Jacket worn by Swansea ballboy 'kicked' by Eden Hazard put up for sale on Ebay

Posted by Chris Wright

ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty ImagesSwansea ballboy Charlie Morgan grimaces after taking a shot in the ribs from Chelsea's Eden Hazard last January.

The horrific aftermath

It wasn't so very long ago, January in fact, that the sight of Eden Hazard being sent-off for giving a cheeky, play-acting Swansea ballboy a sly l'il dig in the ribs caused the entire footballing world to go into collective brainfart, with the ballboy in question finding himself with 80,000 new followers on Twitter overnight while the usually sober and analytical Pat Nevin used his pundit's podium to declare that all ballboys should be banned forever.

Indeed, even Subutteo saw fit to immortalise the semi-incident in injection moulded form when they issued a rather brilliant limited edition "Hazard vs Ballboy" figurine.

It's fair to say that the whole thing was milked to within an inch of its life, though thankfully some intrepid so-and-so out there has found a way to eke just a tad more mileage out of "Ballboygate", with the very jacket worn by the ballboy in question, Charlie Morgan, on that fateful night at the Liberty Stadium now up for sale on Ebay.

As things stand, it could be yours for a mere £255...

The profits of the sale are all going to charity so it'd be wrong to criticise, but please, please, pretty please with nuts and syrup and a flake stuck in the side let this be the last we ever here of this bloody debacle!

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