English FA Cup

March 6, 2004


Manchester United

2 - 1


English FA Cup

12:30 +00:00, March 6, 2004

Old Trafford, England

Referee: R Styles

  • 90'

    As soon as Van Nistelrooy put United in front the outcome was never in doubt, and Sir Alex's side advance to the last four

  • 90'

    Fulham will rue faling to hang on to their lead for longer, and in truth they offered little as an attacking threat after the break

  • 90'

    And there goes the final whistle

  • 90'

    United happy to pass it around now and play out time

  • 90'

    Djemba-Djemba tries a shot but finds his effort's blocked

  • 90'

    Hayles is booked for a late challenge, and Goma soon follows him for a block

  • 90'

    Time at a real premium for Fulham - can they muste one last opportunity?

  • 90'

    Three minutes of stoppage time are indicated

  • 89'

    Boa Morte skips inside on the edge of the area and aims for the far corner. It lacks any pace due to a deflection but Petta's running in - Howard does well to palm it away from the white shirts on the stretch

  • 88'

    Old Trafford errupts as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer returns to the action, in place of Cristiano Ronaldo

  • 87'

    Ronaldo turns inside Volz but shoots straight at Van der Sar

  • 86'

    Fletcher's ball over the top looks for Van Nistelrooy - Van der Sar reads it well and comes out of his area to head clear

  • 85'

    Boa Morte gets past Giggs, jinks inside but the pass is poor although the ball runs for Malbraque - great block from Djemba-Djemba when the leveller looked certain

  • 84'

    Davis is penalised for backing into Fletcher - seemed a lucky call for United

  • 83'

    Another free-kick to United, almost 30-yards out. Giggs rolls it for Scholes, only for Boa Morte to block the effort

  • 82'

    A final change for Fulham as Bobby Petta replaces Lee Clark

  • 81'

    Giggs takes, and it more hits Butt's head that him directing it, and Fulham can clear their lines

  • 80'

    Hayles has a kick at Fletcher's heels, and Styles evetually gives the decision just outside the Fulham box, this could finish it

  • 79'

    Giggs has slipped in at left back, with O'Shea moving into the cenmtre, following the change

  • 78'

    It's taken short to Giggs, but his cross is to no-one and Knight heads away

  • 77'

    Volz gives away a corner - a rare attacking move from either side

  • 76'

    Van Nistelrooy is offside after Djemba-Djemba tried to play him in

  • 75'

    A change for United now, with Eric Djemba-Djemba coming on for Roy Keane

  • 74'

    Clark needs a bit of treatment after picking up a knock

  • 73'

    United are in control now, little sign that Fulham will be able to force a replay

  • 72'

    Pembridge's attempted dink into the box, after good work by Hayles, is poor and Howard mops up

  • 71'

    Boa Morte and Clark link up well on the right - but Clark slices his attempted cross into row Z

  • 70'

    Boa Morte goes in with Scholes and the United man comes off worse - Styles has words but nothing more with the Portuguese winger on a yellow already

  • 69'

    Volz returns to the pitch after treatment

  • 68'

    Fulham have not created anything since United gained the lead for the first time in the game, and need to start posing a threat quickly

  • 67'

    Voltz picks up a knock going in for a challenge with Scholes and limps off the pitch for treatment

  • 66'

    Fletcher tries to set Ronaldo through, it's a decent ball but Van der Sar rushes out intelligently to clear

  • 65'

    Corner to United. Giggs takes, Van der Sar rushes out into no-mans land and Ronaldo misses the header - so Fulham can clear and escape

  • 64'

    Fulham make a change they were supposed to make at 1-1, with Sylvain Legwinski and Brian McBride replaced by Mark Pembridge and Barry Hayles

  • 63'

    It was a simple tap-in for Van Nistelrooy, Fulham were at sixes and sevens at the back

  • 62'


  • 61'

    Fletcher plays a fine ball down the line for Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy's lost his marker in the centre - all it needs is the perfect ball...

  • 61'

    Amazingly, it's the first corner of the game. Ronaldo takes - but it's poor and fails to beat the first man

  • 60'

    Knight fouls Van Nistelrooy, it's taken quickly and Giggs wins the corner off Voltz

  • 59'

    The United fans are trying to lift their side now, finally bringing something of an atmosphere

  • 58'

    United are tryin to be more of an attacking force, but Fulham are giving them no time on the ball to pick the pass

  • 57'

    It remains a very tight game, no quarter being given

  • 56'

    Boa Morte takes down Fletcher from behind and that has to be another booking

  • 55'

    Ronaldo, Giggs and Scholes stand over it. Ronaldo takes and it smacks back off the bar with Van der Sar beaten

  • 54'

    Fletcher goes on a bursting run and is blocked off by Voltz - that's a booking and a free-kick just a few yards outside the box

  • 53'

    Davis is now in a bit of pain, but turns away the offer of treatment. He was caught late by Neville - but the referee missed it

  • 52'

    Legwinski shoots straight at Howard from 20-yards out

  • 51'

    Van der Sar produces a huge punt up field, McBride does well to hold it up for Clark - but his first time effort is always drifting wide

  • 50'

    It's taken very quickly, Fletcher plays a one-two with Ronaldo and then feeds in Giggs in the area - but his shot lacks power - and is on his wrong side - and Van der Sar collects down low

  • 49'

    Now McBride clips the heels of Scholes, another free-kick

  • 48'

    Keane again fould Boa Morte - he already been booked remember. Davis delivers deep only for O'Shea to win the header and clear

  • 47'

    Fletcher spreads it wide for Giggs, too much on it though

  • 46'

    Van Nistelrooy and Giggs kick-off the second period

  • 45'

    It's been a very evenly-matched game, with Fulham's tenacity in midfield causing United problems. Both sides will feel it's there to be won in the second period

  • 45'

    And there goes the half-time whistle

  • 45'

    Now Phil Neville fouls Green with a crunching tackle - and he'll get a caution for that

  • 45'

    Fletcher brings down Clark, free-kick

  • 45'

    Just the one minute to be added on

  • 44'

    Fletcher looks for Ronaldo on the right, the pass is poor and behind for a goal-kick

  • 43'

    ...Legwinski's first effort is blocked but it comes back to him, and he fires straight at Howard - the keeper should have been made to work harder

  • 42'

    Brown fells Boa Morte with a clumsy challenge, ten yards outside the box on the left. Again it will be Davis to deliver, and it comes to Legwinski...

  • 41'

    ...Keane tries to flick it home - but puts it past the post. That was a guilt-edged chance and he simply should have scored - unmarked, eight yards out with the goal at his mercy

  • 40'

    The free-kick is on the angle of the area on the right. It will be Ronaldo to take, floating it to the back stick and it finds Keane, who's lost his marker...

  • 39'

    Ronaldo takes the ball down brilliantly and goes past Green - only to be brought down. It was theatrical, but the right decision

  • 38'

    Keane looks for Neville over the top - offside. Davis and Neville have a bit of a push and a shove as the Fulham man tries to get hold of the ball - nothing for the referee to worry about

  • 37'

    Knight's effort seems to have brought the game back to life again, suddenly their is more pace and drive on the pitch

  • 36'

    United are sparked into life, there's a bit of a scramble in the Fulham area with both Van Nistelrooy and Giggs seeing their efforts blocked

  • 35'

    Howard was beaten there and Knight - a player who has never scored a senior goal - nearly produced one of the goals of the season

  • 34'

    Knight strides forward, Malbranque flicks it on for him and he smashes in an effort from 30 yards which crashes off the top of the crossbar - what an effort!

  • 33'

    There's something of a lull in the game now following that quick brace of goals

  • 32'

    The game's very congested in the midfield, making it a real battle

  • 31'

    United have only mustered two shots in the game so far, both from Van Nistelrooy. You would expect more from the home side

  • 30'

    Davis floats in the free-kick, but it's far too close to Howard

  • 29'

    Keane is robbed by Boa Morte, and the Irishman then cynically drags him back before he gets away - yellow card for Keane

  • 28'

    Boa Morte lays it back for Davis 25 yards out, but his dipping volley dips just that little bit too late

  • 27'

    The old adage that there's no team more vulnerable than one that has just scored rings true once again. Fulham may rue being so slack after gaining the lead at Old Trafford

  • 26'

    Goma had gone to sleep, leaving Van Nistelrooy with a simple side-foot finish past Van der Sar. Honours even once again

  • 25'


  • 24'

    United break straight away, Giggs gets it on the left flank and looks for Van Nistelrooy in the area...

  • 24'

    Malbranque smashes it into the roof of the net, with Howard having dived the wrong way

  • 23'


  • 22'

    Boa Morte needs a bit of treatment, delaying the taking of the spot-kick. It's Malbraque who steps up to face Howard...

  • 21'

    It was a terrible lunge by Brown, he was nowhere near the ball and left referee Rob Styles with an easy decision

  • 20'

    Keane makes a mistake in trying to run the ball out and McBride robs him. He feeds Boa Morte who skips into the area and looks to get past Brown - an awful lunge by Brown sends him tumbling - penalty!

  • 19'

    Van Nistelrooy nods it out wide for Giggs, who look for the return pass into the centre - only to find the keeper

  • 18'

    Ronaldo tries to switch the play for Van Nistelrooy - it's a awful ball and straight out of play

  • 17'

    Fletcher again finds Ronaldo on the right, but this time Green gets a foot in and wins it from the Portuguese starlet

  • 16'

    Free-kick to Fulham on the left flank. Davis floats a superb cross into the bos and it's Knight who wins the header - but it's straight into the gloves of Howard, a good chance goes begging

  • 15'

    Fulham are having all sorts of problems in the left-back area, with the young Green having a torrid time against Ronaldo

  • 14'

    ...but Van Nistelrooy fires his shot over the bar from 10 yards out. That was another great chance - he should have burried it

  • 13'

    Fletcher puts in Ronaldo, he's free down the right and spot the run of Van Nistelrooy. The cross come in, Knight misses in and comes to Van Nistelrooy...

  • 12'

    Howard and Brown both get in a bit of a mess inside their own area - and it needs the wise old head of Keane to tidy up

  • 11'

    Fletcher sends a fine pass over the top to put Van Nistelrooy through, he takes a touch - but it's a poor one and allows Knight to come across and mop up

  • 10'

    Keane sends McBride tumbling, free-kick to Fulham in the centre circle

  • 9'

    Keane looks for Van Nistelrooy over the top only for the flag to go up for offide - that was a close call, as illustated by the shock on Ruud's face

  • 8'

    It's a pretty even start at Old Trafford, wth United not being dominant at this stage

  • 7'

    Schoels finds Ronaldo, eho's first time ball looks to reach Van Nistelrooy - Voltz does well to clear

  • 6'

    Malbranque tries to get past Butt on the right flank - the England man is lucky not to enter the book after cynically blocking his run. Green's free-kick is too strong and goes straight behind for a goal-kick

  • 5'

    Free-kick to United this time, just short of ten yards outside the box. Fletcher and Giggs are over it - it's Giggs who floats it to the back stick only for O'Shea's control to let him down. Goal-kick

  • 4'

    Free-kick to Fulham five yards outide the United area. Boa Morte takes, but Howard can watch it bounce harmlessly past his left-hand post

  • 3'

    The loose ball comes back to Ronaldo, this time he dinks it in for Van Nistelrooy. He lays it off for Giggs - shot blocked

  • 2'

    Van Nistelrooy finds Ronaldo on the right flank, he jinks inside and plays a low ball in for Giggs - it's cleared

  • 1'

    Fulham get the game started with Clark and Davis


    Fulham manager Chris Coleman takes in the game from his hospital bed after being advised not to travel by doctors as he recovers from a viral infection. Lee Clark returns to the side after recovering from the knock that sidelined him last weekend.


    Sir Alex Ferguson is forced to field a new-look defence. With Quinton Fortune the latest to arrive in the treatment room following a knee injury, Roy Keane switches to the back again. He partners Wes Brown with Phil Neville and John O'Shea the full backs. Goalkeeper Tim Howard, Ryan Giggs and Ruud van Nistelrooy return to the team after the draw against Fulham last weekend.


    Is United's last chance of silverware the FA Cup. Revenge is required on Fulham too. Join us at 12.30 GMT.