UEFA Champions League

October 1, 2003


VfB Stuttgart

2 - 1

Manchester United

Group E

18:45 +00:00, October 1, 2003

Gottlieb-Daimler Stadion, Stuttgart, Germany

Referee: Bolognino

  • 94'

    Fergie's boys were poor and there's no denying it. Too many important players underperformed and made too many errors. Although Ronaldo was ineffectual, to his credit he never let his head drop and was full of running and his exaggerated fall won United their penalty. They will have to play better if they are to beat Rangers in their next Champions League outing.

  • 94'

    2-1 is bad enough for United but were it not for Howard's brilliant penalty save it could have been worse. Stuttgart deserve the glory, they were tight at the back, quick to tackle in the midfield battles and finished ruthlessly.

  • 94'

    And that's it, fulltime and what a win for Stuttgart!

  • 93'

    Stuttgart get a goalkick from United's freekick when it looked like a corner would have been the correct decision

  • 92'

    Whistles ring out from the nervous crowd!

  • 92'

    Silvestre tackles and launches it upfield

  • 91'

    Gary Neville's wayward pass fails to find Forlan and his mistake lets in Stuttgart who tear forward

  • 90'

    Ronaldo is subbed and Daren Fletcher is on

  • 90'

    Four minutes of added time signaled and with play being stretched there good be another goal!

  • 89'

    Bordon and Kuranyi work an opening but Howard saves and Gary Neville clears - dramatic final moments!

  • 88'

    Ronaldo takes and after a scrap for the ball Stuttgart clear

  • 88'

    Hilderbrand turns out Forlan's shot for a corner - good save and good shot

  • 87'

    The freekick is floated in harmlessly to United's goal and Howard takes easily

  • 86'

    Hleb leaves the field to an ovation from the home fans, he is replaced by Meissener

  • 86'

    Ronaldo fouls Hleb and a freekick to Stuttgart

  • 85'

    Phil Neville hits a cross from the right too hard and Van Nistelrooy can only watch as the ball flies over his head

  • 85'

    Kuranyi tackled on the edge of the United box

  • 84'

    The corner kick arced out of play before it reached the gaggle of players in the penalty area and United escape

  • 83'

    Phil Neville gives away a needless corner by making a mess of a pass back to Howard

  • 82'

    Diego Forlan enters the game at the expense of Rio Ferdinand, who like several United players, had a bad night at the office

  • 81'

    Dreadful distribution from the freekick and United spurn another chance

  • 80'

    Tiffert gets a yellow card for bringing down Fortune. He also has a bloody lip after getting Fortune's boot in his face - serves him right!

  • 79'

    The corner comes to naught and United break

  • 78'

    Fernado Meira hit the ball hard and low, but Howard got down quickly to turn the ball out for a corner - brilliant stuff from Timmy!

  • 78'

    Awesome save from Howard!!

  • 77'

    Gary Neville gave the ball away and Kuranyi collected in the area only for Ferdinand to take him down

  • 77'

    Penalty to Stuttgart!

  • 76'

    A hopeful cross from Hinkel is gathered by Howard and the American throws out

  • 75'

    Hleb takes the kick but the header is wide - a let of for United

  • 75'

    With four on four Stuttgart blow their chance to wrap the game up - but win a corner

  • 74'

    Stuttgart manage to clear United's cross from Giggs and break

  • 73'

    The second corner is too deep and Fortune dribbles the ball forward

  • 72'

    The corner is cleared, but the Germans win another

  • 72'

    The second Stuttgart sub: Vranjes off, replaced by Tiffert

  • 72'

    A lucky escape for United, Silvestre's pass back to Howard caused problems but instead creeping into the net it went out for a corner

  • 71'

    Play moves on and the second sub continues to warm up as United press with Giggs

  • 70'

    Two changes coming up for Stuttgart. The first: Lahm gives way to Gerber.

  • 69'

    This will be test for the Stuttgart defence, United have been second best all night but will fancy their chances now!

  • 68'

    United heap the pressure on now, Scholes and Giggs combining well on the right

  • 67'

    The spotkick was given after Ronaldo collapsed theatrically after a challenge from Hilderbrand. There was little contact and Ronaldo made the most of the chance.

  • 66'

    Van Nistelrooy slams the ball emphatically into the back of the net!! United back in it!

  • 65'

    Penalty for United!

  • 65'

    Fortune immediately getting forard taking on players and getting a cross in

  • 64'

    A United substitute - a straight swap at left back - John O'Shea off for Quinton Fortune

  • 63'

    Yellow card, the first of the night, and its Gary Neville in the book. Neville playing his 80th Champions League match tonight, no other player has made more appearances in the competition

  • 62'

    Ronaldo tries a left foot shot, but his effort flies out of play

  • 61'

    Finally some action from Scholes, he links up well in midfield and displays some good movement

  • 60'

    This time the move is smothered and United breathe easy

  • 60'

    Giggs ends a promising move with a poor cross and Stutgart break again

  • 60'

    An hour gone and United have finally started to play the ball - but is it too little too late

  • 59'

    United have the bit between their teeth now - a shot from Phil Neville flies wide - the visitors have been stung into action

  • 58'

    And its not a bad effort from United's new number 7 - he got plenty of power, bend and dip on the kick but it was straight at the keeper - Ronaldo best contribution so far

  • 57'

    Freekick to United 35 yards out - Beckham territory - shame he's gone! Ronaldo fancies it

  • 57'

    Keane is tackled on the edge of the Stuttgart box after collecting an O'Shea cross

  • 56'

    United try to build from the back and send it towards Giggs on the right

  • 55'

    Van Nistelrooy loses possession and is clearly furious with himself

  • 55'

    United must make changes now to try and halt the Stuttgart onslaught

  • 54'

    The Neckarstadion is rocking! What a spell for Stuttgart. United in disarray!

  • 53'

    The kick comes in and Ferdinand heads it over

  • 52'

    Corner to United at the other end

  • 51'

    Kuranyi this time. He recieved a pass from Szabics and raced clear of his marker, John O'Shea, and finished by clipping the ball perfectly over the out rushing Howard

  • 51'


  • 49'

    Szabics latched onto a ball on the deck and ran clear of the United defence to slot the ball past Howard - a missed header from Gary Neville and costly slip by Ferdinand made the opening for home team

  • 49'


  • 48'

    Hinkel starts this half where he left off in the first, making a fool out of Ronaldo - Fergie must be thinking about a change surely!

  • 47'

    The kick is lofted in but cleared - a let of their for United, if Stuttgart get a goal it will be tough for United to get back into it!

  • 46'

    Kuranyi tries his luck, but it is deflected out for another corner

  • 46'

    The ball is fired in and Scholes clears off the line! Howard was off his line and was lucky that the midfielder was on hand to spare his blushes!

  • 45'

    Hleb fires in a great cross from the left looking for Kuranyi, but United head it out for a corner

  • 45'

    And play is back underway at the Neckarstadion

  • 45'

    But Stuttgart coach Felix Magath will be rightly pleased so far. His team have soaked up what little danger United have posed and were it not for some wayward shooting could be in command of the game. Magath will want more of the same in the next 45mins, which are coming right up!

  • 45'

    So a tough first 45 minutes for United and particularly for young Ronaldo, who Hinkel has had in his pocket! Ferguson will be keen for Keane to get his foot on the ball in midfield and push his side forward and out of their own half. Scholes has been conspicuously quiet and United need him to spark some invention in the second half.

  • 45'

    No time for the kick, which Ronaldo was poised to take, the ref blows for halftime. Keane not happy that the corner was not taken and he lets the ref know all about it!

  • 44'

    With the half drawing to a close United have a corner

  • 44'

    A decent strike from Szabics but it is straight at Howard who saves easily

  • 43'

    Stuttgart on the ball, looking far too comfortable from a United point of view, playing it down the left

  • 42'

    Giggs takes looking for Silvestre, but a defender heads clear - all the way to Tim Howard who hammers the ball forward again

  • 41'

    Keane now tries to work an opening for United. And United have a corner

  • 40'

    Kuranyi, the Stuttgart centreforward tackling, wins the ball for his team - great to see such determination

  • 39'

    Vranjes gets a bit carried away and slams the kick well wide and too high - dreadful

  • 39'

    Freekick to Stuttgart after a Gary Neville foul.

  • 38'

    United are playing far too deep, their four midfielders and four defenders are virtually sat on top of eachother no wonder they can't get it clear

  • 37'

    Stuggart's backline snuff out the danger of a United attack by tackling Scholes and the Germans break again

  • 36'

    Ronaldo in his first Champions League start has had a torid time giving the ball away several times

  • 36'

    Manchester United under considerable pressure at the moment and just unable to hold onto the ball long enough to create any danger

  • 35'

    The corner is taken short and United clear

  • 35'

    Bordon fires the freekick shot into the wall and it spills out for a corner - can Stuttgart break the deadlock?

  • 34'

    Stuttgart break after Ferdinand lost the ball. Rio then fouls his man in frustration and there's another freekick this time in a central area

  • 33'

    The kick is floated towards the back post where Hinkel emerges, but his first-time half-volley is wide. Good invention from the set play!

  • 32'

    Freekick to Stuttgart in a dangerous area following a Phil Neville foul on Lahm

  • 32'

    United press, but yet again Hinkel cuts out the threat intercepting Ronaldo pass to O'Shea who was looking for the overlap

  • 31'

    Ronaldo gets it again, but plays it back to O'Shea rather than trying to get past Hinkel

  • 30'

    Ronaldo tries again, he gets past Hinkel, but Ferdando Meira is covering and hacks the ball clear

  • 30'

    Ronaldo overhits a pass to Van Nistelrooy and the move is scuppered

  • 29'

    United beign pegged back into their own half - they need Keane to stamp some authority on the match and move them out of the danger area

  • 28'

    Vranjes fires in an awkward shot, good work by Silvestre who made it difficult for the Stuttgart midfielder

  • 27'

    Another errant shot from Stuttgart, more warning signs for United

  • 26'

    Pressure building from Stuttgart, with Hleb seeing plenty of the ball

  • 25'

    Giggs, Scholes and Keane link up well on the right, but the cross is too long and Hilderbrand has a goalkick

  • 24'

    Helb spreads it wide to Hinkel who moves it forward, Helb gets it back and fires in a shot, but it's wide

  • 23'

    Szabics heads over the bar for the Germans - the clearest chance of the night. A great cross into the danger area after a swift break, a warning there for United

  • 22'

    The move though breaks down despite fine approach play from the Red Devils

  • 21'

    Good pressure from United on the edge of the German's box

  • 20'

    More keep ball from the United backline who are happy to frustrate the home team, and crowd

  • 19'

    And it nearly works - a cross from Gary Neville from the right finds Van Nistelrooy who pulls his volley wide of the mark

  • 19'

    Keane appears to be forcing play into the Stuttgart half now by playing further up the pitch

  • 18'

    Again Hinkel robs the tricky Ronaldo

  • 18'

    Ronaldo whipped the freekick low and around the wall with his right foot, the keeper almost split it to Van Nistelrooy, but just regathered it in time

  • 17'

    Ronaldo now on the left for United, he passes to Giggs who is brought down - freekick

  • 16'

    Howard smothers a Stuttgart shot after the Germans had been camped 35 yards away from his goal looking very threatening

  • 15'

    Van Nistelrooy at the other goes on a solo run, but again his final ball is too much for Giggs

  • 14'

    Vranjes unleashed a shot from distance, but he leant back and the ball was always going over

  • 13'

    Stuttgart show some great play to deny a United attack with Hinkel making Ronaldo look average, no mean feat

  • 12'

    Giggs glances a header just wide from a Gary Neville freekick, a half chance there for United

  • 11'

    Ferdinand tears forward and passes the ball out of play - he thought Gery Neville was on the overlap, but he wasn't leaving Rio looking rather stupid!

  • 9'

    The Germans are clearly more than just a compact defence - their players are comfortable on the ball, with Vranjes, Hinkel and Lahm all displaying good touches so far

  • 9'

    Fletcher, Giggs and Van Nistelrooy link up well with some neat touches, but the Dutch striker's final ball is over hit

  • 8'

    Roy Keane wins it and tries to conjure an opening

  • 8'

    Vranjes and Lahm link up on the left for the Germans, probing the United defence

  • 7'

    Giggs launches a pass looking for Van Nistelrooy in the penalty area, but it is too long

  • 6'

    United play keep ball on the halfway line

  • 6'

    Tim Howard leaps highest in the box and claims the corner

  • 5'

    Good football from Stuttgart on the edge of the United box, an errant shot cannons off O'Shea and wins the home side a corner

  • 5'

    A long ball from the back fails to find Kuranyi who is beaten to the ball by Rio Ferdinand

  • 4'

    A Stuttgart counter-attack breaks down, and to compound their frustration Heldt gives away a neeless freekick

  • 3'

    Central defender Lahm heads forward from the halfway line looking for Kuranyi, but Gary Neville clears

  • 3'

    O'Shea over-hits a pass to Giggs and Stuttgart win possession

  • 2'

    United fail to use the kick wisely and Stuttgart's mean defence tidy up

  • 1'

    Freekick to United - Ronaldo having been felled by Hinkel

  • 1'

    Hinkel and Kuranyi link up on the right for Stuttgart but can't find a way through


    Early cross from Gary Neville, but Stuggart keeper Hilderbran gathers comfortably


    Italian referee Cosimo Bolognino signals for play to begin and United kick off with Van Nistelrooy and Scholes


    However, while Sir Alex Ferguson's side have conceded three Premiership goals and are third in the table, they got the Champions League campaign off a flyer with a 5-0 opening win over Panathinaikos, and Ruud van Nistelrooy is in fine form having bagged a hat-trick at the weekend against Leicester. A great game is in the offing!


    Stuttgart will pose a stern challenge for United at the Neckarstadion this evening. The home side are top of the Bundesliga and have conceded no goals in seven domestic matches. Their only defeat this season came in their Group E opener at Rangers last month, and the Scottish champions are the only team to score against Stuttgart this term.


    And lining up for Manchester United: Howard, Gary Neville, O'Shea, Silvestre, Ferdinand, Phil Neville, Keane, Scholes, Ronaldo, van Nistelrooy, Giggs. Subs: Carroll, Butt, Bellion, Djemba-Djemba, Forlan, Fletcher, Fortune.


    Tonight's Stuttgart team: Hildebrand, Hinkel, Lahm, Meira, Bordon, Hleb, Vranjes, Soldo, Heldt, Szabics, Kuranyi. Subs: Heinen, Meissner, Amanatidis, Gerber, Tiffert, Centurion, Cacau.


    A win for the Red Devils would give them a foot in the second round. Join us at 19.45 BST for live coverage.