Macclesfield Town fan pays £10k to play for club, limps off injured after ten mins

Posted by Chris Wright

You may remember us telling you about Macclesfield Town's ingenious ploy to raise funds by offering one fan the chance to play 10 minutes of first-team football for the club in a competitive league or cup fixture next season in return for just £20,000.

You may also remember us telling you that the club were forced to admit an "error of judgment" and scrap that particular ploy when Football Conference executives stepped in and raised concerns over whether allowing clubs to field any only regular schmo with twenty grand to spare may begin to slightly undermine the integrity of their competitions.

Unperturbed, Macclesfield went back to the drawing board and re-drafted the "fan package" which they duly altered to offer one fan an extended appearance for the first-team in the Silkmen's pre-season friendly against Stoke City, rather than ten minutes in a proper, competitive fixture.

The club also slashed the price down to a mere £10,000 to compensate.

The "fan package" offer was quickly snapped up by local businessman James Gorfin, a lifelong Macclesfield fan - though, sadly for him, his dream of playing for his beloved team (and hopefully being scouted by his Premier League opponents) was over almost as soon as it began.

Having come on as an impact sub in the second half, Gorfin managed a full ten minutes of action before over-stretching to reach a cross into the box and pulling his groin. He then limped off the field in agony as his wife and two kids applauded him down the tunnel.

The mathematicians among you will have no doubt worked out that he paid around about £1,000-a-minute for his time on the pitch at Moss Rose.

After limping back to the bench and having an icepack firmly strapped to his inner thigh by the Macclesfield physio, Gorfin recounted his evening's work to the club website:

"I think everyone reckons they could do better when watching a game but it's not as easy as that. You think you'd have loads of time on the ball but it's pretty mental how quick the game is and I did get smashed by one of the Stoke lads when I got one of my passes away.

"Obviously I'd have loved to have got on that cross and scored but I couldn't quite sprint quickly enough to get on the end of it.

"I tried to put a burst on and when I stretched, that's when it went, I felt it straight away. I was pretty gutted, it would have been unbelievable if I'd got on the end of that and scored.

"I'm limping around and it's still hurting but a few drinks in the bar afterwards helped me to recover.

"Before I left, I did mention that if they ever get really short they could give me a ring ... I don't expect they'll ever be that short though!"


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