Red Star Belgrade ultras fill players' cars with shampoo in protest

Posted by Chris Wright

A few months ago, Red Star Belgrade were publicly dressed down by their manager for completely negating their entire preseason by eating too many meat pies, drinking too many beers, huffing away on too many cigarettes and staying out all hours, partying on boat-bars in the Serbian capital.

A few weeks ago, those same players were harassed by fans following a woeful defeat against ninth-place Vozdovac. The fans told them to hand over their Red Star jerseys, as they weren't worthy of wearing it. When the players began feebly submitting to their request, the irate supporters poured on the scorn by subjecting them to a barrage of flying seats and various other bits of airborne stadium debris.

A few days ago, with the club close to financial ruin and currently mired in a long run of morose form, Red Star's first-team squad penned an open letter to express their concerns over the club’s “alarming” financial state. It revealed both players and staff are owed thousands in unpaid wages, their unmaintained training facilities are going to ruin and that the club cannot even afford to supply players with shampoo in the showers anymore.

These revelations proved to be the last straw for a group of hardcore Red Star ultras, who decided to stage a very visual protest against their beloved club being run into the ground by smashing the windows of nine vehicles in the players' car-park and throwing bottles of shampoo onto the front seats to make a point.

We can't imagine it's going to help Red Star's fortunes in the slightest, but at least now their players with be able to turn out with soft, supple, impeccably conditioned hair.

At the very least, it's a start.


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