UEFA Champions League

October 22, 2003



0 - 1

Manchester United

Group E

18:45 +00:00, October 22, 2003

Ibrox Stadium, Scotland

Referee: Anders Frisk

  • 93'

    Rangers deserved something out of the match, they played with verve and created several openings but in Tim Howard United have a quality keeper. Credit too to Phil Neville who with a rare goal and a fine performance won it for the visitors.

  • 93'

    What was Klos thinking of? With just seconds left he should have launched it long, but instead got his defenders in trouble and it should have been a goal for Scholes and at least a penalty!

  • 93'

    That's it the final whistle and job done for United!

  • 93'

    Berg gets caught in possesion and Scholes robs him. He races into the box but is felled from behind by Berg, but the ref says no penalty!!

  • 93'

    Klos instead of sending it long down the pitch rolls it out - what!!!

  • 93'

    Eric Djemba-Djemba is coming on for Forunte - a pointless change decided only to waste a few seconds

  • 92'

    United have it in the Rangers half, right by the corner flag

  • 91'

    Giggs is fouled and wins a freekick

  • 91'

    Rangers chasing every ball down as United try and spread it about and keep possession

  • 90'

    Ibrox howling the Gers on! Great save from Howard from Nerlinger how costly will that prove to be - 3 added minutes signalled

  • 89'

    Berg and Nerlinger exchange passes and Howard makes a fantasic save from Nerlinger

  • 89'

    Arteta whips in the deadball but Gary Neville stoops and gets his head to it first

  • 88'

    Butt fouls Nerlinger and a freekick is the result

  • 87'

    Giggs chips in a ball to the back post and Van Nistelrooy, who has looked a little clumsy at times, fails to control it and Rangers break

  • 86'

    Howard jumps highest to catch the ball and thwart the Gers attack

  • 86'

    Five minutes left - and Rangers pile forward

  • 85'

    Khizanishvili is off the field who is replaced by Ross and Phil Neville has gone too, he is replaced by Nicky Butt

  • 84'

    Khizanishvili is recieving treatment and Phil Neville is down also, he is trying to stretch off a cramp

  • 83'

    Khizanishvili seems to have pulled something, possibly his groin, after overstretching to block the Van Nistelrooy shot

  • 83'

    Van Nistelrooy gets the ball on the right and fires in a shot from a tight angle

  • 83'

    Giggs takes, aiming for the big men he finds Silvestre, but he's tackled

  • 82'

    United win a corner

  • 82'

    Berg brings it forward and Arveladze almost gets in between Silvestre and Ferdinand with a neat turn, but its cleared

  • 81'

    Ten minutes left - but still plenty of fight left in both teams

  • 80'

    Great shot, but just wide from Lovenkrands. It was low and across Howard's goal but inches wide

  • 80'

    Peter Lovenkrands brings the ball down on the left and heads for goal

  • 79'

    Gigss tries again, but now Khizanishvili makes the tackle

  • 78'

    Giggs is trying to get his way down the left flank but he is being held up by the waspish Arteta

  • 77'

    He runs up but his effort fails to beat the wall

  • 77'

    The freekick is at least 35 yards out but Ball fancies his chances.

  • 76'

    Mols gets clattered by Keane whose tackle goes in a split second late after Mols' quick feet shifted the ball making Keane look stupid. And violent!

  • 75'

    Fortune adjudged to have fouled Moore. The Gers skipper tried to block Fortune's run but was beaten, luckily for him the linesman flagged for a foul - not the best decision, Fortune unlucky

  • 74'

    Arteta tries to get past Phil Neville, but a no-nonsense tackle thwarts his progress down the left

  • 73'

    As the players tussle Paul Scholes fails to check his run and ends up clattering into Klos - earning himself a booking in the process

  • 73'

    Immeadiately at the other end and there's a call for penalty after Ball challenges Van Nistelrooy as he goes one-on-one with the keeper

  • 72'

    Silvestre lucky not to concede a penalty for a rash shove-cum-challenge

  • 71'

    Alex McLeish, the rangers boss, bellows his instructions from the halfway line - can he get his team back level?

  • 70'

    Arveladze races forward - he's run 40 yards - Lovenkrands darts across him and recieves the ball, but he can't quite wrap his foot around it well enough to get the shot on target - great move though

  • 69'

    Klos parries a fierce Van Nistelrooy shot - corner ball

  • 68'

    Van Nistelrooy takled on the edge of the box after a good Scholes run - the move started by a cheeky Ferdinand backheel

  • 67'

    Keane, O'Shea and Giggs try to work a triangluar pass and move on the left but a stray pass kills the initiative

  • 66'

    Rangers' Vanoli is off replaced by sub Nerlinger

  • 65'

    Moore heads clear from a Giggs cross from the left

  • 64'

    Scholes and Keane being afforded a little more space at the moment and they are orchestrating some good pressure from United

  • 63'

    Ricksen is held off by Ferdinand who just about manages to shepperd the ball back to Howard - but a risky move by Rio, he should have hammered it into row Z

  • 62'

    Scholes runs forward, excahnges passes with Gary Neville and then Phil Neville before it is crossed in, but too deep for Van Nistelrooy

  • 62'

    Half an hour left and this could still go either way

  • 61'

    Ricksen has taken a knock and might need attention

  • 60'

    Keane rampages forward and passes wide to Giggs - he crosses in, but Van Nistelrooy is blindsighted by Moore and cannot get a proper header in on goal

  • 59'

    United now find themselves under the cosh with Rangers showing some fine touches and technique

  • 58'

    The corner comes in and Lovenkrands connects with a solid header but Howard is equal to it and saves on the line

  • 56'

    Mols releases Lovenkrands but fantastic defending from Ferdinand who gets a toe on the ball and deflects the shot out for a corner

  • 56'

    The kick is whipped in and Phil Neville clears it off the line! What a game he's having

  • 55'

    Rangers burst out and win a corner

  • 54'

    Keane fires in a shot which is deflected and drops to Van Nistelrooy but he can't control it - but the flag is up

  • 53'

    United left to rue another chance after a great move including Scholes and Phil Neville

  • 52'

    Van Nistelrooy latches onto a nice pass from Paul Scholes put his shot from the right on the right hand side of the six yard line is wide - he is rightly disappointed he should have hit the targer

  • 50'

    Great pressure from United early in the half - they are clearly wary of making a sloppy start to the second period as they did against Stuggart

  • 50'

    Moore intercepts a Gary Neville cross aimed at Van Nistelrooy

  • 49'

    Pressure building from United - three Giggs crosses in a row fired in from the left, with each one finding their way back to Giggs

  • 47'

    Van Nistelrooy at the other end gets is all on his own and is swamped by five defenders and loses the ball

  • 47'

    Berg, Lovenkrnads and Arteta excange some slick passes in a superb move, but it comes to nought

  • 46'

    Ricksen tackles Keane in the centre of the park - the Irishman not impressed

  • 45'

    Mols gets doubled teamed by Ferdinand and Fortune - a freekick and quite rightly

  • 45'

    Back underway and an early touch for Howard who launches the ball long

  • 45'

    Halftime at Ibrox. A great start by United and it is a goal from the less-than-prolific Phil Neville which separates the two. Rangers fought back well after the set back and are unlucky not to be level after good pressure but crucially failed to converted their half-chances.

  • 45'

    Shockingly poor corner, not crossed but passed out wide to Phil Neville who is unable to use it

  • 44'

    Van Nistelrooy turns Moore, but all he gets is a corner

  • 43'

    Giggs swaps with Keane and fires the ball in and Silvestre heads it on target and would've been a goal but for a goal-line block

  • 42'

    United win a corner - Keane is barracked as he moves to take it

  • 41'

    Vanoli and Arteta exchange passes before a cross reaches Arveladze who is unfortunate to see his volley cannon clear

  • 40'

    Van Nisterooy thinks he's been blocked off and prevented from reaching a Giggs pass - not so say the ref!

  • 39'

    Fortune stands on Lovenkrands leg after he slid in for a 50-50 - painful but not intentional.

  • 38'

    Great tackle from Berg to rob Giggs

  • 37'

    Great shot from Averladze, following a dangerous run down the right which no-one stopped, a shame the effort went over the bar

  • 37'

    Good play from Van Nistelrooy and Fortune, but they loose it and the Gers have it

  • 36'

    United use the ball well and its Rangers under pressure

  • 35'

    Howard leaps high to catch a cross aimed at Lovenkrands

  • 35'

    Scholes and Fortune loose the ball under pressure

  • 34'

    Mols tries the spectacular over head kick, but it is blocked, the ball finds its way to Mols whose goes just wide - a lucky escape for United

  • 33'

    Balls, deep in the United half, rides a tackle from Phill Neville, he passes to Mols who crosses deep to Lovenkrands who lashes his shot wide

  • 31'

    Great tackle from who finds Keane - his balls is not accurate enough for Giggs, but Keane is furious with Giggs

  • 30'

    Arveladze and Mols combine well and feed it to Ricksen, but the move breaks down

  • 29'

    Ferdinand passes to Gary Neville who miscontrols the ball into touch - once again the home fans see the funny side!

  • 28'

    Boos ring out as United finally string a few passes together in the highly competitive midfield

  • 27'

    The ball is floated in and Gary Neville heads a shot away, but the ball is ricocheting around and ends up with Vanoli who hits his snap shot wide - he should have done better

  • 26'

    Gary Neville concedes a corner

  • 26'

    Luckily for the visitors the Gers fail to get a shot on target

  • 25'

    It's not very clever stuff from United at the moment. Gary Neville hits a long, hopeful ball to a well marked Van Nistelrooy who fails to hold the pass and Rangers break

  • 24'

    The Rangers quick break results in a decent strike from Lovenkrands low and to the left of Howard's goal - but the big keeper is equal to it

  • 23'

    The Neville brothers link up on the right but Giggs loses posssesion and the Gers break

  • 23'

    United need to get some time on the ball to frustrate a clearly motivated homeside

  • 22'

    Keane in with a superb tackle, snuffing out a pass intended for Ricksen who had just begun a dangerous darting run into space

  • 21'

    Phil Neville guides in a lovely chipped cross from the right into space - unfortunately his teammates were expecting the near post cross and the chance goes begging

  • 20'

    Berg reads Van Nistelrooy perfectly cutting out a loose pass and striding forward in Sweeper style

  • 20'

    Moore is a little too aggresive and Keane is handed a freekick - a welcome breather for Untied

  • 19'

    Good spell from Rangers, great probing passes putting United's backline under pressure, Mols and Arteta doing the damage

  • 18'

    Lovenkrands sees a header go over the bar after a decent first-time cross from Rangers left-back Michael Ball

  • 17'

    A deep ball from Berg, the former United player, is too hopeful and is hoiked clear

  • 16'

    Averladze and Arteta link up well but the final ball in is deflected out of the way of Lovenkrands - but signs that the Gers are not to be underestimated

  • 15'

    Some good movement from Rangers with Arteta and Mols looking useful

  • 14'

    Another good call from the ref, who despite the crowd's appeal was not conned by the striker who went down too easily under the tackle

  • 13'

    Vanoli asks for another penalty, but again the ref is not interested

  • 13'

    Ibrox finding its voice again after that horror-show start

  • 13'

    Khizanishvili pounces on a loose pass from Silvestre but his ball is equally errant and Ferdinand clears

  • 12'

    Another pass to long for Ruud, this time a cross field ball from goalscorer Phil Neville

  • 11'

    More slick Untied passing, but the final touch from Giggs is not deft enough and Rangers win it back

  • 10'

    Good defending by Moore under pressure from Van Nistelrooy on the halfway line

  • 9'

    Gary Neville with a great tackle to prevent Vanoli from getting a shot in after a deep cross - some calls for a penalty but nothing doing as far as the ref is concerned

  • 8'

    Great back heel from Giggs releases Van Nistelrooy, but the shot which follows is high and wide. Great touch from the Welsh international

  • 8'

    Manchester United playing keep ball and frustrating the Gers, who are desperate to restore parity

  • 7'

    Ricksen tees up a shot, but Silvestre blocks

  • 6'

    What a start! Plenty of tackles, and a goal early on. Ferguson, making a return to the ground where he once played, jumped for joy as Neville scored and the crowd lost for something to sing about - for now...

  • 5'

    Fed by Van Nistelrooy he latched onto the return ball after a great run through the heart of the Rangers backline, his shot was a litte scuffed but after his mazy run the ball ended up nestled in the corner of Stefan Klos' goal

  • 4'

    Phil Neville scores!!!

  • 4'

    A stormy start, freekick to Rangers after a full-blooded tackle by Giggs

  • 3'

    Mols and Arteta link up well, but O'Shea cuts out the final ball

  • 2'

    A huge cheers as Gary Neville loes control of the ball and it goes out of play!

  • 1'

    Phil Neville and Ryan Giggs nearly carve an opening but the final ball is beyond Ruud van Nistelrooy

  • 1'

    Another freekick, this time Roy Keane flying in - no card this time but it already spicey! Did we expect anythign else?!!


    And John O'Shea is booked after 30 seconds - a late tackle and rightly he's yellow carded


    Swedish referee Anders Frisk gets the match underway


    It is a cracking atmosphere inside Ibrox, with the partisan Gers fans making one hell of a noise!


    And the Man Utd line up: Howard, Gary Neville, Ferdinand, Silvestre, O'Shea, Phil Neville, Keane, Scholes, Fortune, van Nistelrooy, Giggs. Subs: Carroll, Ronaldo, Butt, Bellion, Djemba-Djemba, Forlan, Fletcher.


    The Rangers side for the evening: Rangers: Klos, Khizanishvili, Berg, Moore, Ball, Ricksen, Arteta, Vanoli, Lovenkrands, Arveladze, Mols. Subs: McGregor, Emerson, Nerlinger, Ostenstad, Capucho, Ross, Hughes.


    It's the big one as Fergie returns to Ibrox. All the action from the Battle of Britain - here from 19.45 GMT