside flag is raised

  • 11'

    Now it's a corner to Milan, it's played back to Gattuso 30 yards out but he blazes his effort well high and wide

  • 10'

    Tomasson breaks through into the area with Naybet, the Danish striker goes down theatrically looking for the spot-kick but the referee's not going to be conned

  • 9'

    Corner. It's floated to back stick, but Andrade can't get any proper contact on the header

  • 8'

    It's all Depor now. It comes to Victor on the right, he steps forward and shoots - it takes a deflection and goes out off the outside of the post

  • 7'

    We have a match on here, Depor scoring with their first attack of the game. Do we have yet another upset on our hands?

  • 6'

    Maldini stood off Pandiani, and the striker's finish was perfect - low down to Dida's left - and it nestled into the bottom corner. Game on!

  • 5'


  • 5'

    Depor move up-field on the break. The corss comes in from the left and it finds Pandiani with time and space to turn...

  • 5'

    It comes back to Tomasson, who tries a snap shot only to see it beaten away by Molina

  • 4'

    Pirlo floats it in to the penalty spot, Pancaro is beaten to it and it's headed clear

  • 3'

    Cafu does brillaintly down the right to skin Romero and get a low cross in towards Shevchenko - but Naybet does well to put it behind. Corner

  • 2'

    Shevchenko picks up on a mistake by Naybet, but his cross is cut out

  • 1'

    Valeron takes the kick-off and we're underway


    A night of shock comebacks on Tuesday - can Depor, trailing 4-1 from the first leg, follow suit? Join us for the Live Comm at 19.45 BST