Rooney, Chicharito and Valencia star in music video with 'Nidji', Man Utd's Indonesia soft rock partners

Posted by Chris Wright

Looking as awkward as ever when asked to do something even remotely showy, Wayne Rooney (along with Chicharito, Antonio Valencia, David de Gea and Shinji Kagawa) was signed up to make a cameo appearance in the video for 'Liberty and Victory' by Indonesia rock gods 'Nidji' - who may or may not be United's official Indonesian schlock rock partners.

The song is fairly standard, faux-inspirational stuff and a bit of a challenge to get through if you prefer your lyrics to have a little more about them than "Let’s make love across horizon," (full lyrics here) but it's Rooney's gummy grin that steals the show here.

He clearly hasn't got the foggiest idea what he's supposed to be doing...

Bless 'im.

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