Noisy Spurs fans reminded why they watch

Posted by Dan Fitch

Now that is what we watch football for.

One of the curses of the cushy job of writing about the football club you love is the fact that you can’t watch a game without thinking about the narrative of the article that you have to write later that day.

-Spurs hit back to stun City
-Martin: Impressive comeback
-Curtis: Thrills and spills

Up until the 75th minute, I was planning to write about the fact that Andre Villas-Boas really should have played Gareth Bale on the wing with Aaron Lennon absent and how Gylfi Sigurdsson and Clint Dempsey looked ineffective on the flanks.

I would have lamented the performance of Emmanuel Adebayor, and, to a lesser degree, that of Scott Parker. Up until that 75th minute it was a pretty horrible game for a Spurs fan to watch and I wasn't likely to enjoy writing what would have been pretty much an obituary piece to Tottenham's Champions League aspirations.

Then came six minutes and 20 seconds that changed everything Sunday and will hopefully be the catalyst for Spurs' march back into the top four.

The equaliser came from the aforementioned Dempsey. He'd had a very quiet game, but he can always be relied upon to get into positions where he can score goals. Bale drilled a great left-footed pass across from the right and Dempsey was on hand to slide it home.

If you’d asked me before the match I would have taken a draw. With 15 minutes left, I would have happily cashed in the chips and left early. Yet Tottenham weren't content with a point and what was to follow would send the crowd into a frenzy.

Like Dempsey, Jermain Defoe is an extremely valuable player when he's scoring, but can you leave you scratching your head as to what he contributes when he’s going through a barren spell. Without a goal in 2013, it was hardly a foregone conclusion that he’s was the Spurs' saviour when he came on for the abysmal Adebayor.

Fellow substitute Lewis Holby picked the ball up at the half-way line and smartly played the ball upfield to Defoe on the left. As is always the way, he only had one thing on his mind. Cutting inside his man, Defoe bent the ball superbly past Joe Hart to give Tottenham the lead.

As if a 2-1 win against the reigning (well, until Monday) Premier League champions wasn't enough, Spurs fans were even spared the traditional nail-biting finish. Tom Huddlestone once again made a big difference having come on as a substitute and he played an inch-perfect ball to Bale, who dinked it over the oncoming Hart.

Trust me, White Hart Lane was at its most mental in the seconds that followed the third goal. If you were feeling down and in need of a hug from a stranger, N17 was the place to be this afternoon.

A lot has been spoken about the atmosphere or lack thereof at Spurs of late. Tottenham fans are, by their ground-down nature, an embittered, cynical bunch, always expecting the very worst to smack them in the face.

In recent weeks it has seemed as if the crowd couldn't motivate themselves to motivate the players. Perhaps we've all been suffering from a collective Seasonal Affective Disorder. After all, winter in England has lasted roughly seven months this year, rather than the universally accepted three.

Monday though, the sun was shining and fans seemed in a jauntier mood. From start to finish they made a lot of noise and the team rewarded them for their hard work and worn-out larynxes.

There were still moments of negativity in the stands. After Manchester City’s goal, one fan tried to get a “Levy you’re a (expletive)” song going. Really? Yes, we all know he should have signed a striker in January, but exactly when were Tottenham last challenging for the top four before Daniel Levy and ENIC took over?

You’ll never stamp out the negativity completely. Some people see glasses as half-full and others as half-empty.

Right now I'm guessing that most Spurs fans are in the former category. With Chelsea's draw with Liverpool keeping them within reach, it’s any two from three now and Tottenham are right back in it and fighting.

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