Greedy Bale deserves to gobble up PFA awards

Posted by Dan Fitch

So it's official. Gareth Bale is both the PFA Player of the Year and the PFA Young Player of the Year. Talk about greedy.

It's a well deserved accolade. Liverpool's Luis Suarez was a worthy contender, but for him to win an award of this substance after what he did last Sunday, would have left a Branislav Ivanovic-flavoured, bitter taste in the mouth.

Robin van Persie's form fell away just at the time when votes were being taken, only to recover in the past couple of weeks. However, I still think that Bale is a worthier winner.

- Bale scoops PFA awards double

Since switching to a central role in the game against Norwich, Bale has been virtually unstoppable. He's played 14 games and scored 13 goals.

Van Persie's second goal against Aston Villa was an absolutely stunning piece of skill, but generally he's a player that needs to be given opportunities in order to score.

Bale creates his own chances. Of those 13 recent goals, the majority have seen Bale pick the ball up in a position where an ordinary player would not have been able to find the net.

Very few players in the Premier League could score a goal like the Welshman produced against Norwich. Or the free-kicks against Newcastle and Lyon. The winner against West Ham was incredible. The goal at Swansea even better.

As a Spurs fan I'm obviously hugely biased but I would absolutely love to see Bale stay for one more season at White Hart Lane. Actually I'd absolutely love him to stay for ten more seasons, but I'm trying to be realistic here.

It would be great to see him play a central role at Spurs for an entire season to see what he could achieve. Personally, I think we could be talking similar goalscoring figures to what Cristiano Ronaldo produced in his final seasons at Manchester United.

When you think that Bale started his career as a left-back, it's been a quite unique evolution. It's hard to think of anyone who has started in such a fringe position, to end up having the whole team built around him.

That's a testament to his talent and hard work. In an age where footballers receive such criticism for failing to live up to their expectations as role models, Bale can stand proud.

Each season he is better than the last. He keeps on improving. Keeps on working to be the best that he can be.

I was hugely critical of his diving earlier this season, as were many. It was actually proving to be a detriment to Bale's game, as he picked up bookings that were underserved and was refused penalties he should have won.

He learnt from it. You don't see Bale going to ground so easily now. It might seem obvious, but there are many players in football who keep on making the same mistakes.

Congratulations Gareth Bale. You are a worthy winner of these awards. A genuine role model for young people to look up to and the best player I have ever seen at Spurs. For a man who had posters of Glenn Hoddle, Chris Waddle and Paul Gascoigne on his wall when he was a kid, that's just about the biggest accolade I can give.

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