Video: Al-Ittihad striker stops to tie opposing GK's bootlaces for him

Posted by Chris Wright

Thursday night's Saudi First Division tie between Al-Nahda and Al-Ittihad was a stone cold cracker, with both sides scoring at will in a 4-4 draw; Al-Ittihad levelling up the game from the spot just minutes before the final whistle to deny bottom side Al-Nahda their first win of the season.

That said, odd as it may seem, the real crowning highlight of the game had nothing to do with the ball hitting the back of the net. Instead we were treated to a moment of genuinely touching sportsmanship.

Midway through the action, Al-Nahda's goalkeeper Taisir Al Antaif received a back-pass from his centre-back and, upon realising his boot had come undone and he was unable to kick the ball properly, began frantically trying to draw the referee's attention to his predicament as Al-Ittihad striker Jobson began to close him down.

However, instead of charging the stranded 'keeper down and pinching the ball from his toe, Jobson instead chose to do the thoroughly decent thing and assist Al Antaif by tying up his bootlace for him.

It was at this point that the referee, annoyed that play had been stopped without his consent, decided to interfere and reprimand both players for not playing to the whistle, awarding Al-Ittihad an indirect free-kick inside the area.

Alas, inkeeping with general air of brotherly love that had engulfed the game, Al-Ittihad chose to rub the officious referee's nose in it by merely rolling their free-kick harmlessly out of play.


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