Nelson Vivas out as Quilmes coach after punching fan

Posted by Chris Wright

Having both started and ended his playing days at the club, Nelson Vivas secured his dream first managerial role when he became head coach of Argentinian side Quilmes ahead of the 2013 Torneo Inicial.

Sadly for Vivas, 44, the dream lasted a matter of months after the former Arsenal midfielder was sacked Monday for punching a Quilmes fan in the face following the club's 1-1 draw against Atletico Rafaela last Friday.

According to reports, the fan (later identified as a man named Carlos, a card-carrying Quilmes club member) insulted Vivas during the game shouting: "Referees are robbing us and you're doing nothing about it!”

This proved to be the final straw for Vivas, who shouted at the fan, "Wait for me below!" At the sound of the final whistle Vivas sprinted to the concourse where he then clocked the fan three times square in the face before being escorted away by stadium security.

There was a point over the weekend where it looked as though Vivas was about to be spared the sack, with Carlos ringing into Buenos Aires-based radio station Radio La Red on Saturday to admit he was at fault, saying: "[Vivas] shouldn't have to apologise to me, because it was all in the heat of the moment. I think Vivas should continue."

Unfortunately for Vivas, Quilmes president Anibal Fernandez didn't agree and eventually decided to forced his head coach to resign on Monday evening.

"Professionals like Vivas can't get angry about these things. They need to be able to show levelheadedness. What happened was crazy," Fernandez is quoted as telling Reuters.

"He came to my office and handed in his resignation. He knows he put his foot in it and realises the situation is uncomfortable for the team and regrets his actions."

"We're trying all means to curb violence (in Argentinian football), and he can't commit such an error."

Vivas also apologised for his conduct, admitting that he let his former club down in a moment of weakness: "I'm not a violent person, but I realise that's not the image a trainer should give."


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