Capital One Cup

January 27, 2004


Aston Villa

2 - 0

Bolton Wanderers

Capital One Cup

19:45 +00:00, January 27, 2004

Villa Park, England

Referee: S Bennett

2nd Leg: 4 - 5 (Agg)

  • 90'

    It's all over! Brave, brave performance from 10-man Villa but in the end it was all for nothing. O'Leary is ranting at the referee, but it will do no good. Villa have won 2-0 on the night, but that 5-2 first-leg victory, inspired by Jay Jay Okocha, has proved decisive. Bolton are going to Cardiff!

  • 90'

    Davies buys some precious seconds by winning a corner. Only seconds remaining now...

  • 90'

    Crouch slaloms across the pitch and beats two men, but his foot was high on Pedersen, and that's possibly Villa's last chance gone

  • 90'

    High drama here. Barness heads Dublin's effort off his own goal-line, but Bennett comes to Bolton's rescue and blows for a foul on the keeper

  • 90'

    Third time unlucky as Whittingham tries his luck again from distance. Wayward yet again, but there'll be four extra minutes

  • 90'

    Almost! Barry's volley looks headed for the corner until Campo's upper arm intervenes. Was that arm or shoulder. Shoulder, says ref Bennett!

  • 88'

    There's another one back! Crouch again causes chaos, and more by luck than judgement he works it to Samuel, whose left-footed drive deflects past the keeper! 2-0 on the night, 4-5 on aggregate

  • 87'

    Undeterred, Crouch attempts a scissors-kick. It's not pretty, but Jaaskelainen is forced to get down smartly to stop

  • 86'

    Crouch rifles a volley straight at Jaaskelainen but he'd been punished for a push in any case

  • 85'

    Ba breaks for Bolton and Davies tries his luck again from the edge of the box. Easy for Sorensen, but Davies has been an effective battering ram for Bolton

  • 84'

    Pedersen's brief seems to be to run down the clock by keeping possession in Villa's half. He can't manage it this time though and Sorensen can clear

  • 83'

    Poor one from Barry but Villa keep possession and Vassell heads over from Hitzlsperger's ball into the box

  • 82'

    Barry lofts in the set-piece and Frandsen heads behind for a corner

  • 81'

    Ba blocks his team-mate Frandsen's pass and Samuel takes advantage, galloping down the Villa left to win a foul from Hunt next to the corner flag

  • 80'

    Back come Villa, and Vassell decides to test N'Gotty's pace. the defender is up to the job and it's cleared

  • 80'

    Pedersen almost scores with his first touch but can't get a clean connection on Davies' low cross

  • 79'

    Djorkaeff has run his socks off and gets a well-earned rest. Pedersen is his replacement. Meanwhile, Hunt is fully recovered and back on

  • 78'

    Delaney picks up the loose ball and crosses for Samuel to head over. Hunt takes a knock in the melee and goes off for a bit of treatment

  • 77'

    History doesn't repeat itself as Hitzlsperger's effort hits Ba, who seemed to be no more than six yards away

  • 77'

    Villa live to fight another day, and Campo is penalised for a foul right on the edge of the box, just as for the goal...

  • 77'

    Campo brings the ball away and feeds Davies, who shaves Sorensen's far post fom the right angle of the box. That would have been game over

  • 76'

    More Villa howls for a penalty as Vassell claims he is impeded in trying to reach a Whittingham centre. Again the appeals are waved away

  • 75'

    We've seen this before! Davies goes in for a 50-50 with Sorensen and catches the keeper a la McCann. It's a yellow card for the Bolton striker

  • 74'

    Dublin bustles on to Crouch's flick but N'Gotty has the legs on him, and Dublin goes looking for a penalty. Nothing given

  • 73'

    Whittingham has his second effort of the night from around 20 yards, but it's well off-target again

  • 72'

    As befits a man with a bandaged head, Mellberg is giving a heroic performance at the back for Villa, and denies Davies a chance with a last-ditch block

  • 71'

    Campo has countered Dublin's move forward by dropping back to make a third centre-back

  • 71'

    Sorensen just about reaches a Giannakopoulos cross under pressure from Hunt, who had got well forward

  • 70'

    The veteran wins a free-kick 40 yards out, but Barry's kick is straight into the grateful Jaaskelainen's arms

  • 69'

    Time to gamble as Dublin lumbers forward to play as part of a three-man attack. It'll be route one stuff from now on

  • 68'

    Bolton boss Sam Allardyce replaces Charlton with Barness, whose first task is to hold off Crouch's run

  • 67'

    Djorkaeff's awareness sends Giannakopoulos through the middle, but the Greek can't outpace Delaney and the danger disappears

  • 66'

    Schmeichel-esque claim and quick throw from Sorensen launches Villa on another attack, but Whittingham can't pick out Crouch's run

  • 64'

    Vassell shows Hunt a stepover and crosses from Villa's left flank, but Jaaskelainen plucks it from above Crouch's head

  • 63'

    Bolton have another chance to break with Dublin stranded helping out his attackers. Giannakopoulos finds Djorkaeff, but his touch is poor

  • 62'

    Davies muscles his way to the Villa byline on the right, but his cut-back is just too high for Djorkaeff in the middle

  • 61'

    Tangible sense of urgency from Villa, but maybe they could do with a little more composure. This time it's Hitzlsperger whose hopeful ball runs out of play

  • 60'

    N'Gotty's back-pass has Vassell excited for a moment, but Jaaskelainen is out sharply to clear downfield

  • 58'

    Campo drops back to help out his defence with a superb intervention to deny Crouch from Vassell's inswinging cross

  • 57'

    Back come Villa. Barry thinks about a long-range shot but spreads it instead to Whittingham on the left. Solid defending from Thome though

  • 56'

    Bolton looking to counter a bit more now and Giannakopoulos wins a foul on the Villa right

  • 55'

    Crouch is still making a nuisance of himself and Villa don't look a man short. Will time take its toll on the ten mens' legs though...

  • 53'

    End-to-end, and sub Whittingham spurns a decent chance to get another one back as Barry's cross drops to him on the edge of the box

  • 53'

    Villa give it away though, and Djorkaeff tries a left-foot curler as Bolton break. Easy for Sorensen

  • 52'

    The decision goes Villa's way this time as Davies is adjudged to have pushed Delaney

  • 51'

    Dublin flies in again, this time on Campo, but Djorkaeff's free-kick is headed out by Mellberg

  • 51'

    Davies picks out Hunt with a lovely cross-field pass, and it takes a desperate block from Samuel to block the shot. Bolton appeal for hand-ball, but the ref disagrees

  • 50'

    Djorkaeff fires in a deep one looking for Campo at the back post, but Sorensen is up well to claim

  • 49'

    Bolton indulge in a spot of keep-ball to frustrate the ten men, and Dublin is forced to concede a corner

  • 48'

    Frandsen gets the better of Dublin down the bolton right with a neat sidestep, but his cross is too close to Sorensen

  • 47'

    Early change for villa, as Hendrie limps off to be replaced by Whittingham. Hendrie must have been carrying a knock

  • 46'

    Mellberg loses his footing to give Davies an opening, but the striker is ponderous and Mellberg gets back to make amends

  • 46'

    Villa kick off the second half, needing a minor miracle. Will they get one...?

  • 45'

    There's the half-time whistle, but we've had enough incident to fill two whole matches. Hitzlsperger's strike is still the difference, but Villa are a man down and 5-3 down on aggregate. It's a tough ask now...

  • 45'

    Bolton keep possession well and the ball breaks for Hunt on the right of the box. He cuts inside well, but his effort is neither a cross nor a shot and trickles harmlessly out

  • 45'

    Vassell seems to get the better of Thome with the help of a legal shoulder charge, but the linesman brings play back for a throw-in to Bolton

  • 45'

    Three minutes of injury-time to be played in the first half.

  • 45'

    Villa have to press forward even with a man less, and Samuel is continuing to burst down the left. No joy on this occasion though

  • 43'

    Frandsen ventures forward and tests Sorensen's handling with a low drive. The keeper deals with it safely

  • 42'

    The jeers for Campo are louder than ever, and his mazy dribble straight out of play delights the home crowd

  • 41'

    All sorts going on down in the dugout. A furious David O'Leary seems to be accusing Campo of helping to get McCann sent off. Back on the pitch, Hunt is booked following a bit of silliness with Hendrie

  • 39'

    Nightmare for Villa! McCann goes in for a 50-50 with keeper Jaaskelainen. The tackle's poor, and in the argy-bargy which follows he gives Thome a soft slap, which doesn't impress ref Bennett either. He's already been booked, but it's a straight red! McCann is off!

  • 38'

    Lovely shuffle from Samuel takes him away from Campo on the left. His cross his sweet, but Barry's usually trusty left foot can't find the target from 10 yards

  • 36'

    Neat work from Hunt, forward from right-back for Bolton, but Mellberg is in the way again to clear

  • 35'

    It wasn't dull for long! Hendrie finds room for a centre from the right, but Thome does enough to force the giant Crouch to head over

  • 34'

    Rare lull in the action. It's been breathless stuff so far

  • 33'

    Villa work the ball smartly out to McCann on the right, but his cross is poor and Charlton can clear

  • 32'

    Mellberg puts his already-bandaged head in where it hurts to win the ball bravely ahead of Davies

  • 31'

    Slipshod stuff all round, as first Charlton and then McCann gift the ball to the opposition

  • 30'

    Ref Bennett has his card out again, and this time it's McCann in the book for raising a boot too high in a 50-50 with Ba

  • 29'

    Better spell for Bolton, but Hunt goes downin search of a free-kick, doesn't get one, and Villa pick it up

  • 28'

    Ba tries to get involved in the action for Bolton, but he's been pretty quiet so far

  • 27'

    Hitzlsperger hacks clear, and in his eagerness to get on the end of the punt Vassell lunges in on Hunt and becomes the second Villa man booked in two minutes

  • 26'

    Giannakopoulos flies down the Bolton right, and Samuel takes him out with a scything tackle. Free-kick and a booking for the Villa man

  • 25'

    Davies, ploughing a lone furrow up front, is forced to chase his own flick-on and Mellberg mops up

  • 24'

    Campo trying to show a cool head amid the midfield mayhem, but he can't find a Bolton shirt at the moment

  • 23'

    Crouch shows a good first touch again, but sadly for Villa his second one sends a shot high, wide and none too handsome

  • 23'

    Tight call, but the linesman decides Giannakopoulos was just offside from Davies' ball through the middle

  • 21'

    Djorkaeff buys his side a free-kick and a bit of relief, winning a soft foul from Barry on the edge of his own box

  • 20'

    Villa press again, and Hunt resorts to thumping the ball into the top tier. Bolton look shaken

  • 19'

    Davies relies on his muscle up front for Bolton, but he used a bit too much of it there for the ref's liking. Foul on Mellberg

  • 18'

    Campo challenges Crouch up the other end, and Villa win a corner, but the goalscorer Hitzlsperger can't beat the first man

  • 18'

    Djorkaeff's positive burst gives Giannakopoulos half an opening, but he runs away from goal and the chance goes

  • 17'

    Crouch has the proverbial 'good touch for a big man', and his neat control sets up a Vassell cross, which Barry screws wide of the target

  • 16'

    Vassell hares on to a long ball on the Villa left and Thome takes him out with a face-high barge. Just a booking, much to the Brazilian's relief

  • 15'

    Frandsen is being hustled out of it every time he gets the ball in midfield. Unfairly this time, says the ref

  • 14'

    There's that man again, but this time Hitzlsperger's effort is a mite wide of Bolton's far post

  • 13'

    Hitzlsperger is full of adrenalin, some of which is spent on a reckless lunge at Campo. No booking, though

  • 12'

    Bolton try to respond quickly with some neat work from Djorkaeff, but Davies can't keep it in

  • 10'

    GOAL! The comeback is on! Hitzlsperger takes a couple of steps and leaves Jaaskelainen rooted to the spot with a beautiful left-footed curler. One-nil and game on!

  • 9'

    Campo seems to have made an enemy of the Villa fans, who are delighted to see him penalised for a tussle with Crouch on the edge of the box

  • 9'

    It's Bolton's turn for a long-range effort, but Frandsen fares no better than Vassell

  • 8'

    Vassell's confidence hasn't been dented by that miss, and he tries his luck from distance. A scrambling Jaaskelainen is pleased to see the ball whistle just wide

  • 6'

    Sorensen helps a wayward Djorkaeff shot on its way over the byline to concede an unnecessary corner, but ref Bennett spots a Bolton foul in the box

  • 5'

    Djorkaeff bends in the kick, but Dublin makes amends by nodding clear under pressure from N'Gotty

  • 4'

    Back up the other end, and Davies wins a free-kick following a bit of grappling with Dublin

  • 4'

    Fantastic chance for Villa! Hendrie's cross is knocked down by Barry but Vassell can't beat Jaaskelainen from two yards out

  • 3'

    Davies' knock-down falls to Hunt - forward from right-back - but his 30-yard attmept with his swingerof a left foot is high and wide

  • 2'

    A lively start, and Djorkaeff has half a chance for Bolton, but he can't get his shot away

  • 1'

    Villa hit back, and Delaney's burst wins a corner. The lanky Crouch is the target, but N'Gotty heads away

  • 1'

    Villa need the goals, but it's Bolton who launch the game's first attack before Samuel clears

  • 1'

    Ref Steve Bennett whistles the game under way


    Peter Crouch gets a rare chance to impress for Aston Villa as the injured Angel's replacement, while Bolton's emphasis is on defence - if they concede fewer than three goals, they're in the final


    Bolton: Jaaskelainen, Hunt, N'Gotty, Thome, Charlton, Giannakopoulos, Frandsen, Campo, Ba, Davies, Djorkaeff. Subs: Poole, Barness, Pedersen, Javi Moreno, Vaz Te.


    Aston Villa: Sorensen, Delaney, Mellberg, Dublin, Samuel, Hendrie, McCann, Hitzlsperger, Barry, Crouch, Vassell. Subs: Postma, Allback, Whittingham, Ridgewell, Johnsen.


    Can Villa overturn that 5-2 drubbing from the Reebok last week? At least there's no Jay-Jay this time. Join us for live match commentary from 19.45 GMT