Ronaldo's wrecked Ferrari on Ebay France - a bargain at $64K!

Posted by Chris Wright

Andrew Yates/Getty ImagesPicture Ronaldo's former car with a big red bow around it

Struggling for Christmas gift ideas for the family? Consider this a lifeline. The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 which Cristiano Ronaldo quickly reduced to component parts after accidentally pointing it at a roadside barrier in a tunnel under Manchester Airport on his way to training in January 2009 briefly surfaced on Ebay France.

The listing has been pulled (so much for that lifeline, pally!), but a fast-acting buyer could have had it for the low, low price of 50,000 euros (approximately $64,810, or 40,430 pounds, if you'd prefer).

The listing was removed after media intrusion, but the Ferrari - untouched since Ronaldo's little fender-bender four year ago - was being sold by a professional scrap dealership in Duppigheim, France, which was were gladly able to include photos of all the relevant registration documentation (including the bill of sale) with the Real Madrid star's name all over it to prove the wreckage's authenticity.

Spanish newspaper ABC reported the Ferrari came with 1,925 miles on the odometer. While a new 599 Fiorano would set you back about 250,000 euros, Ronaldo's ex-car represented a bargain at a mere 50,000 as it's "certainly repairable."

Looks like it, too.

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