Video: David Beckham's career highlights given the old 'Lego animation' treatment

Posted by Chris Wright

When it comes to Lego-based football reenactments there is but one name that comes to mind: that of Fabian Moritz, who dutifully captures most major footballing moments (like the 2013 Champions League Final for instance) using nothing but a stop-motion camera and a healthy supply of little plastic bricks.

However, it would appear that Japanese animation company Mori Pictures are keen to muscle in on Herr Moritz's territory and their first foray into the world of Lego/football animation is this 'ere compendium of David Beckham's career high(and low)lights, including that freekick against Greece, his silly little skirmish with Diego Simeone in 1998, and walking off the pitch for the final time in tears after finishing his career at PSG...

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