Video: Kiessling scores phantom goal, Hoffenheim demand match be replayed

Posted by Chris Wright

Hoffenheim were left up in arms on Friday night when Bayer Leverkusen's second goal of the evening was allowed to stand despite Stefan Kiessling's header finding its way into the back of the net via a hole in the side netting.

The game eventually finished 2-1 to Leverkusen only for referee Felix Brych to come in for an inevitable barracking from irate Hoffenheim fans, players and officials; with the FIFA official acknowledging his mistake before defending his decision.

"There was no indication that it was not a regular goal," Brych is quoted as saying on the official Leverkusen website. "I had a bit of doubt, but the reaction of the players was clear. There was nothing to suggest otherwise."

Not that Brych's explanation was enough to satisfy the Hoffenheim camp, with head coach Markis Gisdol grumbling: "It's definitely bitter for us and something like this has already happened once, and that game was replayed so I think we're going to see this game again.

Gisdol was referencing Bayern Munich's game against FC Nurnberg in 1994, when Thomas Helmer's "phantom tor" was wrongly given by the linesman despite the scrambled shot clearly going well wide.

Bayern ended up winning 2-1 on the day but, after Nurnberg kicked up a stink, the Bavarian's agreed to annul the result and replay the fixture ten days later - with Munich trouncing their opponents 5-0 the second time round.

"Anything else [than a replay] would be a joke," Gisdol added. "You can't replay a Bayern Munich game, but not a Hoffenheim game."

Hear hear.


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