English FA Cup

January 24, 2004



2 - 1

Newcastle United

English FA Cup

17:35 +00:00, January 24, 2004

Anfield, England

Referee: G Poll

  • 90'

    That's that! It's Liverpool who go into the hat for Monday's fifth round draw, and Bruno Cheyrou is their match-winner

  • 90'

    That could be their last chance! Shearer turns well on the edge of the box and thumps in his shot, but Dudek produces a flying stop, and the resulting corner is poor

  • 90'

    Bobby Robson doesn't look too happy in the dugout, but Woodgate lumbers forward to join the attack

  • 90'

    Kewell attempts to wile away a few vital seconds by shielding the ball next to the corner flag. But there'll be three minutes of added time

  • 90'

    Owen's centre deflects off O'Brien and Given carries the looping cross over the byline, much as he protests otherwise

  • 89'

    Play up and running again, and Newcastle seem to have been robbed of a bit of momentum by Hamann's injury

  • 88'

    Hamann still down and receiving treatment, which could make for an uncomfortably long period of stoppage time for the home side

  • 87'

    Woodgate punished as his attempt to control a high ball leaves Hamann with a bloody nose. Not deliberate, but nasty for the German all the same

  • 86'

    Henchoz and Hyypia are commanding the box well from Robert's corners, and Newcastle are forced to build again

  • 85'

    Bernard is seeing a bit of the ball now on the Newcastle left, and although his centre is poor, he gets a corner

  • 84'

    Small signs of a Newcastle revival, and Ameobi has added nuisance value up front. Time running out, though

  • 82'

    Fine delivery from Robert and with Speed threatening, Hyypia manages to head behind. This time, Robert's kick is terrible and Liverpool clear

  • 81'

    No great sense of urgency about Newcastle just at the moment. But they have a chance as Henchoz fouls Ameobi near the corner flag. The Swiss defnder is shown the game's first yellow card

  • 79'

    Carragher crunches into a tackle and tries an ambitious left-footer from 30 yards. It doesn't trouble Given

  • 78'

    Cheyrou is left in acres of space from Le Tallec's flick, but he's bustled off the ball with the hat-trick headlines in his sights

  • 77'

    Liverpool look the more likely scorers as Finnan and Hamann work an opening. O'Brien hacks away for a corner, which is met and headed wide again by Hyypia

  • 76'

    Houllier is out of his seat to bark a few instructions at Le Tallec

  • 75'

    Wicked delivery from Gerrard this time, and Hyypia's near-post glance flashes across Given's goal and out of play

  • 74'

    Finnan bounds on to a neat Le Tallec flick, and his cross goes all the way through to Carragher, whose muscle earns his side a corner

  • 73'

    Ameobi heads away from his own six-yard box, but Liverpool keep the ball in the danger area

  • 73'

    Kewell tries a bit of trickery on the left, but Hughes keeps calm to clear - at the expense of a corner

  • 72'

    Jenas picks out a superb pass for the second time this evening, but Dyer slips as he attempts to get a shot away

  • 71'

    Hyypia intervenes as Ameobi lopes forward, but the Finn is forced to concede a corner. Gerrard heads away at the near post

  • 69'

    Dyer shows a bit of defensive discipline to deny Owen a shot, but when the ball is helped back in Le Tallec has a shooting chance. Too high again

  • 68'

    That was Solano's last act of the evening, and he goes off to be replaced by a striker - Shola Ameobi

  • 67'

    Solano and Dyer attempt an intricate one-two, but it fails to come off and Carragher thumps downfield

  • 66'

    Gerrard helps another ball into the centre, but Le Tallec can't keep his effort down

  • 65'

    Robert tries his luck again, but this time his contact is far from perfect and the ball sails a good 20 yards over Dudek's bar

  • 64'

    Carragher opts for Row Z under pressure from Solano as Newcastle come forward in numbers looking for an equaliser. They have a free-kick

  • 63'

    The Kop finds its voice and Houllier looks like a relieved man, but Newcastle have responded well

  • 61'

    It's been coming. Gerrard pops up on the left wing and produces a perfect centre which Cheyrou, breaking from deep, heads like a bullet beyond Given for his second

  • 60'

    Much better from Liverpool, and from Kewell, who rifles wide following a fine forward burst

  • 59'

    Finnan has his first foray forward since the break, and tries his luck left-footed. Given is right behind the shot

  • 59'

    O'Brien's slip gives Liverpool a man over on the break, but Gerrard's pass forces Owen too wide and the danger disappears

  • 58'

    Newcastle struggle to get out of their own box, and Owen wriggles free to tee up Hamann, who pulls his 20-yarder six feet wide

  • 57'

    O'Brien's miscued clarance gives Liverpool a corner, but it's a familiar story as Gerrard's kick is cleared

  • 56'

    Given sprints out of his area, and it's a shrewd move as he beats Le Tallec to a long ball forward

  • 56'

    Robert's kick fails to beat the first man, but Newcastle come again and it needs another last-ditch block from Hyypia to clear the danger

  • 55'

    Gerrard trying to make things happen for Liverpool with a powerful forward run, but it's Newcastle who break to force a corner

  • 53'

    Beautifully-worked movement down the Newcastle right again, but Robert's final ball to Shearer is cut out in the nick of time by the impressive Hyypia

  • 53'

    The Kop bay for a corner, but the decision goes against Kewell as Hughes is sent crashing towards the hoardings

  • 52'

    Lovely angled ball from Jenas sets Solano away. His centre is promising but just two yards too far in front of Robert

  • 51'

    Owen flounders and falls on the slippery surface close to the corner flag. Ref Poll decides he was fouled by Bernard, but again the free-kick is poor

  • 50'

    Bernard attempts to squeeze between Le Tallec and Finnan, but there just wasn't a gap there

  • 49'

    Cheyrou's persistence gives Gerrard a second bite of the cherry. It's a better delivery, but Shearer helps out his defence by bringing the ball away

  • 48'

    Patient build-up from Liverpool finds a reward as Gerrard's dangerous left-footed cross is headed behind by Hughes. Poor corner, though

  • 47'

    First touch for Le Tallec as Bernard mishits a pass straight to him.

  • 46'

    Liverpool get an early free-kick following a foul by Woodgate. Kewell's kick finds Hyypia's head but it's easy for Given

  • 46'

    Gerard Houllier has sent on Le Tallec for Heskey at the start of the second half. And the heavens have opened above Anfield - should help both sides' passing

  • 45'

    Half-time. Curious opening period ends all square. A fantastic first five minutes and precious little forward threat thereafter. Defences on top.

  • 45'

    One minute to be added on as Kewell sets off on his first dribble of the game. He runs straight into O'Brien

  • 44'

    Robert attempts to send Bernard away with a back-heel, but the best Newcastle get is a throw-in, and that comes to nothing

  • 43'

    Scrappy period of play is summed up by Kewell's aimless punt. The Australian has been very quiet in the first half

  • 42'

    Newcastle's chief threat at the moment is coming down the right, but Carragher is defending stoutly at left-back

  • 41'

    Dudek turns - Cruyff-like! - away from Dyer in his own area, much to the delight of the Kop

  • 40'

    Henchoz gets a bit of the ball but his challenge on Dyer is deemed the wrong side of sturdy. Robert's free-kick is woeful, in any case

  • 39'

    Gerrard picks a lovely pass to Owen, but again he's forced to run across the face of the penalty area as Newcastle's back four holds its line rigidly

  • 37'

    Hughes and Jenas combine again well on the right to send Solano scampering away, but the Peruvian fouls Hamann in his attempts to find a way through

  • 36'

    Owen gets a chance to run at Woodgate, but the Newcastle defender sticks to the task doggedly and the move peters out

  • 35'

    Ref Poll inadvertently gets involved in the midfield action, blocking Jenas' forward pass

  • 34'

    Bit of pressure from the visitors, but Shearer can't get Robert's cross under control and Carragher seizes the chance to clear

  • 32'

    First effort on target since the goals, but it's a fairly tame one from Jenas which doesn't trouble Dudek

  • 32'

    Liverpool have men breaking forward in support of Heskey, but a poor first touch from the striker means the chance is lost

  • 30'

    Cheyrou looks like he's seeing stars, but a quick drink of water and he's back on the field

  • 29'

    Cheyrou tussles with fellow Frenchman Bernard, and catches a flailing arm in the face for his troubles. Accidental, so no action taken

  • 28'

    Textbook passing triangles from Newcastle on the right, but there's no end product at the moment

  • 27'

    Terrible backpass from Hughes leaves Given no chance and gifts Liverpool a corner. Gerrard's delivery is poor, though

  • 26'

    Shearer gets himself a free-kick following a bout of trademark argy-bargy with Hyypia, but Robert's kick comes to nothing

  • 25'

    Finnan looks the man most likely to create something on either side with his forward thrusts, but this time his centre is too close to Given

  • 23'

    Firm header away by O'Brien, but Liverpool are looking a bit more lively coming forward

  • 22'

    Finnan marauds forward from right-back and tees up Cheyrou, whose effort is deflected behind for a corner

  • 22'

    Owen makes a nuisance of himself from Kewell's flick, but Hughes keeps his eye on the ball to stop him shooting

  • 21'

    Gerrard bends it in, but none of a clutch of players crowded in the six-yard box can get a touch and Given gathers safely

  • 20'

    O'Brien goes in a bit too strongly on Hamann to give Liverpool a free-kick on the left flank

  • 19'

    Free header for Jenas from Solano's second attempt, but the midfielder nods wide of the target

  • 18'

    Better from Newcastle, who work a shooting chance for Dyer. Hyypia thwarts him at the expense of a corner, which is hacked behind for another one.

  • 17'

    The game is struggling to live up to the first five minutes just at the moment - neither side is threatening

  • 16'

    Finnan finds a bit of space on the right, but Robert shows he's willing to do the donkey work by getting back to cover

  • 14'

    Newcastle keeping possession better at the moment, but Given gifts Liverpool the ball back with a sliced clearance

  • 13'

    Good direct running from Heskey down the Reds right, but his cross his scuffed badly

  • 12'

    Newcastle threaten on the counter attack after Gerrard's raking free-kick is hacked away, but Hamann does his usual mopping-up job

  • 11'

    Careless from Shearer, who finds himself offside from Solano's pass

  • 10'

    Carragher gets a rousing reception from the home fans as he outmuscles Dyer close to his own byline

  • 9'

    Good presssing from Newcastle, who force Finnan into lumping the ball aimlessly forward

  • 8'

    Half a chance for Owen from a deep Finnan cross, but O'Brien does enough to make him misdirect the header

  • 8'

    Cheyrou sends in a cross from the right, but O'Brien is alert and gets in front of Owen to clear

  • 6'

    Heskey makes his feelings plain to ref Poll after he is penalised for a shove on Shearer

  • 5'

    A bit of calm is restored as Newcastle pass the ball around patiently at the back

  • 4'

    We promised you goals! Newcastle respond immediately and Robert thunders a screamer of a free-kick past Dudek from 30 yards

  • 2'

    What a start! Cheyrou sends Heskey clean through on Given, who blocks at the striker's feet but can only watch as Cheyrou rolls in the rebound. 1-0 Liverpool.

  • 1'

    Referee Graham Poll gets us under way at Anfield, with Newcastle attacking the Kop.


    This is a fixture traditionally associated with goals. Stay logged on to see if tonight's game lives up to expectations.


    Newcastle: Given, Hughes, O'Brien, Woodgate, Bernard, Solano, Jenas, Speed, Robert, Dyer, Shearer. Subs: Harper, Ambrose, Bramble, Ameobi, Viana.


    Liverpool: Dudek, Finnan, Henchoz, Hyypia, Carragher, Heskey, Gerrard, Hamann, Kewell, Cheyrou, Owen. Subs: Jones, Murphy, Riise, Le Tallec, Biscan.


    Keep it here for all the Anfield action, kicking off at 17.35 GMT