Video: "It's Not Crazy, It's Sports" -- ESPN release cracking Manchester derby commercial

Posted by Chris Wright

If you'll excuse the flagrant self-promotion for a moment, here's ESPN's rather good teaser for the Manchester derby on Sunday afternoon; a clever little viral that examines the key differences (or lack thereof!) between both sets of fans, those born Red and those born Blue -- subtle, almost non-existent 'differences' which make them genetically predisposed to loathe one another...

If you're struggling with the 'colourful Manc colloquialisms', allow TP to be your guide...

Muppet = person of questionable intelligence, e.g, "Joey Barton is a bit of a muppet"
Git = person with smarmy character traits, e.g, "Joey Barton is a bit of a git"
Divvy = person of questionable intelligence
Scummy = dirty/grimy
Minger = aesthetically repulsive
'Billy No Mates' = loner, can usually be found "on one's tod" (see below)
Fit bird = aesthetically agreeable female companion
Sitting on one's tod = sitting on one's lonesome
Plonker = person of questionable intelligence

You're welcome.

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