Video: Sky Sports doom-monger Geoff Shreeves makes absolutely sure Rafa knows Chelsea fans hate him

Posted by Chris Wright

There's a scene in The Simpsons where Bart helps Lisa pinpoint the exact second she breaks Ralph Wiggum's heart in two, a scene that Sky Sports reporter Geoff Shreeves specialises in replicating in post-match interviews, watching on in delight as his victims deflate live on camera.

The first pawn in Shreeves' sick game was Branislav Ivanovic who, having put in a monumental shift in keeping Barca at bay in the second leg of the semis, fell silent as a deliriously smug Shreeves informed the Serb (twice) that his booking would mean he'd miss the Champions League Final through suspension.

In his role as Sky's in-house Cruella de Vil, Shreeves struck again on Sunday, making categorically sure that the ever-affable Rafa Benitez was 100% aware that he was booed at Stamford Bridge and that the majority of Chelsea fans absolutely despise him...

What a pillock.

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