UEFA Champions League

October 21, 2003


Dynamo Kiev

2 - 1


Group B

18:45 +00:00, October 21, 2003

Olimpiyskyi, Ukraine

Referee: Konrad Plautz

  • 90'

    The Gunners now staring an early exit in the face. They're rock bottom of Group B with one point from three matches, with Inter and Dynamo level on six points and tonight's surprise Lokomotiv on four.

  • 90'

    Indeed it is. Kiev survive and Arsenal go down to a second defeat in Europe. 2-1 the final score

  • 90'

    Ljungberg stumbles after Toure had released him in the box... last chance?

  • 90'

    Sablic happy to hammer it anywhere with a minute to go

  • 90'

    Kiev in total panic as Toure smashes against the bar after Shovkovskiy had spilt Henry's shot from the left. So close for Arsenal

  • 90'

    Shovkovskiy is there to block as Kanu sneaks clear at the near post to hit first time

  • 90'

    Gunners laying siege as Gavrancic blocks another Pires raid

  • 90'

    Four minutes to be added but Pires again fires too low at the near post

  • 90'

    Into the last minute and Toure forces a corner. Lehmann's up but his opposite number punches clear. Pires wins another corner as we go into injury time

  • 89'

    Sablic wrestles with Kanu - Arsenal freekick on the right. Pires takes but Khatskevitch heads clear at the near post

  • 88'

    Great ball from Rincon. Campbell looks favourite but Shatskikh gets to it first, sending a screaming left-footer just wide across the face of goal.

  • 87'

    Federov hoofs clear as the pressure builds

  • 86'

    Still hope for the Gunners with Kiev retreating ever deeper

  • 85'

    Kanu nods on for Henry. Another lay-off and this time Wiltord smashes right-footed from outside the box. But straight at the keeper

  • 84'

    Cole is far too hasty in swiping right-footed after Henry's little lay-off in the box. The ball slides wide

  • 83'

    Rincon blazes over after Toure's poor effort to clear Belkevich's cross. Flag may have been up against Shatskikh though

  • 82'

    Pires nudges a freekick forward into the box but with no obvious target. Shovkovskiy collects

  • 81'

    Khatskevitch is on for Gioane meanwhile

  • 81'

    A simple tap-in past the stranded keeper but Arsenal don't need perfect goals tonight

  • 80'

    At last! Kanu gets to the byline and Henry finishes from point-blank range after Pires' ball inside. A first goal and hope for the Gunners at 1-2

  • 79'

    Corner to Arsenal. Pires takes from the right but Campbell times his jump wrong, heading well wide

  • 77'

    Belkevich takes from the left but Toure heads away. Peev swipes a cross from wide on the right but Lehmann is able to gather

  • 76'

    Shovkovskiy out to punch the resulting corner and Kiev can clear. Toure climbs on Shatskikh. Freekick to Kiev

  • 75'

    Arsenal freekick deep on the Kiev left. Pires lofts it to the far post where Gavrancic heads behind under pressure from Vieira and Campbell

  • 73'

    On come Kanu and Ljungberg for Gilberto and Parlour

  • 72'

    Shatskikh skies one from the near post - Toure doing just enough to distract the striker

  • 71'

    Acres of space at the back though as Belkevich sets off on another burst. Rincon plays a loose ball though and Campbell lets it through to Lehmann

  • 70'

    Gunners forcing the pace at last. Lauren down the right but Shovkovskiy gets a foot to Wiltord's shot. Their best effort and the Kiev keeper's first real save

  • 68'

    Nesmachniyi robs Parlour to launch another Kiev break. Leko gets caught in possession though after Rincon and Shatskikh had combined well

  • 67'

    Now Lauren gets forward but keeper Shovkovskiy scoops up a rather aimless cross. No-one attacking the near post

  • 66'

    Cole has another burst towards the box but is quickly repelled

  • 65'

    Menawhile Diogo Rincon is on for Gusev

  • 64'

    Absolute horror show from the Arsenal keeper - his first clearance was too soft and caught Campbell out. Kiev men were onto it in a flash and just as the Gunners were looking more solid, the worst comes to pass

  • 63'

    Lehmann comes out to clear but it's disaster time. Shatskikh pounces on the first clearance and Belkevich is there to pick up the pieces and ram the second into an empty goal from 25 yards. 2-0 Kiev

  • 62'

    Wiltord is offside as Toure delays his pass a fraction too long after another surge from the back through midfield

  • 62'

    Here comes Vieira - on for Edu

  • 61'

    Looks like Vieira's going to get his half hour. Meanwhile, skipping stuff from Cole gives Pires a shooting chance - a hurried toe-poker just wide of goal

  • 60'

    Lehmann rather flaps but Peev's instant shot from the far side is well over

  • 59'

    Cole wins a freekick on the left but again Shovkovskiy rises to take. Quick throw for Shatskikh to chase but Parlour's back. Corner to Kiev

  • 57'

    Shovkovskiy comes out to claim as Henry slides a return ball through for Toure to chase after a surging run from the centre-half

  • 56'

    Henry looking frustrated as the referee blows against him for handball as he tries to round Federov

  • 55'

    Campbell's slip allows Belkevich to have a go from long range as Arsenal sleep - Lehmann happy to see the shot rise over

  • 54'

    Shovkovskiy rises to take Henry's corner easily in the six-yard box.

  • 53'

    Foul by Gavrancic on Pires wide out. Henry rises at the far post and heads straight at Shovkovskiy from point-blank range. Kiev have to hook it behind but Toure was waiting for a knockdown there

  • 52'

    Pires hits too deep, forcing Wiltord to take it back. Campbell stays upfield but fouls Peev is jumping for the high ball forward

  • 51'

    Edu finds Wiltord, Arsenal right, to win a corner

  • 50'

    Now Gilberto has to pump it clear. Kiev build again but Belkevich can't control his volley from the left of goal and the ball sails high over

  • 49'

    Kiev force a corner down the left now. Federov takes an airshot as Belkevich's delivery misses everyone... Toure hooks behind

  • 47'

    Nesmachniyi flies in on Parlour out wide. Freekick Arsenal. Great pass from Edu finds Cole sprinting into the box, but the fullback lashes at it and the ball slices high and wide

  • 47'

    Peev makes an early burst but Campbell is back to marshal the ball out for a goalkick... not before an uneccessary intervention from Lehmann, who seems to 'want some'

  • 46'

    Back underway as ref Plautz - think I called him Klautz earlier - restarts the game. No changes at half-time as Wenger keeps Vieira and Ljungberg on the bench

  • 45'

    And that's the last hit of the half. The Gunners still goalless and, it seems, rudderless without Vieira. 1-0 to Kiev at the break

  • 45'

    One minute to be added. No better time for Arsenal to win another corner. Pires' first effort is poor but Ghioane concedes another. Shovkovskiy punches it half-clear but Parlour scuffs his shot badly wide

  • 45'

    Parlour has to tidy up on the far side as Peev's cross from the left causes uncertainty in the Arsenal rearguard

  • 44'

    Arsenal press again but Toure catches Gavrancic with a high boot in the Kiev box

  • 43'

    Pires takes and Edu does poorly with a free header, planting it into the ground and making the save easy for Shovkovskiy, not that the keeper wasn't anxious to make the most of it with a Hollywood dive

  • 42'

    Cole probes down the Gunners' left this time, drawing a freekick

  • 41'

    Lauren rises to head away from Nesmachniyi on the Kiev left. Arsenal recover possession for Lehmann to slam it clear

  • 40'

    Ghionane beats Pires at the near post but the ball skids off his head across goal - just out of Campbell's reach. Goal kick to Kiev

  • 40'

    This time Lehmann is up to claim Belkevich's corner. Arsenal quickly upfield where Wiltord smartly wins a corner

  • 39'

    Federov's curler is hooked behind by Campbell

  • 38'

    Gilberto and Lauren get back to halt Belkevich's surge down the left. Kiev build again and Pires brings Leko down, 25 yards out on the right

  • 37'

    Ghioane probes now. Nesmachniyi finds Shatskikh but the shot goes straight at Lehmann

  • 36'

    ...Which heads straight to Lehmann

  • 35'

    Cole flies in to up-end Peev wide in midfield. He seemed to win the ball first but it's a Kiev freekick

  • 34'

    Meanwhile Sablic has replaced the hobbling defender Dmytrulin

  • 33'

    Corner goes far post where Ghiona forces Lehmann to tip over. This time the German is up to claim the deep ball from Belkevich

  • 32'

    Now Cole has to hook it behind as Shatskikh gets close to the near-post ball.

  • 30'

    At least that brought a little respite though. The Gunners sorely missing skipper Vieira

  • 29'

    Henry and Gilberto have to head clear before Edu finally ends the siege. Henry sprints into the box from the left but slips a la Beckham as he takes aim to hook his shot wide

  • 28'

    Gunners wanted offside but no sign of a flag there. Now Peev gets a corner off Cole

  • 27'

    Kiev clear the corner. Mix up between Edu and Gilberto allows Leko to swipe at goal. Two ricochets and Shatskikh is there to ram home a chaotic opening goal. 1-0 Dynamo

  • 25'

    Great block denies the surging Lauren after excellent passing and movement from Henry and Wiltord

  • 24'

    Lehmann comes out to mis-hit a clearance but, fortunately for the German stopper, Gusev's attempted lob goes straight into his hands as he recovers his position

  • 23'

    ...To the far side where Leko fires wildly over the bar

  • 22'

    Shatskikh gets behind Campbell but the England man is strong enough to get back to give away the corner

  • 21'

    Peev just gets a foot in to deny Pires a shooting chance after Henry's lay-off inside the box

  • 20'

    Toure has to concede a throw as Gusev pressures, but Dynamo slip offside

  • 19'

    ...which Ghioane hooks away from the edge of the box

  • 18'

    Lauren is fouled out wide. Pires takes right-footed: hooked back for Parlour to drive. Deflected behind for a corner

  • 17'

    Pires gets past Leko and Peev on the Arsenal left but his ball towards Henry is easily blocked

  • 15'

    Offside flag against Peev breaks Dynamo's latest attack. All hands to the pumps for Arsenal with Wiltord getting back to help his defence

  • 14'

    Parlour's ambitious long-range shot is well wide. A waste of a good break from Arsenal after Cole had released Pires with a great ball down the left

  • 13'

    Nice shimmy from Peev takes him inside leftback Cole, but his lofted ball only finds Lehmann advancing to catch

  • 11'

    That was Gusev's bicycle kick... The Gunners were hoping for a quiet opening but this game is already too stretched for their liking.

  • 10'

    Cole hoofs clear but more home pressure brings a corner... Bedlam in the Arsenal box as Shatskikh has another go at the near post before a flying overhead follow-up. Gunners escape

  • 9'

    The home side quickly recover though as Shatskikh cuts in from the right to bring a great one-handed save from Lehmann

  • 9'

    Henry's delivery headed behind. The third corner comes in and Pires nods onto the bar. Dynamo stunned but manage to clear

  • 8'

    Pires takes on the right. Ghioane heads clear but Arsenal win another on the left flank now

  • 7'

    Confusion at the back from Dynamo gifts the Gunners a corner

  • 6'

    Shatskikh fouls Edu in midfield as Federov plays it up from the back

  • 5'

    Keeper Shovkovskiy hoofs clear under pressure as Henry chases after the backpass

  • 4'

    Pires, back to goal, is quickly closed down on the edge of the Dynamo box after passes between Edu and Wiltord

  • 4'

    First threat from Dynamo as Ghioane breaks rapidly on the left flank. A scramble in the box but Toure is there to clear up

  • 3'

    Similar stuff from a Gunners freekick on the right. This time Pires forces a throw

  • 2'

    Arsenal patient - Pires rolls it back to Edu and it's soon at the feet of keeper Lehmann

  • 2'

    Long ball aimed for Gusev but Campbell can watch it roll out of play for a Gunners throw this time

  • 1'

    Dynamo probe down the right as Edu concedes a throw


    A raucous welcome for the sides... Referee Klautz gets us underway


    Dynamo Kiev: Shovkovskiy, Fedorov, Dmytrulin, Belkevich, Peev, Shatskikh, Ghioane, Gusev, Nesmachnyi, Gavrancic, Leko. Subs: Reva, Khatskevitch, El Kaddouri, Rincon, Nanni, Milevski, Sablic.


    Arsenal: Lehmann, Cole, Lauren, Campbell, Toure, Edu, Silva, Parlour, Pires, Henry, Wiltord. Subs: Stack, Vieira, Ljungberg, Cygan, Clichy, Kanu, Hoyte.


    The Gunners have left skipper Patrick Vieira on the bench, meaning a Brazilian central midfield duo of Edu and Gilberto Silva. Teams to follow...


    Arsenal's Champions League season needs to start here - they need a win in the icy wastes of Kiev.