UEFA Champions League

March 10, 2004



2 - 0

Celta Vigo

UEFA Champions League

19:45 +00:00, March 10, 2004

Highbury, England

Referee: P Collina

2nd Leg: 5 - 2 (Agg)

  • 90'

    It was all too easy for the Gunners, they barely had to break sweat and advance courtesy of Thierry Henry's brace. Bring on Friday.

  • 90'

    And that's full-time

  • 90'

    One minute to be added on

  • 89'

    Henry finds Vieira 25 yards out, he shapes for the shot, but it's a disguise to feed it through for Kanu - only the Nigerian is shying away from the shot and the ball runs through to Caceres

  • 88'

    Velasco plays a neat ball over the top for Pinilla, he's unmarked and has a great chance for a consolation - but nods it inches wide of the post

  • 87'

    Reyes brings down Vagner, free-kick in the centre circle

  • 86'

    Lauren finds Kanu in the box, he gets it stuck under his feet a little and then drops t the floor rather easily under Valasco's challenge - never a penalty

  • 85'

    Arsenal now seem to be happy to play through to full time against the ten-men of Celta Vigo

  • 84'

    Free-kick to Celta on the right, Jesuli takes only for Campbell to head to safety

  • 83'

    It runs through to Kanu, who in turn finds Gilberto. The Brazilian sees the run of Ljungberg, picks him out - but the Swede heads wide when in an unmarked position

  • 82'

    This time it's Henry, and Cavallero has to punch clear from under his own crossbar

  • 81'

    Corner to Arsenal on the right. Reyes goes over to take and aims for back stick - Caceres heads behind for another corner

  • 80'

    Mostovoi tries to chase a long ball - Toure intelligently guides it behind for a goal-kick

  • 79'

    Cole's down injured, after being blocked off by Mostovoi, but Gary Lewin is on again. He'll be okay

  • 78'

    A final change for the Gunners as Nwankwo Kanu is introduced for Dennis Bergkamp

  • 77'

    Sergio took a crack on the back of the head in that move - Cavallero laying one on him! He needs some treatment

  • 76'

    Corner to Arsenal on the right. Reyes takes, Cavallero punches and Jesuli hacks to safety

  • 75'

    Reyes is cynically blocked by Contreras - he's already been booked and referee Collina has no option but to produce the red card. An early bath for the substitute

  • 74'

    It only comes as far as Ljungberg 35 yards out, and he tries the first time lob over the top - but gets it all wrong. Goal-kick

  • 73'

    Gilberto puts Henry through the centre, it looks as though he's going to have the chance for a third but Cavallero is out of his box smartly to clear

  • 72'

    A final change for Celta, as Rogerio Vagner is on for Gustavo Lopez

  • 71'

    Henry takes the corner, Gilberto wins the header but is penalised for a shove

  • 70'

    Arsenal make a change before the corner. Edu is replaced by Gilberto Silva, and Jose Antonio Reyes is introduced for Robert Pires

  • 69'

    Henry bursts foward and forces Sergio to put it behind for a corner

  • 68'

    ...but Lopez gets it all wrong and blasts way, way wide

  • 67'

    The free-kick is central, just outside the D. Mostovoi plays it short for Lopez...

  • 66'

    Edu gives it away to Pinilla on the edge of the box, he twists inside looking for space for the shot and is brought down by the Brazilian

  • 65'

    Lauren is tripped by Pinilla, free-kick

  • 64'

    Bergkmap needs a bit of treatment, but he'll be okay to return to the fray

  • 63'

    Bergkmap got Cavallero's studs right in the throat there - it's an awful challenge and it should have been a penalty but, for once, Mr Collina missed something

  • 62'

    It's flicked through to Bergkamp, he tries to lob it over the top of Cavallero - but it drops wide of the post

  • 61'

    Henry shows great skill to hold off two challenges and keep hold of the ball

  • 60'

    The 'Oles' ring around Highbury as Arsenal pass it around - finally some atmosphere

  • 59'

    It puts Arsenal on the break, they come forward in that now familiar pacy manner. Edu gets it on the left and has Ljunbgerg and Pires in the centre - but it's a poor cross and out for a goal-kick

  • 58'

    Lopez takes the corner from the right, it's poor and Bergkamp coolly clears

  • 57'

    Mostovoi delivers from the right, Caceres gets up at the back stick and produces a good header only to see Lehmann palm it behind

  • 56'

    ..but that first touch is too strong, and by the time Pires can shoot Cavallero has made up ground to make the block

  • 55'

    Henry suddenly bursts forward and see the late run of Pires, he plays in the Frenchman who takes a touch...

  • 54'

    Mostovoi is far from happy after being penalised for a trip on Edu

  • 54'

    Mostovoi floats it in, and Lehmann manages to collect after the ball spun off the side of Toure's head

  • 53'

    Free=kick to Cetla 35 yards out and the chance to create something

  • 52'

    Even the atmopshere is dead at Highbury - even though their side are cruising into the last eight

  • 51'

    This game is going through the motions now, Arsenal are looking to conserve energy while Celta are beat

  • 50'

    It's really stop-start now, very little fluency to the game and endless little niggly fouls

  • 49'

    Now Campbell is the offender - getting too close to Pinilla

  • 48'

    Mostovoi trips Campbell, free-kick to Arsenal

  • 47'

    Arsenal start the second period at a high tempo, looking to thwart any initial impetus from the visitors

  • 46'

    Celta kick-off the second period

  • 45'

    Celta need another three to take an away goals advantage, but there is little sign they have the quality to produce such a startling comeback.

  • 45'

    It's been a stroll for the Gunners, now 5-2 to the good on aggregate, and Henry could have had a hat-trick

  • 45'

    And there goes the half-time whistle

  • 45'

    Ljungberg's cross is deflected behind for a corner. It's take short, Pires delivers, Sergio heads clear

  • 45'

    It comes back to Lauren, but his effort it weak and wide

  • 45'

    Ljungberg sets Pires through on goal, he gets the ball stuck underneath his feet and he opts to square it to Henry for his hat-trick, but Cavallero does well to palm the shot away

  • 45'

    Three minutes to be added on for stoppages

  • 44'

    Celta have had a few sniffs at goal, but in all honestly Arsenal have rarely had to move out of first gear

  • 43'

    Velasco and Pinilla show neat control on the edge of the area, but in the end it gets too intricate and Toure intercepts

  • 42'

    Jesuli fells Edu, free-kick in the Arsenal half

  • 41'

    Bergkmap gets it on the right and plays a find ball to a completely unmarked Edu at the back stick - the Brazilian gets his jump wrong, ends up underneath it and can't direct it on target. Goal-kick

  • 40'

    It comes back in to Lopez, this time on the left, he smashes it first time and Lehmann again has to push it behind. Arsenal then clear a poor corner

  • 39'

    The free-kick is taken short, it's a waste and Celta have to retreat to deep

  • 38'

    Pires trips Velasco with a late tackle, free-kick just outside the area on the right. Lopez shoots from an acute angle and Lehmann has to palm it over

  • 37'

    Contreras goes into the book for a late challenge from behind on Ljungberg

  • 36'

    All of a sudden Pinilla finds space at the back post but fires wide with the goal at his mercy - he should have headed that one

  • 35'

    Ljungberg's cross was good, Caceres good only get the slightest of headers on it leaving Henry completely unmarked eight yards out - and he doesn't miss from there

  • 34'


  • 33'

    Ljungberg finds Bergkmap inside the box, who lays it back out wide for Ljunbgerg to play in a first time cross...

  • 32'

    Celta are stuggling to impose themselves on the game. They have already lost two of their stars and now Lopez is hobbling - surely it's beyond them

  • 31'

    Campbell trips Pinilla in the centre-circle, free-kick

  • 30'

    Cole brings it forward and plays in Bergkamp, Cole continues his forward burst into the box and takes the return ball - only to drag his shot wide

  • 29'

    Edu goes down looking for a free-kick after being blocked, but Collina waves play on

  • 28'

    Arsenal are very comfortable, they still only have that one shot to mention - but it ended up in the back of the net

  • 27'

    Peter Luccin, one of Celta's main attacking threats, isn't going to be able to carry on with that injury and he looks frustrated. On comes Mora Nieto Jesuli

  • 26'

    Luccin is down needing treatment after a clash of legs with Edu - it looks as though he may have twisted his knee but he's back up on his feet

  • 25'

    Bergkamp and Ljungberg link-up, but Henry fails to read the idea of the through-ball and the Swede only manages to play it through to Cavallero

  • 24'

    Ljungberg is tripped by Contreras, free-kick on the right. Bergkamp fires it into the box but it's headed clear

  • 23'

    Campbell comes back on, he's okay

  • 22'

    Edu takes it from the right, Cavallero comes out to punch

  • 21'

    Henry gets past Sergio with ease, and somehow holds onto the ball against two defenders before winning the corner

  • 20'

    Celta make their first change, with former Arsenal star Silvio Silvinho replaced with Pablo Contreras

  • 19'

    Pinilla clatters Campbell - he goes down in pain and needs some treatment from Gary Lewin

  • 18'

    The corner is played in and it drops to Ignacio, who fires wide when he had the whole goal to aim for. He wants another corner, it never was and he hangs his head

  • 17'

    Ignacio gets away down the right, his cross is cleared only as far as Luccin. He chests it down and produces a fine volley which Lehmann has to palm over the bar

  • 16'

    Celta now need to score three goals without reply, surely no hope for the Spanish outfit

  • 15'

    Henry was sent clear courtesy of the skill of Dennis Bergkamp. He created the goal superbly and when he put Henry in, the French master was never going to miss and beat Cavallero with ease. 1-0 Arsenal

  • 14'


  • 14'

    Bergkamp does brilliantly on the ball to turn his defedner and shake off the challenge. Henry's unmarked on the edge of the box and he slips it through...

  • 14'

    Lopez takes, Ignacio goes up with Lehmann and clearly gives the Gunners' stopper a shove in the back. Free-kick

  • 13'

    Pinilla drives forward looking for the shot, but he's closed down and has to settle for a corner

  • 12'

    This time Henry takes from the left and Ignacio plays it away

  • 11'

    Arsenal win a corner. Edu trots to the right to take, floating it to the back stick where Caceres is to head behind

  • 10'

    Ljungberg gets away on the right and crosses in, forcing Sergio to hack clear

  • 9'

    Vieira trips Mostovoi in the centre

  • 8'

    Corner to Celta. It's taken short to Silvinho but his cross is poor and Campbell can clear his lines

  • 7'

    Celta are being allowed time on the ball to pass it around, Arsenal happy for them to have possession in deep areas

  • 6'

    It's taken short and played to Luccin, he comes forward and sees his shot deflected into the grasp of Lehmann

  • 5'

    Vieira block the bursting run of Lopez, free-kick

  • 4'

    Ignacio chases onto a pass by Mostovoi, it's too pacy and goes out for a throw - and Ignacio follows it over the line and into the crowd, much to the amusement of the home faithful

  • 3'

    Borja pulls back Edu, another free-kick

  • 2'

    Lauren is felled by Luccin, free-kick

  • 1'

    Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp get the action underway


    Arsene Wenger recalls Robert Pires and Dennis Bergkamp, both rested for Saturday's ruthless 5-1 FA Cup demolition of Portsmouth. Edu gets the nod ahead of Gilberto in central midfield.


    All the action as the Gunners defend a 3-2 lead from the first leg. Kicking off at 19.45 GMT